Saturday, February 17, 2018

GOP may loose Florida if they don't change there views on Gun Violence

Many People in Florida have had enough after what happened at Pulse Night Club and Now at Florida High School . Gun Violence has hit to many times and to close to home. The tide of change is coming in Florida ,it's been coming for awhile . No one truly believe the crap the NRA is selling anymore , No one fears the boogey men that are supposedly coming to take every ones guns. Only the mentally ill believe this crap , first there has to be hunting in some form to control Animals from becoming overpopulated and causing major problems. Bambie is cute but not when he comes in your yard and eats your garden or runs in front of your car almost killing you. Yes we want you to be able to protect your property but within reason. Get a shotgun or something not a AK-47 , or AR-15. Some gun are only made for one true purpose to kill large amounts of people quickly and efficiently. Whatever happened to lever action Winchesters , Bolt Action Rifles , or Pump action Shotguns ? Really why does everyone need a gun with a 20-100 round clips? Have people instead of learning to shoot and actually hit a target just trying to throw as much lead as possible so by luck they actually hit something. That's pathetic. Dam are Americans that bad at shooting , go learn then. Last thing a bad shooter needs is a gun that shoots 20+ times , that's not going to make them a better shooter.

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