Sunday, December 30, 2018

Trump Greatest Hits " Lies "

Trump lies a lot a very lot , So no way I can I list them all here

  1. Mexico will pay for the wall
  2. He will bring coal jobs back
  3. The wall is necessary to stop illegal immigration
  4. There was no collusion
  5. He did not obstruct justice
  6. He is a great deal maker
  7. The government shutdown wasn't his fault
  8. He has a high IO
  9. His father only gave him a million dollars to start his business life
That are just a few off the top of my head , there are thousands more because he is a person whose whole life is a fiction based on daily lies. It's sad that so many people bought these lies

Friday, December 21, 2018

Trump McScrooge decide government worker don't need a Christmas

Not getting paid right before Christmas<br><br>
Who would do something like that?<br><br>
If You guessed Donald Trump ,you would be correct.<br><br>
Stupid shutting down the government for a stupid wall most Americans think is stupid. But that's what Donald Trump wants to do. The rest of the GOP is hostage to there lunatic leader, Hopefully this will wake them up and they will see the light. Trump may be signing his own bill of impeachment. As even the Republicans in congress sour on him. With the new democratic house , only the Republicans in the Senate need a change of heart, Trumps recent erratic behavior may force that change.

Thursday, December 20, 2018

Aren't you sick of Trump putting his ego ahead of what's best for America?

It's all about Trump not about what's best for a majority of America and the world. Trump has to small a view of the world to see the big picture and that in the end is going to cost American peoples lives and a future. Running a country is about making money , it's not about getting a profit and that why Trump is the biggest failure as a president in the history of this country.  He doesn't get that being a leader means helping the American people have the American dream. Not the wealthy Americans but the ones in the middle class, It not to long from now the shit is going to hit the fan , Trump lying hype without many real results is going to catch up with reality. Then the economy is going down fast and painfully.

Did You Think When You Voted For Trump You'd Be Voting In Crazies Like Ann Colter , Rush Limbaugh.and those goof balls on FOX NEWS?

That's basically who those who voted for Trump voted for because Trump gets his policy ideas from the goofballs on Fox News , Ann Colter , and Rush Limbaugh. These extreme Right Wing Nut Jobs are the true leaders of the country with Trump as their figure head poster boy.<br><br>
Trump proves this by doing a very stupid thing , causing a government shutdown over his stupid wall that a majority of America hates. But the talking heads of the GOP started screaming in his ear with their deluded ideas and convinced this weak man who we got as president into killing the Republican Party and driving in the nails into the coffin to finish it.

Monday, December 17, 2018

I'm a real person ,don't work for any foreign government , I give my opinion as I see it

In this day and age you don't really know whose posting on Facebook , twitter , or some random blog.It's a sad fact but it's true<br><br> I am an American that lives in the state of Michigan , just putting that out there. But here's the thing I want you to do , just don't take my word for it. Check me out I'm in any search engine , you can find out all about me. I've created lots of websites, been active on social networks , I got a trail a mile long. But before you believe anything anywhere you need to look up the source . I'm all for that ,most people who spread manure on the net , hide behind phony names , phony aliases . Check out who owns a dot com by using an online domain name search. There are lots of ways to find out things.

Friday, December 7, 2018

They always say your lies will catch up to you and Trump got a life times full coming home to roost.

I would never lie that much in a hundred life times <br><br>
It's got to be super bad karma and when it comes around it won't be pretty. All those lies coming out and proved false will be like a thousand little knife cuts. A mountain built on a weak foundation of untruth will always crumble and fall. Humpty Trumpty is in for a big fall and a million trumpets won't be able to put him together again.

Trump Christmas Won't Be Jolly

Santa Trumps elves are turning on him one right after another , Cohen , Flynn , soon Roger Stone. Who next will give him a lump of coal that matches his black heart? His sleigh is slowly losing altitude and will fall from the sky soon. All his candy cane dream will turn to sugar plume nightmares. He will be the first orange Grinch.

Thursday, November 29, 2018

Michael Cohen opens up Trumps closet and shows just a few of the skeletons there

What other skeletons are hidden in there? <br><br>
The Trump Tower Russia ,and paying off porn stars are ones we all ready have seen, but I'm sure there are hundreds more in there. Trump has always been a person who played chicken with morals and the law.A lot of things he's got hidden in  there along with his taxes would paint a picture of a man who conned his way through life , lying at every point to make him look bigger then his small real self. A tiny man made bigger through puffery and myths that have no place in reality.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

After midterms Trump heart isn't in being president he finally found out it's a job and not a game.

The shine has worn off ,and Trump's finding out being a president isn't all sun and roses

He's lost his heart for being president and sees the writing on the wall , he's heading into a storm being brought by a Democratic House and a lot of things he thought that have been dead and buried will be dug up and brought into the light of day. All his shady business deals with countries like Saudi Arabia , Russia , and others will finally be looked into. His taxes which he once said he would gladly show America then for some strange reason changed his mind is coming out soon. What will it show ,that he's not as rich as he claims , or that he doesn't pay his fair share and is a leech on this country.

Trump is going to hide in his little lair lick his wounds for awhile , then come out like a beast on it's last leg and blindly lash out in his final death throws

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

If Trump isn't the center of attention he doesn't show up.

Every president since who knows when has put a wreath on the grave of the Unknown Soldier on Veterans Day well until Trump.<br><br> When he went to Paris to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of World War 1 just because there was a little rain he was to inconvenienced to attend a tribute to American Soldiers. Really those soldiers were a thousand times more a man then Trump will ever be and I guess he was embarrassed .<br><br> He most of the time is a no show if it's not about him. He can't perform the most basic of functions normal presidents do. He can't comfort the nation when needed , He can't represent America to the world without looking like a fool. It's sad how low the office of the president has sank into the gutter. It might cause permanent problems that will hang around this countries neck for long after Trump is dead and buried. We might lose the Trust of many countries around the world forever.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

We may be a mob but Trump followers are terrorists,

Really this is not a joke , How many Trump followers who aren't playing with a full deck are out there? We make find out when they start copycatting the #magabomber. It will be like a monkey see monkey do moment.

