Monday, January 8, 2018

I'm poor and from my view Trump and the GOP are assholes

I try to live paycheck to paycheck but that doesn't happen never make it a full month. A few hungry days eating stuff that most people would consider gross. From my view life continually is getting harder , my pitiful amount of food stamp keeps shrinking as I get less and the price of food keeps going up. This myth that the poor eat steak and drink booze paid for by there foodstamps has always been a big lie first you can't buy booze with snap cards and if you bought steaks you would run out of food in a week. Healthcare before Obamacare was terrible you got sent to free clinics that well were staffed by over worked doctors of can I say low quality. They lost files causing you to have test over and over plus there was no seeing the same doctor twice. It was a Russian roulette with your health on the line. Now with Obamacare I have a regular doctor which greatly helps me control my diabetes with regular testing , and 6 month visits to keep me on track. So many things are up in the air ,can I keep my housing , will I be able to get food , can I keep getting the meds I need . The stress a lone is causing panic attacks which I suffer from. Trump knows there are never going to be enough jobs for everyone. Some one will always be the whipping boy guess that will be me.

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