Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Slow decline in care at HUD Housing in Menominee Michigan

This ones personal, I've been living here for about 20 plus years , In the beginning they cleaned the sidewalks made sure salt was on ice in winter, Things were fixed the rightway and not half ass. But go forward 20 years litter all over , no sidewalks cleaned , no salt on parking lot or sidewalk , things not fixed right. Every year it get worse , now you can't throw large items away . I don't think they understand what Low Income means , Guess we have to pay for salt to put on parking lot and sidewalks . Guess if we want those stupid sliding closet doors fixed we have to fix them . Now they say you can't smoke within 25 yards of your apartment . Not that I smoke but I don't remember being in jail . They think people will have pride in where they live as they take away there freedom. So the degrading continues becoming a slum in a small city.

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