Sunday, January 21, 2018

Polar Opposite Reasons for Government Shutdown by Parties

First off the GOP never had a good reason that pertained to a large majority of Americans. There reasons are giving tax breaks to the wealthy the tiny 1 % of the American people who could very well without it.

The Democrats who this is only the first time ever of using whatever small power they have to shutdown the government did it for a way larger portion of America. They want a good CHP bill that will provide health care to a lot of children. They want the money needed to help those who suffered this years rounds of natural disasters. They want children who spent almost there whole life in this country to stay in this country. They want families to stay together , which is better for society as a whole. Which do you think is on the side of good? GOP Democrats Me I'm going with the democrats and I have good reasons for that decision . Immigration to this country is the most important reason for America to exist. It created the America of today from those pilgrims coming to Plymouth Rock to the Chinese coming to America building the tracks across America which opened the country up. Immigrant labor and immigrant ideas made America Great. Today people who are clueless about the history of this country and the driving forces of people from almost every country on earths creating what America is today. Ask some of the ignorant about there ancestors and where they came from you will get a blank stare. Mine I know where they came from Ireland , Germany , Belgium , and some were always here. The ones that came here weren't the smartest, the strongest or the best but they had a spirit and drive to be free and be pioneers at creating the United States. Just like today people immigrate to America to become something special , to be free . to prosper , to live the American Dream. This crap about all immigrants being crooks , rapists , or druggies is a lot of hot air with no true facts behind it. The same type of losers saying the same type of garbage about every immigrant group who ever came here. The Irish once were the whipping boys ,the Chinese , the Japanese, Muslims , Native Americans , African Americans , and I guess now it's the Mexicans turn. Whose next to use as an excuse for there own failures. Some of you need to crack a history book , learn to read , specially you losers in groups like the Neo-Nazis , Aryan Nation and the KKK . Your ignorances is showing

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