Sunday, January 14, 2018

If what happened in Hawaii doesn't frighten you it should ,false alarm could start world war 3

A false Alarm screaming out the warning a inbound missile is going to hit within 15 minutes , you scramble to find whatever shelter you can knowing it will probably be your final resting place. A nuclear missile will most likely kill everyone and thing in its path. That's what people in Hawaii had to deal with. Luckily it wasn't true but how many kids will feel there immortality and be afraid to sleep with out a night light at least for awhile. We can laugh it off now but it really isn't a laughing matter not with people having to deal with the anxiety and stress the event will most likely leave behind. But now the what if a false alarm created by a hacker like in that movie war games happens ,with the tensions created by Trump in his word of words with North Korea. We are living on a razor edge , on a precipice ready at anytime to fall off the cliff. A little push like a false alarm and a president who is not playing with a full deck could bring a end of the world event to a large part of the earth.
You should be afraid very afraid

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