Thursday, February 15, 2018

Donald Was The Shooter In Florida High School One of The Good Nazi White Nationalist?

Donald once said there were good Nazi's , good members of the KKK , and good members of the Aryan Nation. Really it's good to look down on other races based on false ideologies. To think of certain people as inferior simply based on there race.

It's good to kill , abuse these people because there not really human.

NO it's not alright and anyone who claims it is , is evil. There are no good Nazi's , no good members of the KKK , and no racist is good. Already the leader of the Florida White Nationalists has claimed this High School Shooter as a full fledged member proudly. He's this sick groups hero and martyr.

How many more members will take his example and do more violence?

By Trumps grace these losers have been unshackled and have been let loose on America.

Trumps loose lips and tweets have put many American in the cross-hairs of mentally ill who thought Trump has give them a greenlight to shoot whoever they think doesn't fit there small idea of this country.

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