Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Fed Ex's bullshit reason for still getting blood money from the NRA

They say they can't stop doing business with the NRA because there a political organization. Really isn't the KKK a political organization . If they wanted to get the same deal can they? I'm sure there are other political organization in this world that would love the same deal. Communist party wants the deal. Maybe the Taliban wants the same deal. The list goes on and on . Fed Ex is splitting hairs , using mumbo jumbo , and just plain old crap to justify them still supporting the NRA.

Shooting at Georgia school , Teacher one who was shooting , Luckily no students injured

See why arming teachers is a stupid idea , so many possible variables that could be negative. First teacher with gun is the shooter causing the deaths, Second kid gets hold of the gun accident happens killing teacher or student, Third teacher is a pervert uses gun to force student into sex, armed teacher shot by police by accident, so many way this thing could go sideways.

One way has been proven true already teacher in Georgia did shoot a gun or it went off accidental or whatever lucky no one was shot. Time to see the big picture use your brain say wait a minute think this out fully. Don't buy NRA first response they are trying to sell more guns

Monday, February 26, 2018

Trump laments the closing of insane asylums

Really you want to bring back the places where mentally ill people where tortured and abused.

Trump's revisionist history would like you to believe they were closed over costs. No most where closed after being found out on how much they abused the mentally ill.

We have all heard the stories of the haunted insane asylums , why because many people there died from being abused , tortured , and neglected. These places were not nice . So tell Trump you caught him in just another lie.

Friday, February 23, 2018

These companies still have financial dealings with the NRA

They provide the NRA either services , special offers , or money. Financial dealings mean these company are making money off the death of American People. Here a list , Think about avoiding doing any business with these companies

True Car

Lifeline Screenings

Starkey Hearing

Life Insurance Central

Medical Concierge Network



Vinesse Wine

Fed Ex

The last ones easy use the postal service or use good old UPS

Pedophile Teacher with a gun forces student to have sex / Another Future possible news story

This could happen if certain teachers who are also pedophiles are allowed to be armed ,No ones is really thinking these things out the NRA throws out there. It just throwing any idea out there to blur the lines , to take the pressure off the NRA. It's about causing diversions taking your mind off the main subject that Assault Weapons aren't a necessity but are only a luxury. A luxury paid for with the blood of the innocent.

Future News Headline : Kid Gets Hold of Teachers Gun Accidentally Kills Best Friend

Like it's never happened before kid of two did accidently killed his mother. Accidently deaths happen a lot. By putting a gun in a classroom of children we are just adding another place accidental shootings can happen. If a teacher focuses on there actual job teaching they will lose focus on where there gun is , that gun can find its way into the hands of a curious child. It is just plain common sense , which I not sure the NRA or Donald Trump uses. This arming teachers comes from a place of very little thought at least at the level of a child. A child will be a child and his or her curiosity may get the better of them. Add a gun you get dead children.

say the gun is put in a safe or something , by the time it's gotten out of that safe a AR-15 has poured 30 bullets into the bodies of some kids. Tell me a safe way or a way that might actual work where kids don't die. I don't see it

Anonymous got a idea for you Hack the NRA Member list I will post the names of these child killers

Get me a list I will list every name. No longer should these people hide in the shadows , if they condone the killing of people by there inaction they should have there name out there. Any politician that takes blood money from the NRA should have there name out there. An A from the NRA should mean that they are assholes. A scarlet A should be branded on there foreheads . Any Business that supports the NRA with money should be listed so we can boycott them.

Get Me the Names I Will Post Them

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Trump Wins Drama Queen of the Year

He turns every small problem into a big one.

He creates problems where none existed before.

For creating the DACA Problem , For creating the Russia problem , For showing hate and creating the racial problem.

We give him the Drama Queen of the year award,

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Apathy is the Enemy of the American People.

How many people say you can't fight city hall?

How many people say voting doesn't matter?

Nothing Matters ?

One Person can't Change The World?

If Gandhi thought like that India would still be part of Great Britain. Martin Luther King never would of had a dream and racist would still run half the country., Joan of Arc would of never been anyone , Abraham Lincoln would of never stop slavery , George Washington wouldn't of been our first president and most likely America wouldn't exist. Christopher Columbus never found America. Thank god all these people weren't quitters.