The World and America doesn't doesn't got a good history with interment camps.

Andersonville during the Civil War , Interment camps during World War 2 , Concentration  camps during World War 2., plus many more  examples that in the end turned out as a dark spot on history.

Interment Camps
                                                             Concentration Camps

Trump wants to create new interment camps for illegal migrants entering America

This isn't going to be a high point in this countries history ,It's going to be remembered as a big tragic mistake , Just like every time it was done before in the past. The care won't be good enough and people will die like they did every time it was done before. People died in Andersonville , People died in the Japanese Interment Camps , and People were murdered in Concentration Camp.

Those deaths won't be on my head they will be on every ones head who thought Trump was a good leader or let him get away with his crazy ideas.

Monday, October 29, 2018

The lame arm guard excuse again where will the end?

Do you want armed guards in every public place or event?<br><br<
Schools , school buses , malls , churches , parks , beaches ,movie theaters ,sports events , parades ,music concerts ,anywhere people gather in numbers. <br><br> Is that where the GOP and the NRA what to take us, if it is I don't want to go there. Seeing all these guards everywhere won't make me feel more safe because won't gun nuts figure out that they can dress like a guard blend in and when the time is right go postal and start killing people. How do we know the guards are really guards? We don't .Many people will just stay home more , which will kill the economy

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Trump will never man up , because he's still mentally a little boy

He's blaming democrats and the news for stirring up violence by hate speech

Come on if you buy that your either blind ,dumb, or stupid

Just this week in one rally Trump said he thought it was good that member of congress body slammed a reporter. He has said Mexican immigrants are rapists , gangbangers ,and lazy. He's called women various bad things like horse faces , dogs , and whatever. He continues to say news organizations are evil because frankly truth is something evil to Trump. His policies continue to denigrate more and more Americans. His latest is an attack on transgender people. Whose next ? On Trump kick in the nuts list. Who Next? Is Trump going to make fun of or call names. Whose Trump next scapegoat to blame his failures as a human being on.

Winding up the crazies with hate speech by Trump was preditably leading to what happened today

So far 4 bomb sent by the mail and who knows how many more

All this calling News agencies enemy of the people , all this crap about making immigrants boogiemen, and all this name calling by Trump . Anyone with a brain knew where this was heading. With the almost pathetically inadequate mental health care system , and the cutting of funds to mental health you get a lot of crazy people living in your neighborhood.

Someone who took Trumps hate speeches to heart and knew how to makes some bombs is out there now. We are living in a dangerous hate filled country that like a bomb on a hair trigger can go off at anytime. Be safe and aware

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Are you with stupid ?


He's says things that make him look stupid on a daily basis

Like I'm a natural scientist because my uncle was a scientist . You don't inherit scientific knowledge that's not how it works, you have to actually get off your fat ass and study science and learn something. Trump is to lazy to do that.

He's to lazy to study the science behind global warming so of course he will poop poop on it and act like it's a myth.

Trump a very lay person who is afraid of truth , he fears the things he doesn't understand , so instead of trying to learn to fight those fears , he hides his head in the sand , covers his ears , puts a blindfold on , and play his normal self being dumb

Monday, October 15, 2018

Remember When They Said The Tax Cuts Would Pay for themselves ,Now They Say Just Kidding

A trillion dollars a year is being added to the national debt<br>
It's not because the government is really spending more , it's because there not taking enough in,They knew they couldn't keep those tax promises , and now they want to take an axe to the real programs that keep America safe. That's not the military , it's the programs that help Americans treat every American with some kind of dignity and respect. If this country fails it won't be terrorists taking us down , it won't be foreign invaders destroying us , Nope it will come as a cancer from within. We will in mass,in large numbers lose faith that the system of government we have works. Then the death spiral of the United States begins.   Trump is the beginning of the end

Who is the average Trump Voter?

Some one who is ignorant and proud of it , they seem to revel in the fact they aren't educated. <br><br> They do not do research or take the time to learn about the world around them. They have no curiosity and live in their own little world where truth is a foreign thing .<br><br> Sadly they sprout up in so called red states where limited amounts of money are spent on educational programs, The GOP does this on purpose to keep a voter base that will vote for them because only stupid ignorant people will fall for their lies. These people vote not out of helping themselves but out of a cult type loyalty that has been put in their head by years of brainwashing and mind control.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Trump say Global Warming isn't real to a persons whose house was and life was destroyed by a hurricane , tornado or fire

Trump doesn't even read reports about global warming or climate change. Just because you hide your head in the sand , cover your ears so you can't hear the truth, doesn't mean it's not effecting peoples lives in very negative ways<br><br> You can't hide from destructive weather like hurricanes ,tornados ,or flooding rains. You can't prevent fires caused by droughts, You can't stop loss of water in some areas turning into rains and floods somewhere else. Land slides , mudslide , sinkholes ,and other things are all caused by the weather. 'If nothing is done at some point it will be to late then nothing can stop it and we all will be in a world of hurt . Food supplies will be decimated , air will become more toxic , water supplies less clean or in some places non existent . Life will become a struggle and government , civilization as we know it will end.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

