Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Were living in the time of the most disfunctional government ever

It's really broken down , this us against the other party crap is breaking this country into to camps . Government is about talking things out and compromising to create a stronger union. It's not about scoring points in some game. It's not about worrying about getting reelected by playing to some base. When your in the government your supposed to represent the will of all the people not a select few. Your supposed to represent the will of the majority while protecting the minority from abuse. Right now the minority has become the whipping boy , the poor have become the victim of all those who need someone to blame for there own faults. Also the majority voices are being shutout by those with large sums of wealth. Money has bought ear plugs for the GOP so only the voices of the wealthy can be heard.

We are at a time where we need to decide what kind of people we are greedy ones who only care about ourselves or ones who care about the plight of our fellow men.

Monday, January 29, 2018

There was pretty much no such thing as illegal immigration in lots of American History.

We needed people to fill this country and build America so pretty much anyone wanting to move here was allowed in. That little truth to those that say only legal immigrants came in the past seems to be forgotten. No one was illegal it was easy to become American. People from all over the world came here signed there name and were pretty much instant Americans.

This crap about illegal immigration is about White Supremists keeping out certain religions and races of people then don't like. It's not about protecting jobs because most jobs those immigrants do are low paying ,menial work many American wouldn't do.

If you look in fields of vegetables being picked you won't find many Americans. If you look on roofs being replaced you will see many Mexican people. Not to many white people will do hard work. That's the way it's getting or is it didn't immigrants from China pretty much build Americans Railroads? Yes they did , Didn't many work in all kinds of underground mines, yes they did. Immigrants always came to America and did the dangerous jobs and backbreaking jobs no one else would. We will lose that if we stop immigration , vegetables and food will become more expensive , getting our roof repaired will take more out of your pocket. Lots of thing will raise in cost will the wealthy care , no they won't but they will stop the rebellion against there running of this country that's what it's really all about , them losing there control.

Trump is about instant gradification he could care less about the future

Trump is not a big thinker , he's a small picture ,shallow minded man. He proves that everyday nothing he does shows he thinks about the things that he does affect on the future. He can't it's beyond his mental capacity . His mind is not strong enough . 3 steps ahead would explode his limited brain .

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Has the GOP gone mad?

Has the GOP gone out of there minds with conspiracy theories coming out daily each more bizarre , more outlandish? Are they suffering some form of mass hysteria? Delusional people or is it some kind of big con job on the American people and they don't believe any of this crap?

I don't really believe that they actual believe any of this crap ,it's all a show pretending any of this is real . Not any different then that show that had over Hillary's emails. All the world is a stage we are the audience of this farce created by the GOP

Thursday, January 25, 2018

They created a whole secret society from one memo with a joke in it

Grasping at straws to save Trump from himself silly Republicans will pull anything out of there ass. One note does not a conspiracy make. One joke made when being depressed about the idiot who got elected president is not proof of a secret society . It's no secret a majority of America thinks Trump is a rotten president.

This witch hunt started by Trump to discredit the FBI is making us all less safe. We need the FBI to have there full attention on crime and terrorism not this crap made up to save Trump.

The only deep state is on how deep will the GOP go to save Trump, how low will they go. Sick how twisted all vile the GOP became when Trump became president.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Ron Johnson Has Joined Trump On His Crazy Train

Another crazy conspiracy theory from a GOP member. There is no deep state

I don't understand why Republicans keep trying to justify Trump.

Ron Johnson from Wisconsin is the latest one making excuses for Donald Trump. It's sad someone is willing to throw away there reputation to save someone who should never be president.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Shutdown avoided for now but what will happen next month

A 3 Day shut down next month will be another shutdown it will be if the GOP starts playing games again if they keep their promises it would be avoided but with Trump in the mix Nothing is for certain because he can never make up his mind.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Funny most families in America got here through chain migration except maybe Native American or African Americans

Trumps family most likely got here through chain migration like most families in this country. It was good in those days why is it a mortal sin now?

It still makes sense today one family member comes to America finds a good paying job then brings others in his family over. It's the way its been done since the founding of this country. The only ones who didn't get here were Native Americans or those brought over as slaves.

This chain migration crap is just that crap to play to the ignorant who have no clue how they ended up here in the first place. To many people forgot where they came from and that's a sad commentary on our education system. You didn't just sprout up from nowhere your ancestors came over in boats from Europe ,Asia , Africa , and other places from all over the world. Those ancestors brought other family members that according to Trump is called chain migration . I call it building communities that will thrive in America.

Donald Trump digging a hole that will take a long time to climb out of.