Sad that America's seemed to of lost it's heart , it's pioneer spirit . JFK once said why climb the highest mountain , we choose to go to the moon and do many other things. Now we sit back and live in a smaller world without great challenges to spark are imagination. No going to the moon , no going to mars , we feel trapped . No one believes in the future anymore. The future for the first time doesn't seem as bright and promising. There's no great horizons and adventures to look forward to. Trumps future doesn't make me feel good about our chances. Darkness and hate does not a good future make.

That's apathy

If we want a better future that's the enemy we need to defeat , Hate , lies ,anger , and negative emotions are the weapons of apathy. To fight them we need hope , caring , love , understanding , patience . To fight Violence you need non violence or we become them.

So how far we willing to take this armed teachers thing?

Really how far ,Armed Lunch Ladies , Armed Janitors , School Bus Drivers , or Sports Coaches,

Where will we need armed people? On the school bus , sporting events like football ,basketball, track, or every school sporting event and god what about PTA meetings and other school events.
Do we need a sniper on the roof at school to protect kids during recess,

What about kids walking to school . Dam we better arm the crossing guards.

Where does it end ? I know we arm the kids themselves.

Slow decline in care at HUD Housing in Menominee Michigan

This ones personal, I've been living here for about 20 plus years , In the beginning they cleaned the sidewalks made sure salt was on ice in winter, Things were fixed the rightway and not half ass. But go forward 20 years litter all over , no sidewalks cleaned , no salt on parking lot or sidewalk , things not fixed right. Every year it get worse , now you can't throw large items away . I don't think they understand what Low Income means , Guess we have to pay for salt to put on parking lot and sidewalks . Guess if we want those stupid sliding closet doors fixed we have to fix them . Now they say you can't smoke within 25 yards of your apartment . Not that I smoke but I don't remember being in jail . They think people will have pride in where they live as they take away there freedom. So the degrading continues becoming a slum in a small city.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Mental health used as a catch all alibi for gun violence.

Every one who kills with a gun has a mental health problem , no not under the law. The legal definition is you have no idea of right and wrong there for you can't be held responsible. Plus if we only focus on Mental Illness as it pertains to gun violence people will slip through the cracks , the most dangerously mentally ill people are ones that act and look totally normal , are very smart , and hide in plain sight. There ticking time bombs building up to explosion , So no registration will stop them , they will have no police record ,and nothing in there past to point them out. The only reasonable way to stop them is mot have assault rifles available to anyone.


When the constitution causes the Death of Millions of Americans Will We change It.?

So far the answer is no , we will not adapt a law written 200 years ago to relate to modern times. Millions have died because any one no matter there mental status can get a weapon of war. We arm are own boogie men and set them loose on our children's playgrounds. At One Time the boogie men where relegated to under the bed or in the closet. Modern boogie men are more real and could be anyone or could be anywhere. Right now in America nowhere is safe , schools have become battle zones , churches once havens now have become blood fields, going to a concert or movie can end in death, and that pretty much becomes every where you go you could die at a moments notice. Guns allowed everywhere mean they can be used anywhere. No place becomes safe. America is becoming the most dangerous place on earth

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Jill Stein is way out of her league and should go away.

Why would anyone have there picture taken with Putin ?

Stupid, Naïve , She is a person not living in the real world as much as Trump living in his little bubble.

get real is all I got to say of course by meeting with Putin she put herself into his hands to be used as a puppet.

She wrongly thought she could change Putin mind about anything. She's just not wise enough to ever be President or any government official. She was used , made a patsy, now in history she will be known as a fool.

Trump it's not time for name calling and passing the buck

You yourself signed an executive order that stopped keeping gun out of the hands of the mentally ill. So you are to blame. Simple laws could be made to keep guns out of the mentally ill. A real background check , not a half ass easily defeated check with loop holes the size of Mack trucks. If they can keep drunks from driving they can keep the mentally ill from getting a gun. Weird that people underage can get gun but can't get cigarettes or booze. What's wrong with this pictures.

Trump is again doing nothing but playing the blame game Enough games we are sick of games start doing your dam job , maybe you should quit going on a vacation every week and get off your fat ass and do something. Didn't know being president was a part- time job.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Trump is still not going to do anything about Russia or stop future cyber attacks.