False values on the rise as true values suffer

All these so called religious leaders letting things slide as they pertain to Trump and the GOP. <br><br> While Trump bares false witness against another person or covets another man wife those so called religious phonies stand silent. They stand silent as the bread is taken away from the poor. They stand silent as someone made homeless by a Trump policy dies alone in a cardboard box in a cold alley. They stand silent as children are ripped from the arms of their mothers.<br><br> We who speak up are called angry mobs and dismissed as criminals . They think in someway they are superior then us who fight the dying of the light and what is good, They wrap them selves in patriotism and old glory but it is a false façade they don't have one patriotic bone in their entire body.<br><br> We won't forget , we won't be still , we won't be silent , we will continue till our last breath. You have woken a sleeping giant the time for slumber is over , WE ARE READY

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

It's almost a game of wack-a-mole as them move children from one camp to another

How many immigrant children still in the system ? <br><br> Who knows as they move them around like their playing a game of hide and seek ? A few 100 or are there still 1000's . In a system with poor record keeping , that lose children it's almost impossible to keep a list with accurate numbers. <br><br> A pitifully run idea of separating  families at the border with no way to keep track has destroyed families and may of created children time bombs that will someday explode , doing great damage.

Trump fake facade is crumbling he not as rich , not as smart , and did not make it on his own.

He was pretty much bankrolled by his father , having gotten almost 1/2 a billion . If you check him out he maybe has close to  a billion now. He would of made more or just about what he has now just in interest.<br><br> The myth that he is such a great business man is just that a myth and has no basis in reality in fact he's mediocre and that's being nice. He hooked and crooked his way through life by shorting on his taxes , failing to pay contractors and just being a con.<br> As for being smart just by listening to him talk you know that's crap , he got his whole stick by stealing the ideas he says are his from a past Republican Candidate who ran in the past. The ideas sucked then and they suck now. Crappy ideas from the late 1980's and 90's from Pat Buchanan .<br><br> History repeating itself seems new to people who are ignorant but that's this countries education system in a nutshell

Friday, September 28, 2018

Want to do something about sexual assaults in this country request the back log in rape kits be addressed

It could number in the 10's of thousands rape test kits sitting in a warehouse degrading and becoming unusable or never being tested before the statue of limitation on the rape running out. <br><br>
You want women to go through the invasive test of having their vaginas swabbed to collect sperm cells from their rapists then do nothing with those tests. That is sick and tragic.<br><br> No wonder most rapes go unreported why bother when things like this happen, <br><br>

Never heard one Republican address this problem or come up with funding to help solve the back log

Kavanaugh lies and more lies

  1. He said 4 people said it never happen -lie they said they didn't remember it
  2. Said he never was drunk so much that he forgot-lie others say he was frequently drunk to forgetting
  3. Said he didn't know what personal limits of drinking meant.  Really that doesn't make sense that he doesn't know when he is drinking to much.
  4. He acted like the things in his yearbook meant things that really meant something else , Devil's Triangle , Boof , 100 Keg Club , and other disgusting things ,
He lied to cover his ass ,it's obviously true he's a chip off the Trump block

Thursday, September 27, 2018

How many seeming reasonable named orgamizations are just fronts for the Koch Brothers political machine.

I find new ones everyday that by there name could be anything but with a little research you most every time find that they are funded or associated with the Koch Brothers.<br><br>

Americans for Prosperity<br><br>
Veterans for Change <br><br>
Independent Women's Forum <br><br>

These groups or organizations have a hidden agenda to push Koch Brothers ideas and agendas that are not in the best interests of most Americans. It's easy to figure that out using Google you can find out who funds them many it will be in black and white   KOCH BROTHERS ,<br><br>
There may be many more that I haven't discovered , keep your eyes open

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Look Behind The curtain of Almost Any Anti-Democrat ad on TV and you'll Find Organization That Are Fronts For The Koch Brothers

Americans For Prosperity    created by the Koch Brothers<br><br>
Concerned Veterans of America   Koch Brothers behind this one to<br><br>
I'm sure there are other Koch Brother fronts behind phony patriotic sounding organizations,  Be wise look them up before you believe any of this crap. It's mostly a small grain of truth behind a shit load of lies. The Koch agenda isn't something to benefit most Americans it's to benefit the one percenters, Don't sell your own future for a few shiny lies.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

One Of These Things Are Not Like The Other One Of These Things Just Doesn't Belong Right Donald

We all know who doesn't belong in a picture of a hero , Trump hasn't done one heroic thing in his whole life . He snipes hidden in the weeds from twitter , he hasn't got the guts to go face to face with anyone. He takes the cowards way out in every situation..  

Now John McCain was a true hero, he risked everything for his country , he was never afraid to do the right thing . He lived an honest life without lying to anyone . He did what he did not to make himself look good he did what he did to make America better.

Friday, August 24, 2018

When you surround yourself with ass kisser and boot lickers loyalty only goes to far

In the end they'll all turn on Trump like Brutus turned on Cesar .

He's has surrounded himself with fair weather friends and has no truly deep friendships. He has no friends that will tell him the truths he needs to hear. Only boot lickers like Sara Sanders , General Kelly , Kelly Ann Conway , Sean Hannity , and others of their ilk that when things turn bad will quickly drop him like a bad case of clap that they don't want.

Trump Putting a Stop to Talks with North Korea? Creating a War to Cover for his Legal Troubles?

Would Trump create a wag the dog like war to save his presidency?

I wouldn't doubt it , he could care less if Americans lose their lives covering his ass. His ship is sinking and his grasp of reality is slowly loosening. The pressure may make him lass out in one last ditch effort to save his name and legacy. Because right now it looks like the Trump family name stands for liar , cheat , crook , and in the end biggest loser in history. Sad this country bought the hype and ended up making us all look stupid

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Dud Heard Around The World The White Nationalist Rally in Washington D.C

This little Donny Jr. is what a real nothing burger looks like.