He's breaking our country , making it so it just won't work. You thought it was dysfunctional before you haven't seen nothing yet. Trump will create the most dysfunctional United States in history. He's losing us allies and friends around the world. He's is giving our once leader of the world status to China or to Russian. We are losing more and more everyday as the wealthy pick over the carcass of a once great country. We been sold a bill of goods with no real truth that by making the wealthy richer they will suddenly become patriotic Americans and share it with the middle class and poor. That has never happened in a big enough way to make a difference and it most likely won't happen this time either. Most rich people are rich because of one reason there greedy , a leopard can't change it spots and you can't change a rich person whose greedy.

We for some inane reason decided to make one of the greediest person in America president .

Guess we get what we pay for a person with no morals , no compassion ,and a person whose only goal in life is to feed his ego and his greed.

Oh how far the mighty have fallen into total failure . The GOP is leading us to the cliff and most seem to be to blind to notice.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Polar Opposite Reasons for Government Shutdown by Parties

First off the GOP never had a good reason that pertained to a large majority of Americans. There reasons are giving tax breaks to the wealthy the tiny 1 % of the American people who could very well without it.

The Democrats who this is only the first time ever of using whatever small power they have to shutdown the government did it for a way larger portion of America. They want a good CHP bill that will provide health care to a lot of children. They want the money needed to help those who suffered this years rounds of natural disasters. They want children who spent almost there whole life in this country to stay in this country. They want families to stay together , which is better for society as a whole. Which do you think is on the side of good? GOP Democrats Me I'm going with the democrats and I have good reasons for that decision . Immigration to this country is the most important reason for America to exist. It created the America of today from those pilgrims coming to Plymouth Rock to the Chinese coming to America building the tracks across America which opened the country up. Immigrant labor and immigrant ideas made America Great. Today people who are clueless about the history of this country and the driving forces of people from almost every country on earths creating what America is today. Ask some of the ignorant about there ancestors and where they came from you will get a blank stare. Mine I know where they came from Ireland , Germany , Belgium , and some were always here. The ones that came here weren't the smartest, the strongest or the best but they had a spirit and drive to be free and be pioneers at creating the United States. Just like today people immigrate to America to become something special , to be free . to prosper , to live the American Dream. This crap about all immigrants being crooks , rapists , or druggies is a lot of hot air with no true facts behind it. The same type of losers saying the same type of garbage about every immigrant group who ever came here. The Irish once were the whipping boys ,the Chinese , the Japanese, Muslims , Native Americans , African Americans , and I guess now it's the Mexicans turn. Whose next to use as an excuse for there own failures. Some of you need to crack a history book , learn to read , specially you losers in groups like the Neo-Nazis , Aryan Nation and the KKK . Your ignorances is showing

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Trumps brings the shutdown by first nixing DACA and it's the GOP who held CHP as hostage.

They play there games and they don't think we will notice. They have been holding CHP hostage to use like a human shield. There no better then terrorists holding the health of American children hostage in there sick twisted game. That should of and could of been taken care of months ago.

The whole DACA thing was started by Trump it had Obama's name on it so Trump got jealous and had to cancel it. It was nothing more then that a petty act by a very childish man.

We are at this present crisis all created by a man who was never qualified to be president.

Friday, January 19, 2018

I vote for a shutdown as a form of putting a wrench in Trumps agenda

We need to put a brake on this crazy train of Trumps . We have to bitch slap the GOP so maybe they wake the hell up. There course off the cliff is not my course. There giving wealth to rich so they become more wealthy doesn't do shit for me. There taking away my health care does do bad things to me. Most things they do adversely effects my life.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

If the White House is so open why are they using executive privilege

"Oh we will be open and answer every question about Russia", Sarah Sanders say.

Another lie obvious out of the month piece of Trump as they again use executive privilege. They will do anything to not answer the question that will put Trump in jeopardy. They will try to keep Trump from getting interviewed with any means at his disposal. Once Trump testifies he could be criminally libel for lying under oath. A big federal offense the one that already got one or two Trump staffers. Lying of course would be obstruction of justice.

Expect more lies and more maneuvers to keep certain people from testifying

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

If what the doctor says is true about Trumps weight and height he must have very lttle muscle mass

Trump is all fat mostly with very little muscle. You can see that by just looking at him and by knowing he does very little exercise . The way he eats turns right into fat. Every calorie because of his low metabolism pretty much turns into more fat. Low muscle means lower metabolism. So physical strength is not something Trump has he must be fairly weak.

Nuke first ask questions later is the road to hell on earth

Preemptive Nuclear Strikes are not a good idea

How did our preemptive war in Iraq go?
Not well, the reasons for the war , that they had weapons of mass destruction was false.

