Monday, January 22, 2018

Funny most families in America got here through chain migration except maybe Native American or African Americans

Trumps family most likely got here through chain migration like most families in this country. It was good in those days why is it a mortal sin now?

It still makes sense today one family member comes to America finds a good paying job then brings others in his family over. It's the way its been done since the founding of this country. The only ones who didn't get here were Native Americans or those brought over as slaves.

This chain migration crap is just that crap to play to the ignorant who have no clue how they ended up here in the first place. To many people forgot where they came from and that's a sad commentary on our education system. You didn't just sprout up from nowhere your ancestors came over in boats from Europe ,Asia , Africa , and other places from all over the world. Those ancestors brought other family members that according to Trump is called chain migration . I call it building communities that will thrive in America.

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