A pathetic showing by the Neo Nazis , KKK losers who realized they are out numbered , out classed. It's time for the roaches to crawl back into their dark corners and back under their rocks. To die out and fade from history and just go away.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Under Trump The Economy Is Actually Worse Then It Was Under Obama

Under Obama the average monthly job growth was higher . Under Obama more people were getting raises in wages . Check the math use your brain , That's the facts Jack

Trumps numbers just aren't as good ,so those tax cuts for the rich aren't trickling down and making many companies pay their employees better. Not Happening. Now add in those pesky tariffs and job growth will start to decline . Any benefits from tax cuts will fade into nothing for the middle class as the cost of living rises. You're being sold a bill of goods that is based on lies from Donald Trump and this house of cards will come tumbling down around your head.

Your families future is at stake , you need to wake up and do your own thinking. Going through life on cruse control is going to ram you into a mountain of a mess.

Monday, July 23, 2018

Trumps Deflecting From The Russia Probe puts American Lives In Danger.

His latest tweets and rants at Iran isn't making us safer it instead is putting a target on every American by every crazy terrorist with a axe to grind. He uses his tweets to keep his follows occupied with trivial bullshit so they won't see what's really going on. None of them are big thinkers and any shiny object even if it's total carp draws their attention from reality. But these Trump rant offs are dangerous to us , because to many crazies with a grudge might take them for truth and act on them. He's loading up a gun barrel of crazy without giving it a target so when it goes off anyone can be hit. I hope no one in your family becomes cannon fodder from Trump

Monday, July 16, 2018

Marvelous and wonderful in Trump's dictionary means he made a fool of himself and almost lost all our allies

Can anyone be so full of himself and be so clueless then Donald Trump? Did he think those people who hate him were cheering for him when they were protesting. He's losing the support of a large percentage of the worlds population and if we need them do you think they'll put there lives on the line for Trump? Probably not. I wouldn't and I won't. As long as that fools president I won't support Trump at all in any way. He make think everything roses and wonderful but people who use their brains to think now different.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Zero Tolerance Policies And Laws Are The Government Just Being Lazy

Some of us as children went to school and lived under stupid zero tolerance rules that suspended kids for bring squirt guns or small one inch G.I.Joe guns from school. Another one was a little boy kissing a little girl on the cheek and being suspended and it being almost treated like he committed sexual assault. Common sense is put on hold. Every minor crime treated like it was 10 times worse then it is. Putting people in jail for life for three strike that were minor crimes is stupid but that happens.

This Zero tolerance border law is just as stupid , putting people in interment camps for what is a very minor crime is stupid. With the technology we have now days we should be able to keep track of a person without confinement . Ankle bracelets have come a long way and work great. When are we under Trump going to stop living in the past century , really are we ever going to grow up and stop living in the past.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

A Simple Hospital Type registration type system with wrist bands placed on every children that had a number , barcode , and name on it could of kept 2000 plus immigrant children from getting lost in the system

Really why wasn't this whole thing thought out before it was implemented. Not much time was spent on this sick twisted policy to deal with the after shocks of ripping families apart. Those kids should of not been spread all over the United States but kept in the same area they were taken from there parents. Now by not keeping records families may have been permanently Torn apart.

I not a pro Nazi but even they were smart enough to create a system to keep track of each person in their concentration camps. We must be stupider then that cause we lost a bunch of children.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

We The People Used Our Power And Forced Trump To Do The Right Thing.

I'm not giving Trump any Brownie Points for signing an Executive Order stopping a problem that he created and never should of ever happen in the first place.

That doesn't impress me at all , I would rather have a president with enough brains not to cause problems in the first place.

But we don't have that but likely in the midterms we can vote in enough Democrats to curb this renegade idiot. Then they can evict him from the peoples house. If not hopefully we can last another 2 years till we vote him out.

But till or if that happens we the people will exercise are rights by speaking out and forcing the issues till the right thing happens.

Never forget that the government works for us , we pay there salaries , and if we ever get the balls to say no more we can decide to not pay them.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

So this how Nazi Germany looked in the beginning .

It smells like it , taste like it , and looks like it. Treating certain people like there subhuman , and don't matter or are evil and need to go. Pretty soon we come up with more and more extreme methods to problems we created. Locking little kids up , letting racists run wild , putting are worst foot forward. That's were we are now and it's only going more south real fast.

Right now we seems to want to resurrect the worst part of our history . Why do we want to bring back things we settled in the past? The civil war is over , we been through segregation that's over, We been through unneeded wars , Now we are again treating others like being less then human. When will this end?

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Trump Could Sign an Executive Order Tomorrow to Stop Children From Getting Seperated From There Parents

Lies while children suffer is SICK

When Trump if he every gets to the pearly gates tries selling this one he will get a one way elevator ride to hell. It's on Trump , and on Sessions they can't wash their hands on this one. Every bad thing that sprouts and causes damage from this evil seed in the future got fertilized by Trump.

I'm not going to let people forget , sorry folks if you let this crap happen I'm going to keep smashing it into your face. No one getting a free ride on this. An act of terrorism in the future happens at the hands of one of these children , I will bring this up and remind you that it's on you. One of these children die of violence , I will remind you it's on you.I'll be your conscience that some how you missed having , I'll be whispering in your ear every bad thing that happens because of this , reminding you ,you are to blame.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

In Trump Backwards ,Upside Down World Allies Are Turned To Enemies And Enemies Turned to Allies

So now I guess we are enemies of Democratic Countries and friends with countries run by dictators. What good does that do the world or the United States?

I don't want America turned into a dictatorship , I want a free press , I want Freedom of speech and expression, and I want what the founding fathers created not some screwed up version created by Donald Trump.

How low will we let our country be dragged down ,be ostracized by the rest of the world, and end up alone in the world.

