Monday, January 29, 2018

There was pretty much no such thing as illegal immigration in lots of American History.

We needed people to fill this country and build America so pretty much anyone wanting to move here was allowed in. That little truth to those that say only legal immigrants came in the past seems to be forgotten. No one was illegal it was easy to become American. People from all over the world came here signed there name and were pretty much instant Americans.

This crap about illegal immigration is about White Supremists keeping out certain religions and races of people then don't like. It's not about protecting jobs because most jobs those immigrants do are low paying ,menial work many American wouldn't do.

If you look in fields of vegetables being picked you won't find many Americans. If you look on roofs being replaced you will see many Mexican people. Not to many white people will do hard work. That's the way it's getting or is it didn't immigrants from China pretty much build Americans Railroads? Yes they did , Didn't many work in all kinds of underground mines, yes they did. Immigrants always came to America and did the dangerous jobs and backbreaking jobs no one else would. We will lose that if we stop immigration , vegetables and food will become more expensive , getting our roof repaired will take more out of your pocket. Lots of thing will raise in cost will the wealthy care , no they won't but they will stop the rebellion against there running of this country that's what it's really all about , them losing there control.

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