Monday, January 22, 2018

Donald Trump digging a hole that will take a long time to climb out of.

He's breaking our country , making it so it just won't work. You thought it was dysfunctional before you haven't seen nothing yet. Trump will create the most dysfunctional United States in history. He's losing us allies and friends around the world. He's is giving our once leader of the world status to China or to Russian. We are losing more and more everyday as the wealthy pick over the carcass of a once great country. We been sold a bill of goods with no real truth that by making the wealthy richer they will suddenly become patriotic Americans and share it with the middle class and poor. That has never happened in a big enough way to make a difference and it most likely won't happen this time either. Most rich people are rich because of one reason there greedy , a leopard can't change it spots and you can't change a rich person whose greedy.

We for some inane reason decided to make one of the greediest person in America president .

Guess we get what we pay for a person with no morals , no compassion ,and a person whose only goal in life is to feed his ego and his greed.

Oh how far the mighty have fallen into total failure . The GOP is leading us to the cliff and most seem to be to blind to notice.

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