Trump is only thinking about himself and his own personal future. By not protecting this country from future cyber type attacks we are in great danger of getting Russian puppets running this country. It's like handing Russia the keys to the United States saying do what you want. It should be war I'm sure we got some great hackers of our own we could hit Russia with some serious Cyber attacks of our own. Let's cyber nuke them back to the stone age . Put viruses that are geared to hit Russia servers if they enter our cyber space in our computers, I'm sure we could create a virus that attacks Russia IP servers that Try to access US Servers. Why am I the only one coming up with this stuff? It's not rocket science. WAKE THE FUCK UP THIS IS WAR OF THE FUTURE

GOP may loose Florida if they don't change there views on Gun Violence

Many People in Florida have had enough after what happened at Pulse Night Club and Now at Florida High School . Gun Violence has hit to many times and to close to home. The tide of change is coming in Florida ,it's been coming for awhile . No one truly believe the crap the NRA is selling anymore , No one fears the boogey men that are supposedly coming to take every ones guns. Only the mentally ill believe this crap , first there has to be hunting in some form to control Animals from becoming overpopulated and causing major problems. Bambie is cute but not when he comes in your yard and eats your garden or runs in front of your car almost killing you. Yes we want you to be able to protect your property but within reason. Get a shotgun or something not a AK-47 , or AR-15. Some gun are only made for one true purpose to kill large amounts of people quickly and efficiently. Whatever happened to lever action Winchesters , Bolt Action Rifles , or Pump action Shotguns ? Really why does everyone need a gun with a 20-100 round clips? Have people instead of learning to shoot and actually hit a target just trying to throw as much lead as possible so by luck they actually hit something. That's pathetic. Dam are Americans that bad at shooting , go learn then. Last thing a bad shooter needs is a gun that shoots 20+ times , that's not going to make them a better shooter.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Concentration Camps of Higher Learning #resist

Metal Detectors on the doors , armed guards , and razor wire surrounding the playground. Buses made bullet proof , teachers carrying guns and wearing Kevlar vests. Kids looking nervous and feeling like there in prison , no one learning anything that's been given up to provide more safety. Teachers having to go through basic training learning how to kill.

Grim world the NRA and Republicans want to create so they can sell more guns. Create a war right at home and cash out in blood money. How much blood money is your child's life worth. You like the idea of child being put in a prison on a daily basis . That basically what will happen if the GOP has there way.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Donald Was The Shooter In Florida High School One of The Good Nazi White Nationalist?

Donald once said there were good Nazi's , good members of the KKK , and good members of the Aryan Nation. Really it's good to look down on other races based on false ideologies. To think of certain people as inferior simply based on there race.

It's good to kill , abuse these people because there not really human.

NO it's not alright and anyone who claims it is , is evil. There are no good Nazi's , no good members of the KKK , and no racist is good. Already the leader of the Florida White Nationalists has claimed this High School Shooter as a full fledged member proudly. He's this sick groups hero and martyr.

How many more members will take his example and do more violence?

By Trumps grace these losers have been unshackled and have been let loose on America.

Trumps loose lips and tweets have put many American in the cross-hairs of mentally ill who thought Trump has give them a greenlight to shoot whoever they think doesn't fit there small idea of this country.

Trump and the Governor of Florida are trying to lock the barn but all the horses have already escaped, there jokes on reasonable gun laws

The Governor and the President created the current conditions that let the recent school shooting happen.

How can I say that ,easy Trump by executive order cancelled Obama order to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. The governor of Florida is in the back pocket of the NRA , he lets them decide the gun laws of his state.

If guns make you safer shootings in states like Florida and Texas you would think they wouldn't happen there. Not what happens. Places with lax gun laws are not more safe more gun violence happens in those states. The 2 of biggest mass killings happened in Florida, so stand your ground didn't stop anyone , being able to carry a gun any where you want didn't stop anything.

FOOLISH , BLIND , STUPIDITY kills children in America

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Trump idea for the foodstamp program SUCKS

How many dried beans can a person consume ?

How much powder milk would you be willing to drink?

I'm not saying everything you get from government food programs are gross but some of the stuff is just terrible. The spaghetti sauce is so sour you will want to throw up. Spinach if your not Popeye is kind of gross.

I receive the so called commodities monthly , it used to be good but over the years it has degraded , the no fat cheese is like plastic. Now Trump wants to replace half of your food benefits with this stuff . Would like to see Trump eat this stuff on a daily basis. He wouldn't so why does he expect others to.


John Kelly is supposed to be in charge of making sure everyone has a security clearance.

He's not doing his job. He should know why peoples security clearance is being held up. I think Kelly will be the next Trumper thrown under the bus. He listened to Trump but Trump is good at passing the buck and blaming others for things he has done. Sacrificial lambs are anyone Trump can put blame on. That list grows and changes everyday , there's no job security working for Trump.

Monday, February 12, 2018

How many Trumpers work in the White House without a security clearance?