Next war if you think all those dictators Trump worships are going to come to rescue you are a deluded fool. Trump by every stupid action might be signing this countries death certificate. Unless we stand up for the constitution the republicans seem to be ready to tear up and forget.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Is it safe when Government Programs become privatized and it becomes more about making a profit

I really don't trust private companies running government programs if they make it more about saving money and making profits. I live in HUD housing and it's declined greatly from what it used to be. As it became more about saving money then upkeep of the apartments ,it has really become bad. Things get fixed not in the correct way or in some cases not at all. When you get a replacement say like a refrigerator it's cheap and breaks fairly soon. Cheap plastic doesn't last long.

Do you want you health to be run in the same way or social security to be run for profit ,really? Now they decided to give some veterans health coverage over to private companies. I see crappy care ahead as profits get put over patient care.

Monday, June 4, 2018

How Many American Farms Will Go Under With Trumps Tariffs?

It's going to get tight for a lot of family farms as China and other countries but Tariffs on American meat and produce. The very people who put Trump in the White House may lose the family farm because of Trumps policies. They didn't realize they were when they voted they would put there family business in jeopardy.

Votes have consequences , if you don't do your due diligence , study on the history of the people you vote for, you get people like Donald Trump as president and you put your families future at risk. If you ignored that his businesses went bankrupt 4 times , if you ignored that he was sued over 300 times for not paying his bills .and if you ignored his racist past you deserve what happens but the rest of who didn't vote for this clown don't and if they hate you , you deserve that too.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Get Ready To Pay More As The United States Starts A Trade War With Pretty Much The Whole World

It's not just China now , Trump has added Canada , Mexico , and most of Europe to his list of trade tariffs. Pretty much everyone we trade with.

Then they claim it we only raise prices on metals a small percent. But that's a false narrative because those countries we put tariffs on will put tariffs on our products going to there counties, Farmers will suffer as those countries find other countries to purchase from. Other American companies will lose out to foreign companies who produce the same thing but now at a cheaper price.

There almost no way to see how America benefits in a trade war.

These same type of trade policies made the Great Depression worse and last longer. So get ready for a bumpy ,bad rid.

You All Know NFL Owners Caved To Donald Trump On This Anthem Policy.

I didn't vote for Trump , I will never vote for Trump. He's a bully , a bore , and a moron. He makes his policies based on how it benefits him and not the country as a whole.

The NFL embarrasses it self trying to bow down to Trump. I expect lots of teams paying penalties because you can't stop freedom. It will find a way around the rule , no kneeling raise a fist or do something else.

Weird how Trump was ok with Roseanne Bar grabbing her crotch during the National Anthem.

I thought the NFL was about real patriotism obviously not there about this fake patriotism that breaks every rule in the constitution except the right to bear arms

Monday, May 21, 2018

As The Gun Shot's Still Echo Off The Wall.

Bang , bang , bang like the beats of a drum a song sings out echoes through are schools. It leaves behind blood spattered art spread across the walls. The smell of death and gun powder floats slowly through the air. Another death of our future spilled and wasted never allowed to grow.

Is that what we want or what we need?
Do we want the next person who might of cured cancer killed before they even try? We are playing Russian Roulette with the future , who dies could be important to the future , it could mean the end for us all made by a crazy person with a gun.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

North Korea Just Another Trump Failure?

It's on the border of Failville as North Korea has a change of mind.

All this premature Nobel Prize talk is starting to look really silly. As the wheels come off the Trump to North Korea Train, Trumps is getting a plate full of eggs on his face. Did the dropping of the Iran Deal put a wrench in the North Korea deal? Probably it showed the United States breaks it's deals and can't be trusted. People told Trump that was likely to happen and he stupidly took an axe to the Iran Deal. Now we get 2 enemies with possible Nuclear Bombs for the price of one , good job orange yeti.

Again by his ignorance Trump makes America a bull's-eye for more terrorists and the world as a whole less safe.
P.S making Jerusalem our embassy to Israel just poured more gasoline on a wild fire we are just more likely to get burned by.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

So Many Promises From Trump So Many Failures.

He said he could make health care better , Failed on that one.

Pulled out of Paris Accords , Now he wants to rejoin it. FAILURE

Failed on getting Roy Moore elected

Dropped out of the Pacific Trade deal . So far China has stepped in making them stronger , America Fails

Couldn't get his shit together over Puerto Rico . BIG FAILURE

Passes Tax Give Away for the wealthy , Failed to help the middle class

DACA said it would be better/ FAILED

So many ticking bombs ripe for future failures

Iran Nuclear Deal canceled by Trump , Could really go bad with Iran getting a nuclear bomb or America in another long war with no win in the end.

North Korea , with pulling out of Iran Deal how can North Korea Trust the United States in any deal. Can They , will they

NAFTA will he pull out of that, expect prices to sky rocket in the United States . Wealthy won't feel it. Middle class and poor get the pain. Any tax cut will quickly disappear.

The wall one of his stupidest White Elephants , Billion taken out of social programs that help the middle class and poor to pay for this huge waste of money.

He drained the swamp then flooded the whole United States with it, We will all be treading water up to are necks in the stench. TRUMP STINKS

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Sick and Twisted Way to Run a Country Creating Problems So You Can Act Like You Fix Them Later

Trump created the DACA problem so he could come in riding a white horse to save the day and save the DACA kids. He's trying to create a problem with health care when a small simple fix could make it work for everyone. Dam I'm not even sure that he didn't create the whole North Korea thing so he could look good stopping the madness. Trump does know Dennis Rodman , Rodman did go visit the leader of North Korea then the words of war did seem to ramp up between North Korea and Trump. Was it all theater ? A play on the world. Trump in the past has done publicity stunts to sell his brand. Was this all just another stunt to get a Nobel Prize. I wouldn't put anything past Trump , he has no morals to create a boundary to his action. No filter like loyalty to America or anything else will stop Donald from doing what's best for Donald.