What if we pull the nuclear trigger and oops we get it wrong again. Can we just say sorry after killing maybe millions or at least hundreds of thousands people. Will we become the terrorists? yes we will. If we do it we will become the most hated country on earth.

With Trump as president we are playing Russian roulette or chicken with North Korea. Always thought playing chicken was stupid.

Just cause your mentally acute it doesn't mean your not crazy or not evil @realdonaldtrump

Hitler was mentally acute but he was crazy. Trump got a clean bill of health on his mental acuity but that doesn't mean he's not crazy or delusional. He didn't take an ink blot test, he didn't sit with a physiatrist talking for a hour. There are no easy tests for crazy. But if you do things like Trump does you may be crazy or a person whose really out of touch with reality.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Trump passing the buck again and again.

When will he ever grow up and take responsibility for his words and actions.

You got to realize by now Honest Abe isn't in the White House. He wouldn't be a George Washington and admit he cut down that Cherry Tree.

Nope he will lie to cover his ass and he will get others to lie as well. Sad what this country has become , a country where your word was your bond and honor now a place where your faith in your government is put in jeopardy every time the President opens his mouth.

I have zero confidence in the credibility of anything coming out of Trumps mouth. I will not go to war on his say so , I will not do anything to support Trump . I don't trust Trump one tiny bit. I'm not putting my life on the line for this poser.

Obama I would of put my life on the line for . Sad Sad day the honor of American was placed in the hands Donald Trump

When is the adult day care closing at the White House?

Really are you tired of paying for Trumps adult day care?

It's costs are way to much to take care of one adult baby who can't stop having temper tantrums , swearing and acting like he's got the mental age of a 2 year old. All those people to take care of one baby seems extreme.

Millions wasted on this problem child . It's really not worth it. Money could be used to help the people of Puerto Rico, feed the poor, give needy people healthcare , and really make American great.

Monday, January 15, 2018

How Low can Trump go isn't the question it's how low has he already gone.? #realdonaldtrump

I don't think he can go any lower he's at rock bottom .

His ass is on the ground with no air space between it and the floor.

He's dissed the FBI, CIA and all the other Alphabet soup of government agencies. He's made all our allies wonder what planet does he leave on. He's offended almost every race on earth except the white ones. He make most of the women in America cringe at the idea of being around him.

33 % a small maybe 1/3 of the people in this country, the most people who are uneducated who bought his carny act reminiscent of P.T. Barnum to the White House. A sucker is born every minute a catch phrase Trump uses to his best ability every day. He sold his Indian Kickapoo Medicine to millions but it hasn't made American Great it made us sick with more racial divide then anytime since the days of the civil rights fights in the 60s. We are letting ourselves be dragged back to a place that wasn't a good golden age of this country nope it was a shameful past better left dead and buried. Those Neo-Nazis and KKK clowns are just a death moan of days gone bye it's up to everyone of us with a moral backbone to close the coffin and put them back in there final resting place.

The GOP has put there blinders on when it comes to Trump

He can say and do almost anything and they somehow miss it. He calls places in Africa a shithole and republican hear places in Africa are great. Deaf blind and dumb like those famous three monkeys the GOP moves towards total destruction. Morals won't find any of those pesky things rolling around in a republicans head. They've been bought to ignore anything there rich handlers wouldn't like. Selling your soul to the wealthy isn't going to buy you a seat at the big guys table after leaving this mortal plane. So the wieners you smell roasting those will be yours.

I twaught I taw a wacist , I did see a wacist points to Trump he's right over there

Even a 2 years old would recognize Trump as a racist and probably a very immature person. He's is a social misfit who doesn't know how to relate to other people in any real sense. He's to much in his own small head in the center of his own little world, he most likely thinks us as a dream. But in Truth he's our nightmare , a one we created by building his ego and letting it get so massive it threatens to unbalance the earth.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Ode to making America Great Again

Not sure when we stopped being great was when we were kind and carried about others was it when the world thought we were the greatest country on earth When did we fail and fall from grace I never noticed it never saw it happen I thought we were still great Along game a man said he would make us great again I was astounded not sure what he meant But people followed him like he was a prophet But when he came to power He did the opposite of what he claimed Made us a joke , a place of scorn Now we fade into the dark living in a shadow of our former greatness Lost to what we once were A city shinning on a hill now covered in mist

Trumpty Dumpty sat on his wall

Trumpty Dumpty sat on his wall A wall he had built to save us all But it didn't work or do anything Didn't stop a person not a single being Wasted tons of money put us in debt Starved lots of people put them in there grave Killed a bunch of poor people with the money they saved

