Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Apathy is the Enemy of the American People.

How many people say you can't fight city hall?

How many people say voting doesn't matter?

Nothing Matters ?

One Person can't Change The World?

If Gandhi thought like that India would still be part of Great Britain. Martin Luther King never would of had a dream and racist would still run half the country., Joan of Arc would of never been anyone , Abraham Lincoln would of never stop slavery , George Washington wouldn't of been our first president and most likely America wouldn't exist. Christopher Columbus never found America. Thank god all these people weren't quitters.

Sad that America's seemed to of lost it's heart , it's pioneer spirit . JFK once said why climb the highest mountain , we choose to go to the moon and do many other things. Now we sit back and live in a smaller world without great challenges to spark are imagination. No going to the moon , no going to mars , we feel trapped . No one believes in the future anymore. The future for the first time doesn't seem as bright and promising. There's no great horizons and adventures to look forward to. Trumps future doesn't make me feel good about our chances. Darkness and hate does not a good future make.

That's apathy

If we want a better future that's the enemy we need to defeat , Hate , lies ,anger , and negative emotions are the weapons of apathy. To fight them we need hope , caring , love , understanding , patience . To fight Violence you need non violence or we become them.

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