Friday, April 27, 2018

It's Not Immigrants Stealing Your Job It's Mr. Roboto

Blaming Illegal or legal immigrants for the lose of your job is ignorant and not seeing the real picture. Automation , robotics , and in the future artificial intelligence with replace most if not all humans in the work place. It's a trend that in the end will make human workers obsolete. How many human workers have already been replaced by machines? What plans are in the work to replace even more? Automated cars will replace my guess Millions of Taxi Drivers. Internet stores are already causing many of the major store chains of the past to close up shop. People have become more and more lazy , Robotic Vacuums , Robotic this, automatic that, and other things supposedly created to make life more easier. Is that why there are more fat people now days? '

Possible Future , robots building robots , Manufacturing plants will no people in them , buzzing away 24/7 making this or that under the control of AI computers. Just cause you have the ability to automate everything it doesn't mean you should. In the end Humans will be the thing of the past. We will be stuck in a chair to fat to move with robots to cater to our every need. They will feed us , dress us , and make be wipe are ass after we go to the bathroom.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

No Trump we never gave 150 billion of US money to Iran we gave then there own money back from frozen bank accounts

Trump in another big lie claims that American Tax Payers had there money taken and given to Iran or at least implied that happened

It never happened our money in the form of 150 billion dollars was not given to Iran. Money of there own, frozen in United States banks was after negotiations was given back, Guess Trump expected our country to steal it.

Trump ,the king of Phony Bologna, will twist and contort facts to make a point that is based in fantasy. Either that or he's totally clueless to reality

Monday, April 23, 2018

Republican members of the Government are just as evil as Trump when they don't speak out when Trumps says something wicked & Vile

Every tweet by Trump that is a lie or vile should be a black mark against every member of the GOP when they don't speak up. There silence must mean they agree with Trump doesn't it. They by there silence gives them ownership of the vile mean spirit tweets Trump squirts out. They all get painted with the same evil paint brush used by a mad artist named Donald Trump. Even if they don't want it

Monday, April 16, 2018

James Comey way more truthful then Donald Trump

If you believe every word that Donald Trump or Fox News says you may be a moron. Sorry but it's the only explanation that fits. Some of the stuff they come up with is so far out of left field that it is impossible. So in a match of truthfulness Trump loses against almost every person on earth. With Comey, Trump becomes the biggest loser in history.

This crap calling James Comey the worst FBI agent in history is a joke coming from the worst president in history. No president is more corrupt , more incompetent ,and more devoid of morals then Donald Trump.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Without a State Department And Ambassdors Peace in the Middle East is a Dream

We don't have ambassadors in Egypt , Saudi Arabia , and many places in the Middle East so how is any peaceful outcome going to come about. Really with a gutted State Department who is out there dealing with the differences in an half ass way how can peaceful outcomes come about? Nothing good is going to come out of the Middle East it's just going to keep dragging us back into war. Wars that basically been going on for over a 1000 years.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Look At The Bottom of Most of The Things In Your Home It Will Say Made In China Now think about having To pay 2 or 3 times what you used to pay for it that's a trade war.

Lots of have just enough money to make it every month , Now add having to pay way more for all those products you buy that come from China and your going to have to go without a lot of things. Think of all those stores being basically forced to lose customers of sales they would of made. It will force them to lay people off so then it becomes a down ward trend that effects more and more people. It widens and expands and effects more and more people. More people get laid off in other places . Job rates take a major hit. Stock market goes way down. Trade War isn't just going to cause Minor Pain , at least not to people barely staying above water now it will be a massive blow to the lower middle class. It will take them under.

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Trump and GOP over reaction is a common thing

Sending Troops to the border when illegal immigration has gone way down. Crazy over reaction to a problem that is almost mon existence just because Trump gets a bug up his ass. A wall costing billion to build and how many billion in the future to maintain it. Over reaction. Lots of decision made by Trump and the GOP go way beyond what is needed to solve them. OVER KILL using a nuke when a bow and arrow is needed. In the end it takes money away from real problems leaving us less safe.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Return Fire From China Strike Blows Across Trump Country in Trade Wars.

Mostly businesses that where for Trump are getting the most flack. Farmers are getting hit . Car Makers are getting hit , We all take the hit by paying higher prices. This is not going to create jobs ,it's going to lose American jobs. Get ready for the fall it's not going to be painless. It's going to hurt like hell

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Hooking your star to a dictator like Putin always ends badly for America

Remember when we supported a dictator in Iran named the Shah of Iran when he fell it wasn't good for America. That dictator in Egypt who fell who the United States was friendly with not good for the United States. People who are fighting against dictators don't look on friends of those dictators kindly when those dictators get overthrown. In the End all dictators fail. There is always a fight for freedom and in the end freedom always wins, It might take years or generations of people but freedom comes no matter what. Trump stands in the way of freedom both here and around the world but even like a kidney stone it will pass

Monday, April 2, 2018

Dictator Trump's Tokyo Rose is Fox News

During World War 2 Japan had a propaganda Woman named Tokyo Rose who would spew lies across the air waves on a daily basis. Trump's got a whole army of liars all on one so called news station called Fox News. It isn't just the National brand of Fox spewing lies it's all those little local versions of Fox News also spewing half truths and lies.

Sad how a News organization in the United States acts like a puppet of a dictator. News should be free from political influence , they shouldn't be parroting the lies of one political party or the other. They should to the best of there ability being reporting the truth based on verified facts.

Trump is like the devil who is the father of lies , he lives by his lies ,he run this country based on his lies. Those sick lies determine how people will live there life.

Creating policies based on lies can hurt a large part of this countries people. We in the end will all in some way become a victim of Trumps lies, We may be thinking how can they effect us but by the time we get the answer it will be to late, WAKE UP

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Emma Gonzalez a modern day Joan of Arc

I'm sure Joan of Arc was hated by some who didn't agree with her actions,some wished her death.