If what happened in Hawaii doesn't frighten you it should ,false alarm could start world war 3

A false Alarm screaming out the warning a inbound missile is going to hit within 15 minutes , you scramble to find whatever shelter you can knowing it will probably be your final resting place. A nuclear missile will most likely kill everyone and thing in its path. That's what people in Hawaii had to deal with. Luckily it wasn't true but how many kids will feel there immortality and be afraid to sleep with out a night light at least for awhile. We can laugh it off now but it really isn't a laughing matter not with people having to deal with the anxiety and stress the event will most likely leave behind. But now the what if a false alarm created by a hacker like in that movie war games happens ,with the tensions created by Trump in his word of words with North Korea. We are living on a razor edge , on a precipice ready at anytime to fall off the cliff. A little push like a false alarm and a president who is not playing with a full deck could bring a end of the world event to a large part of the earth.
You should be afraid very afraid

Yes Virgina there is a racist in the White House

It's not a myth there are plenty of facts out there that Donald Trump is , always was , and will continue to be a racist. It's a part of his family history racism past down from former Trumps to the present host of Trumps. A court case against him was for racist actions , He wanted black people who were latter found not guilty put to death that happened about something that happened in Chicago, He pretty much called most Hispanic people drug dealers or rapists. We all heard him call the KKK and Nazis good people. Now he called countries of black people shitholes. If it looks racist ,sounds racist , feels racist it most likely is racist. It can't be sugar coated TRUMP IS A RACIST

Friday, January 12, 2018

Calling other countries shitholes won't win many allies but will lose some,

Was he off his meds? Just being his obtuse racist self. Is he trying to make America a pariah , a place shunned by the rest of the world and thought of as backward. We sure aren't going in the right direction . Were headed backward to the day of racism the bad old days where peoples value was decided by the color of there skins. I don't judge people that way , there race , the amount of money they have , is meaningless in respect to value. It would take a trillion Trumps to equal one Mother Teresa , Martin Luther King , Gandhi , or Barrack Obama. Trump has almost no value as a person. He's one of the most valueless persons alive.

Kathy Griffins picture of a headless Trump is starting to make sense

Maybe it represents that he has no brain , no head to think with ,that he's losing his mind. Now I get it

Thursday, January 11, 2018

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Trump call other countries shitholes how long before he turms United States into one.

Really how long before we become even a worse shithole? He's cutting back most if not all our environmental protection. There cutting back on aid to the poor. Cutting money to education. Cutting back work place safety rules. Doing nothing about Global Warming . Losing this countries world leadership. Losing our allies. Won't be long till were looked at as the world biggest shithole , were no one wants to lives. How many hurricanes , fires , mudslides , droughts, floods , and other natural disasters can we survive till we can't anymore and it starts rolling down hill. Trump is a shortsighted man who can't plan passed today. Long term ideas and plans are beyond his little mind to comprehend. We unless we fight back are doomed

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Washington D.C land of empty suits and broken dreams

They don't always start out as empty suits but the corrosive atmosphere of our national seat of government breaks even the most honorable men down eventually. It always ends in a game of us versus them instead of doing what's best for the most Americans. They become bought goods owned by the rich and wealthy , GOP more then the democrats seem to be more susceptible to this sickness that hits politicians. Sad how some who were once good people become evil from the process of being in charge. Is it simply the fact of absolute power corrupting absolutely. Some seem able to keep a semblance of a soul . were others lose it fairly quickly. Dreamers off to Washington losing there dreams of creating a better country and world. Delusion, bitter and broken , lost honor , lost soul and not the same person who first came there. How do we break that cycle? Term limits for senators and congressmen or women. Maybe we need that to keep our government from becoming stuck in the past without new ideas to bring us into a brighter future. Seems right now the same old tired ideas swirling around never changing is all we are getting. An old vinyl record skipping in place playing no new songs that's what D.C has become.
Please lets vote to break this cycle ,get off this treadmill leading us nowhere

A little Trump Art

I'm beginning to believe Trump is under mind control

Really could he be , on his show the apprentice he was under control of producers and directors . You didn't realize that you thought you were getting the real Donald Trump? No you were getting a guy following a script. So why can't someone be writing a script for him now. Only problems happening is when he goes off script. Otherwise he's in control by hidden puppet masters the ones truly making the policies , they love that Trump is a clueless easily manipulated person with no moral compass. They push the right buttons to keep him happy and he does there bidding.

