Thursday, February 1, 2018

Lies instead of Truth becomes the coin of the realm

Lies have increased and are taking over our government and our country. Truth has been twisted into alernative truth.Sad that lies are so easily accepted and some people don't question that. A closed mind in many places in this country has become the norm. People have become sheep and followers instead of leaders and independent thinkers. Asking questions has become a sin . You say why an instantly your an enemy. You use science or logic you get branded a trader to America and big business or jobs.

All those lies are crap , all those alernative truths are lies. Science is real and has been proven through many tests and uses logical conclusions to come up with facts.

Trumps brand of truth uses down right lies ,gut feelings ,and emotions to create facts based on nothing. There is almost no true facts that support any of these alternative facts.

We have become blind ,deaf,and dumb to the world outside our small towns , some of don't think beyond what's in it for me. That puts a limit on truth

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