Sorry today some people wish the same for Emma Gonzalez , some will hate her for standing for what is right. Some will wish her harm. But I don't think that will stop her , that's what make heroes they will fight no matter the risks to themselves. They won't let the agents of evil silence them. I will support Emma as much as I can she is a light in the darkness a person who deserves your respect.

Those congressmen who never had a dog in the fight , who are clueless to how it feels to be under the cloud of gun violence in a place that should be safe. You should shut your mouth till you walk a mile in these young Americans shoes.

I never had to worry about being shot in school as a child it's sad our children of today have to.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

All the ways Trump is failing as president

Here's a list probably not complete.

Comforter in chief :
Look at his actions in Puerto Rico they were totally wrong , he did very little to make those people feel better it was more a photo op for Trumps benefit then anything else. In many other instance when comforting was needed he just failed.

Commander in chief :
Does he got the respect of the soldiers I doubt it. He was deferred multiple times over something so small as a bone spur that could of been corrected with a simple surgery. Plus his judgement on war is something no one believes is stable in any form.

As a role model:
Not many Americans want there children to have Trump as a role model. He's a liar , who uses women , lives by the rule money before anything and he treats others as inferior to him in everyway.

There are more things that Trump fails at that most presidents hadn't. You go through your mind and think of them yourself.

Monday, March 26, 2018

Being A Lawyer For Trump Is A Career Killer

The best lawyers act like they don't get the call from the Trump White House asking for there services. The best lawyers say no way when asked to serve Trump. The major reason Trump is his own worst enemy he can't keep his fingers off his keyboard or his mouth shut. He gives others lawyers and the special consul more ammo every day. He gives them the weapons to destroy him by foolishly thinking he smarter then he is. He's a moron whose brain farts are like shooting blanks they smell cause a little smoke but can't get the job done.

The good old day the GOP remembers weren't really that great.

Racism wasn't that great , not having a good safety network to help the poor wasn't that great , not having unions to protect workers wasn't that great, Illness without the medicines to cure them wasn't that great. Lot's of things in America in the olden days wasn't that great. Looking at the past with rose colored glasses missing all the bad is looking at fiction. It misses things like black people getting lynched , Native Americans being killed by making them walk on a trail of tears or being shot to death at wounded knee. It misses the dust bowl where many people for 10 years lived in a dust filled world. Are history isn't all sunshine and flowers lots of bad things happened . If we forget that we will just keep making the same mistakes by never learning from past ones.

Trumps marriage is more of a business relationship then nhaving anything to do with love,

A real marriage or one of those olden times arranged marriages that had nothing to do with love. That's what it looks like .I don't think Trump actually knows what love is , he knows what lust is but true love no way. He doesn't respect anyone but himself , he doesn't care about anyone but himself. He's about self gratification without thought about others or there feelings. Trump is the ultimate zero nothing redeemable in his character.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Why isn't Bullying being discussed as a factor in many acts of gun violence?

Is it because that might offend the big bully in Washington Donald Trump?

In many cases it's the person bullies have been picking on who become the kid with a gun shooting up a school. Why do we let it get to that point? Why don't we put bullies in there place? I like being real I don't have a problem bringing up things that make people unconvertible. This mental illness stuff is only going so far what about the bullies that took another kid and pushed them into a place where they will commit acts of violence as a cry for help. Gun violence is a symptom of a greater disease the disease of bullying. Until we learn to deal with bullying we need to make sure certain people are not allowed assault rifles. I am for limiting guns of mass destruction. I am for coming up with a zero tolerance for bullying in our schools, I am for better mental health care in this country. All these things working together is what we need,

Friday, March 23, 2018

Trump makes a mess then blames others who have to clean it up.

This blaming others for DACA is real stupid he's the one who signed the executive order killing it. He crap his pants then blames others for doing it. He likes making messes , he the child who spills his food all over the floor. The leaving the Paris accord another mess someone else will need to clean up. Nixing DACA another mess that needs cleaning up. Pan American agreement another thing by not keeping makes America weaker. His messes makes America weaker around the world.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

FBI Framing Donald Trump More BullCrap From The White House

Lie then lie some more then add another layer of lies.

That's the world of Trump a card house built of lies that with the slightest wind could easily come tumbling done. Why would the FBI which many people who happen to be Republican work want to frame a Republican president? Doesn't make any sense. They claim so many things with zero evidence. But on collusion there seems to be a lot of meeting between Trumpers and Russians and them trying to cover those meetings up. Why ? If nothing happened why is Trump fighting tooth and nail to stop the investigation. Wouldn't an innocent person just let the investigation go and not worry about it? Why is Trump acting like someone caught in a lie? Why would he even be talking about collusion everyday keeping the idea open like a weeping wound? Trump smart I don't believe that like I don't believe anything he says.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Boy Who Cried Wolf is like Trump Crying Fake News

Isn't it, How many times has that fake news turned out true?

Almost every time

If you look deep into your heart you know Trump is a pathological liar , he can't help , exaggeration or just flat out making stuff up.

If you still trust him are you just lying to yourself?Really you must be. It's been proven over and over that Trump has been lying. A wise person would logically come to the conclusion that Trump should never be believed without first checking all available facts. If you don't your just buying into the crazy world of Trump.

Trump wants to add more beds to his concentration camps for immigrants

It's basically what these camps are becoming specially if they start packing people in like sardines in a can. That will increase the chance of illness and disease outbreaks. Plus sanitation , providing food may become stretched to the breaking point. Not very nice living condition will exist but according to Trump there not real people. Pray you don't in Trump eyes become not a real person

How Stupid Do You Think We Are ? We All Know McCabe Was Fired Over This Russier Thing

Session just made himself complicit in the whole obstruction of justice thing by doing Trumps bidding and firing McCabe.

