Saturday, February 3, 2018

How long is it going to take to repair the damage done by Trump on America?#RESIST

Sound like a straight forward question?

Nope so, many determining factors ,

How long we let him lead .Big one the longer he's president the more messes he makes. Around the world he already thought of as a nincompoop .That word works perfectly to describe Trump. He helped cut taxes but if that leads to higher prices and inflation it will be a no more money improvement costing Americans even more. So far we are on a tread mill going nowhere or going backward.

Second if the Democrats win the Senate and House by an act of God . It will put a big wrench in the Trump bandwagon. They can't even pass much with the GOP in control that will become even less of a chance of Trump agenda being passed.

Third even if the GOP retains control will there being unable to do very much still continue. Putting a break on Trump getting much done.

It's all a big math question with unknown factors so how can anyone give an answer. We can speculate and hope it will all come out right in the end.

But if it goes sideways I will at least know I tried to stop it.

Keep up the resistance , Keep up the fight to keep America Free

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