Monday, February 19, 2018

When the constitution causes the Death of Millions of Americans Will We change It.?

So far the answer is no , we will not adapt a law written 200 years ago to relate to modern times. Millions have died because any one no matter there mental status can get a weapon of war. We arm are own boogie men and set them loose on our children's playgrounds. At One Time the boogie men where relegated to under the bed or in the closet. Modern boogie men are more real and could be anyone or could be anywhere. Right now in America nowhere is safe , schools have become battle zones , churches once havens now have become blood fields, going to a concert or movie can end in death, and that pretty much becomes every where you go you could die at a moments notice. Guns allowed everywhere mean they can be used anywhere. No place becomes safe. America is becoming the most dangerous place on earth

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