Sunday, February 4, 2018

How do I come up with the stuff I post on my Blog?

First thing in the morning I watch the News mostly MSNBC , I got Roku so I crank up the NBC News App get the latest news then I switch over to the show Morning Joe. I digest that and put it in my views of the world. My views are from a person who doesn't have a lot of money . I'm mostly looking at the world from a bottom up view. I'm street smart and don't buy everything I hear , but I find the left view more in line with how I see the World. The facts as I know them just don't line up with how the right sees the world. I know people on Food Stamp can't afford to waste it on Steaks and Champagne unless they want to only eat one meal a month. I know the medical services most poor people are forced to use can be pretty bad and poorly inadequate. Free Clinics Suck. Been there glad I'm not there anymore .
br> My Second source for my posts happens to come to me when I take my daily 5 mile walk that takes my about 2 hours. I have time to think to take ideas mix them up and come out with I hope are clever insights. I like to use a little humor when I can to break up the depressing news that is Donald Trump. Not much happy comes from Trumpville.

Trump does need a little taking down a few pegs , He's ego if measured would dwarf a million normal peoples one. He thinks his stuff doesn't stink. He has a sense that somehow his being rich makes him better then everyone else. He's the smart one and the rest of us are stupid.

That of course is total crap. Trumps life as whole has been very sheltered . He's been living in a world that only lets his own opinions in with no challenges to them. No one rarely says no that's a dumb idea. Ass Kisser and brown nosers follow him around telling him every brain fart he has is a work of art.

Sad being deluded your whole life like that without even a smidgen of the real world leaking in. Trump emotionally has never had a chance to grow up. He's been protected and pampered his ego kept from the harm of realty. Emotionally he's a child who still throws tantrums

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