It could be over 10 people who have not been cleared to handle top secret material. Why haven't these 10 plus people not been given a security clearance , simple they have potential to be black mailed. They have done things in there past that are unsavory , maybe illegal or just very embarrassing .

Foreign agents could be making these people targets. Turning them into moles and using them as a source of information on what's going on in the White House. That makes us less safe.

Trump Tanks The Economy coming to a theater near you.

It's got to a movie and not real life. Come on we gave the rich a tax break , you think that would make everyone happy right the stock market would keep rising but in reality it's falling because of to much easy money , Inflation causing prices to rise at an accelerated rate. If stuff cost more won't those tax cuts have to be used to pay for the same thing you could of afforded with out the tax cuts in the first place. Yeah more likely. You got a false view of having more when in reality you got less.

Now the ledger after you pay your bills starts out with more money but after paying your bills you end up with less. How did that happen? Trumpinomics you loose.

plus guess what you get a big bill in national debt you get charged with that ,someday will need to get paid. Government unlike Trump can't declare bankruptcy if we do we become a third world cesspool.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

What Types of Countries Have Military Parades ?

Mostly ones run by dictators

China , Russia , North Korea , Vietnam , Nazi Germany and other countries basically run by dictators

It's not like America's never had a military parade but it was mostly after we won some war , don't remember winning one lately. Nope this one is for Trumps ego and his insecurity over his manhood. He saw a Military Parade and he has to top it with a bigger one. Plus yes he see's himself as a dictator like his idols Adolf Hitler, Putin ,and the leader of Turkey. He loves dictators who can get away with anything , waste there countries money on foolish garbage that does nothing for he people they lead. The Money for this monstrosity could better be used caring for the Veterans who risked there lives and health for this country.

Like his weekly vacations costing millions each time , Like millions to add a new whatever to Airforce one, and now to placate his massive ego Millions going towards a totally waste of time Military Parade for no better reason then Trump wants it.

Trumps government is borrowing more then Obama's ever did, putting us deeper and deeper in the hole. Now with his stupid really not necessary taxes cuts that has been accelerated. Inflation is coming , higher prices are coming and those tax cuts will disappear having to be spent to cover an increased cost of living. In the end nothing gained in fact it will end up being a negative gain.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Donald Shoots Blanks at Adam Schiff , Schiff Fires Back With A Flame Thrower

Can Trumps name calling be more pathetic or childish?

Only thing I got to say is lame calling some one little my 2 year old can come up with better stuff then that. His petty tweets are something he and everyone around should be embarrassed over. They are so easily seen for what they are , the ravings of a person with something to hide.

It's so easy to pick apart Trumps false claims , Schiff does it without braking a sweat , leaving Trump looking like the fool he is. When are those around Donald going to tell him he's acting like a moron? Most Likely none will have the guts to.

Democratic Memo Strikes Fear into Trump and the GOP

The GOP and Trump have fear that strikes them at there very core. They fear the Truth because after so many lies it won't set them free but weigh they down like a ton of bricks. Truth to them has become a enemy. It has become a sword that will destroy the kingdom that Trump has created. A foundation of lies builds a very weak White House.

Trump and the GOP have pretty much lost the Trust of a large segment of the American People. There are always some who are easy to fool , because they sold there ideals to people who like to manipulate others and make them there mind slaves.

Trump has weakened this country by losing the faith of the world and the faith of a majority of the American People , Other will exploit that weakness ,we ae in grave danger.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

How do I come up with the stuff I post on my Blog?

First thing in the morning I watch the News mostly MSNBC , I got Roku so I crank up the NBC News App get the latest news then I switch over to the show Morning Joe. I digest that and put it in my views of the world. My views are from a person who doesn't have a lot of money . I'm mostly looking at the world from a bottom up view. I'm street smart and don't buy everything I hear , but I find the left view more in line with how I see the World. The facts as I know them just don't line up with how the right sees the world. I know people on Food Stamp can't afford to waste it on Steaks and Champagne unless they want to only eat one meal a month. I know the medical services most poor people are forced to use can be pretty bad and poorly inadequate. Free Clinics Suck. Been there glad I'm not there anymore .
br> My Second source for my posts happens to come to me when I take my daily 5 mile walk that takes my about 2 hours. I have time to think to take ideas mix them up and come out with I hope are clever insights. I like to use a little humor when I can to break up the depressing news that is Donald Trump. Not much happy comes from Trumpville.