Trump show he's clueless on Televised meeting

Did he even know what was going on? I'm not sure He was there in body but where was his head . He didn't even understand what a clean DACA bill means. He didn't get that it means no other crap added like a useless border wall or adding more border guards. I would think a bill like that would be great no added crap. I don't think the GOP will let that happen. Trump wanted to disprove the Book Fire and Fury this meeting didn't do it.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Do you really think Trump under oath will talk to Mueller ?

I not going to believe it till I see it because I don't see how Trump doesn't lie and get himself in more legal trouble. or Only when it happens if Trump pleads the fifth for almost every question. No way is it happening , if it does Trump will look guilty because I believe he is

The only requirement to be in Trump administration is to be good at ass kissing.

Trumps ego is so weak that to get his attention you have to embarrass yourself by praising him to the point of extreme. That's how most people around him get there jobs , they don't have to be qualified they just got to be good brown nosers with no backbones. Jellyfish in human form. You would of thought some of the military veterans around him wouldn't have a yellow streak down there backs but around Trump they lose themselves and there honor. Sad so many ready to sell out this country at the word of a mentally deranged mad man

Why are most of Trump nominations for judges unqualified?

He picks lawyers who never tried a case in court , lawyers that know nothing about the constitution. He's stacking the courts with cronies who will do his bidding. He doesn't care about anything else just that they will bow and prostrate themselves to Trump

Monday, January 8, 2018

I'm poor and from my view Trump and the GOP are assholes

I try to live paycheck to paycheck but that doesn't happen never make it a full month. A few hungry days eating stuff that most people would consider gross. From my view life continually is getting harder , my pitiful amount of food stamp keeps shrinking as I get less and the price of food keeps going up. This myth that the poor eat steak and drink booze paid for by there foodstamps has always been a big lie first you can't buy booze with snap cards and if you bought steaks you would run out of food in a week. Healthcare before Obamacare was terrible you got sent to free clinics that well were staffed by over worked doctors of can I say low quality. They lost files causing you to have test over and over plus there was no seeing the same doctor twice. It was a Russian roulette with your health on the line. Now with Obamacare I have a regular doctor which greatly helps me control my diabetes with regular testing , and 6 month visits to keep me on track. So many things are up in the air ,can I keep my housing , will I be able to get food , can I keep getting the meds I need . The stress a lone is causing panic attacks which I suffer from. Trump knows there are never going to be enough jobs for everyone. Some one will always be the whipping boy guess that will be me.

Trump once said he was going to make money as president ,why didn't anyone believe him.

It's true he raised the cost of membership at mar logo , he gets more money from his DC Hotel . Behind the scenes how many private deals are being made to make Trump even more money. How many Americans is he ready to sell down the river to make more money for the Trump empire? He said it himself he became president to sell his brand and make more money. Get the cotton out of your hears and believe some of the things he says.

Trump stumbles through the words to the national anthem.

Dam even those kneeling football players know the words . I know the words and learned them a long time ago as a child. Guess being a stable genius doesn't include knowing the Nation Anthem. Guess it was never taught at those private schools or at an certain ivy league school that Trump attended. Shouldn't someone who claims to be so patriotic know the words really he claims to be so religious does he even know the lords prayer

Steve Miller a clown in a suit and tie

Does anyone take what this clown says seriously? We all by now realize he a racist , and a very disgusting person. He will do anything to get a ray of sunshine from his demented leader Donald Trump. He just one of the ass kisser to the asshole in chief with chapped lips and butt breath. The blinders they all wear keep them from seeing the truth , Trump has no clue on how to be president. He's a bumbling fool taking us all down a dark dangerous path that might end very badly. Steve Miller is just another empty suit with no substance , nothing of value to see here

Trumps crumbling empire

Soon he will be sitting in the Oval Office surrounded by strangers. As he loses more of his mind ,he loses more of himself. I've seen people with memory loss who couldn't even remember there own children. The do deeper and deeper ,becoming angry with the world they no longer understand and at themselves. Can we really go on like this for 3 more years? Limping along with both arms tied behind our backs as the rest of the world leaves us in there dust. They will speed on into the future while we cling to the past and past glories. As Trump takes us down with his sinking ship into insanity.

Friday, January 5, 2018

get the book FIRE AND FURY here

You need to read the Book Fire and Fury

Get a view of what it's like in the White House where every one thinks the president is stupid. Trump surrounded by ass kissers telling him every brain fart is manna from heaven while thinking dam this guys a moron. no one respects Trump , world leaders either want to use him because he easy to please with a few nice comments or they think he's a total idiot.

We lost the leadership of the world , were not even in second place were somewhere down at the bottom falling farther with every tweet. Hopefully when we vote this loser out we can get back our country from this fool and turn the ship right again.