Friday, February 23, 2018

Future News Headline : Kid Gets Hold of Teachers Gun Accidentally Kills Best Friend

Like it's never happened before kid of two did accidently killed his mother. Accidently deaths happen a lot. By putting a gun in a classroom of children we are just adding another place accidental shootings can happen. If a teacher focuses on there actual job teaching they will lose focus on where there gun is , that gun can find its way into the hands of a curious child. It is just plain common sense , which I not sure the NRA or Donald Trump uses. This arming teachers comes from a place of very little thought at least at the level of a child. A child will be a child and his or her curiosity may get the better of them. Add a gun you get dead children.

say the gun is put in a safe or something , by the time it's gotten out of that safe a AR-15 has poured 30 bullets into the bodies of some kids. Tell me a safe way or a way that might actual work where kids don't die. I don't see it

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