Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Washington D.C land of empty suits and broken dreams

They don't always start out as empty suits but the corrosive atmosphere of our national seat of government breaks even the most honorable men down eventually. It always ends in a game of us versus them instead of doing what's best for the most Americans. They become bought goods owned by the rich and wealthy , GOP more then the democrats seem to be more susceptible to this sickness that hits politicians. Sad how some who were once good people become evil from the process of being in charge. Is it simply the fact of absolute power corrupting absolutely. Some seem able to keep a semblance of a soul . were others lose it fairly quickly. Dreamers off to Washington losing there dreams of creating a better country and world. Delusion, bitter and broken , lost honor , lost soul and not the same person who first came there. How do we break that cycle? Term limits for senators and congressmen or women. Maybe we need that to keep our government from becoming stuck in the past without new ideas to bring us into a brighter future. Seems right now the same old tired ideas swirling around never changing is all we are getting. An old vinyl record skipping in place playing no new songs that's what D.C has become.
Please lets vote to break this cycle ,get off this treadmill leading us nowhere

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