Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Were living in the time of the most disfunctional government ever

It's really broken down , this us against the other party crap is breaking this country into to camps . Government is about talking things out and compromising to create a stronger union. It's not about scoring points in some game. It's not about worrying about getting reelected by playing to some base. When your in the government your supposed to represent the will of all the people not a select few. Your supposed to represent the will of the majority while protecting the minority from abuse. Right now the minority has become the whipping boy , the poor have become the victim of all those who need someone to blame for there own faults. Also the majority voices are being shutout by those with large sums of wealth. Money has bought ear plugs for the GOP so only the voices of the wealthy can be heard.

We are at a time where we need to decide what kind of people we are greedy ones who only care about ourselves or ones who care about the plight of our fellow men.

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