Trump does need a little taking down a few pegs , He's ego if measured would dwarf a million normal peoples one. He thinks his stuff doesn't stink. He has a sense that somehow his being rich makes him better then everyone else. He's the smart one and the rest of us are stupid.

That of course is total crap. Trumps life as whole has been very sheltered . He's been living in a world that only lets his own opinions in with no challenges to them. No one rarely says no that's a dumb idea. Ass Kisser and brown nosers follow him around telling him every brain fart he has is a work of art.

Sad being deluded your whole life like that without even a smidgen of the real world leaking in. Trump emotionally has never had a chance to grow up. He's been protected and pampered his ego kept from the harm of realty. Emotionally he's a child who still throws tantrums

Shutdown most likely again as McDonnel proves he can't be trusted

The Turtle of the Senate put his hand on the bible and promised up and down that DACA would be taken care of, well times a ticking and days are only left . The old turtle moves like a turtle and I don't think this time he will win the race.

I wish the democrats wouldn't of gave up so quickly last time. This time I hope they hold firm , No DACA , NO wall final and do not move from that. Let Trump have the wall for now and when the GOP loses the House and Senate take the wall away.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

How long is it going to take to repair the damage done by Trump on America?#RESIST

Sound like a straight forward question?

Nope so, many determining factors ,

How long we let him lead .Big one the longer he's president the more messes he makes. Around the world he already thought of as a nincompoop .That word works perfectly to describe Trump. He helped cut taxes but if that leads to higher prices and inflation it will be a no more money improvement costing Americans even more. So far we are on a tread mill going nowhere or going backward.

Second if the Democrats win the Senate and House by an act of God . It will put a big wrench in the Trump bandwagon. They can't even pass much with the GOP in control that will become even less of a chance of Trump agenda being passed.

Third even if the GOP retains control will there being unable to do very much still continue. Putting a break on Trump getting much done.

It's all a big math question with unknown factors so how can anyone give an answer. We can speculate and hope it will all come out right in the end.

But if it goes sideways I will at least know I tried to stop it.

Keep up the resistance , Keep up the fight to keep America Free

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Lies instead of Truth becomes the coin of the realm

Lies have increased and are taking over our government and our country. Truth has been twisted into alernative truth.Sad that lies are so easily accepted and some people don't question that. A closed mind in many places in this country has become the norm. People have become sheep and followers instead of leaders and independent thinkers. Asking questions has become a sin . You say why an instantly your an enemy. You use science or logic you get branded a trader to America and big business or jobs.

All those lies are crap , all those alernative truths are lies. Science is real and has been proven through many tests and uses logical conclusions to come up with facts.

Trumps brand of truth uses down right lies ,gut feelings ,and emotions to create facts based on nothing. There is almost no true facts that support any of these alternative facts.

We have become blind ,deaf,and dumb to the world outside our small towns , some of don't think beyond what's in it for me. That puts a limit on truth

We already got enough Nukes to destroy the earth Trump wants more.

Why not have enough Nukes to destroy the world 10 times over?

Trump always got to have bigger because of his insecurity issues. He problem with his ego knows no bounds. If we build more nukes others will do the same ,they will be forced to. So how is this going to make us more safe? Going back to the arms race will take money out of helping the poor and middle class and put it in the hands or weapon makers , arms dealers ,and the wealthy.

With all these nukes out there your giving terrorists more chances to get there hands on some. Safety is not the concern it's all about Trump wanting to be greedy and make himself more powerful.

FBI under attack is a danger to us all.

How many important people to our safety will retire early or just quit?

How many people will want to become a person who is an FBI agent?

Trump and the GOP is weakening our best defense against Terrorists by continually attack the creditability of the FBI. If we lose critically important agents because they get sick of being used as a scapegoat by Trump so he can weasel out of his problems we are all in danger of the next 911. FBI needs to stay focused on things like terrorism , both foreign and domestic. They need to focus on federal crimes and not be mired in all this political crap. They don't need to like Trump or of have voted for him to do there jobs. These games are putting us all in the crosshairs of people who are not our friends.

A memo that if studied fully is a big nothing

Nothing here like there was nothing in Hillary's emails ,there was nothing in Benghazi , and nothing in a nuclear deal with Russia. GOP is all smoke and mirrors ,con games , and nothing burgers. They try making mountains out of molehills but in the end only make themselves look foolish. They get on there hunting gear like Elmer Fudd to catch that warcally wabbit but that rabbit always make a fool of Elmer. Just like Democrats will make fools of the GOP over and over.