Why did Trump have McCabe fired ? My theory he did it to make others who know things about Trump and Russia from coming forward and talking. He's being a bully like he always does to make others fear him and the consequences. Trump if you look will notice he's a open book he's childish, Petty ,vindictive , morally bankrupt, totally incompetent. He's the worst of America putting on display as our leader ,making us all look like fools. Firing McCabe right before he could get his pension is so revolting and disgusting it will only hurt the GOP cause in 2018 and Trump reelect in 2020.

Trump is a drama queen whose dragging down everyone with his drama

Friday, March 16, 2018

Saintt Patrick Good ,bad or just a legend?

Never been any snakes in Ireland

Snakes is used as an euphemism for pagans or barbarians people who had different believes then Christianity

So he converted them to Christianity . When I think conversion I see children taken from there families to missionary schools and being brain washed , older people being tortured or even killed , But mostly I see people acting like they were converted but not really being converted. I'm sure there are even today some people who believe in the wheel of life , the tree of life , the old man of the forest and other pagan beliefs. Not all the snakes have left Ireland old Saint.Patrick missed a few.

Disgusted by some of the so called resistance on twitter

Calling people names is an act of 2 year olds and Donald Trump in there resistance they have become more like Donald Trump that is sad. They block free speech , they can not have exchange of ideas without name calling and degrading anyone who doesn't agree with them. I will not be part of that crap I will not stoop down to Trumps level. I will be blocking certain people who can not have an adult conversation . They need to get over there selves

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The genie is out of the bottle and won't go back.

Nope the children have woken and won't except the nightmare of mass murder in there schools. They want something done and won't be silent till that is done. The small bandage the GOP and Trump are trying to cover the gaping wound of gun violence is pathetically inadequate. It won't stop the next school shooting it's more likely to bring about more violence. This idea that an armed teacher will stop the next mass school shooting is based on the believe that it will frighten the shooter away. It won't these losers want to die it most likely will give them more of an incentive to do the dirty deed. It will become an arms race between teachers and killers something the NRA would love so there bosses can sell more and more guns.

Today's a good day for Democracy

Martin Lamb wins in Pennsylvania one more dent in the Trump agenda to destroy America.

Children marching for better reasonable gun laws

Today is one day I can be proud to be an American . Not many of those lately. Lot of days being spent being ashamed of a lot of people in this country. Trumpets make me ashamed , racists make me ashamed , certain people who only care about themselves make me ashamed.

I remember a time when more people stood up to ignorance and stupidity , today was a day democracy woke up from a long slumber,

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Weird we don't got Britains back ,but side with Russia

We choose the side of a person and government that's never had our back and has pretty much always been our enemy over a country that's been our ally for over a hundred years. Russian no doubt poisoned a former spy , there the ones who make the poison who else but them could of done it. It's that or Russia is giving that poison out like party favors. Trump is losing us good allies and crawling in bed with a whore who will sell us out at a snap.

Tillerson gets the ax after he talks negative about Russia

oh oh he made the cardinal mistake saying something negative about Russia

Trump doesn't like stuff said about his buddy Putin . It makes him go all dictator and start firing people.

All this stuff proves to me that Trump is deeply in Putin's pocket. No collusion is Bullshit. Never has a president stooped so low to kiss a Russian dictators ass. Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave . How great has America fallen , how closer to the abyss are we becoming.

Are we Putin's puppet , doing there bidding . Yes it does seem like we are

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

If you let kids have there way on gun laws next they will get there way on no homework , That's Stupid

Some politician in Florida actually said that , these kids are serious and she came up with some old days wives tale from the time of leave it to beaver and the Brady bunch. Really she must be living in the past or never had a child of her own.

This is the kind of backward thinking you can expect from the GOP who is stuck in the past. They don't realize kids are growing up a lot faster then they used to most passing there parents in knowledge. Most are way smarter then most Republicans who hide from reality and can't see the writing on the wall that says there time is over.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Gary Cohen one of the adult day care staffers in the White House quits leaving Donald to throw a fit.

Jesus not many people left that can stop Donald Trump from doing very stupid things.

The number of adults left in the room shrinks daily. Bringing us all a little closer to be in danger if Trump loses it. I worry because Trump is one of those people who live in there own world built on there own lies. If truth breaks through into that world it could all come crashing down. Someday that could happen or he might go to his grave never living in the real world.

Right now his world view is in charge and can do a lot of damage to the rest of us. Hopefully we can survive this fool and fix his stupid ideas in the future. We can erase him from our minds and our history and make America truly great again.

Tariff false hood , Basing the costs on the metal in a pop can alone , and not adding other costs is fake news.

The cost of an aluminum can isn't just the costs of the metal to make it. It's the cost of the machines to make it into a can which requires metal which will cost more. It's cost of the trucks that deliver it there made out of metal. Many other costs will be added to that pop can. Trumpets claim that it will cost only 3 cents more a can is fake news. It doesn't take into account all the costs of making that can.

Tariffs will cost consumers more then Trump and his cronies will tell you. Plus if other countries follow suit the costs will magnify greatly. In the end the American people will lose money , jobs , and much more.

Monday, March 5, 2018

Warned You Tax Breaks Plus Trump Would End Up Costing You Money

Tariffs on steel and aluminum will end up costing you more on everything made with those metals. Thinking about a new car it will cost you more. That new grill cost you more. Infrastructure projects that need iron and steel will end up costing more so are less likely to happen.

Oh Oh those tariffs on other countries made them mad so the stuff America makes is being tariffed. So we might end up exporting even less stuff. Farmers crops losing markets around the world as American farmers suffer.

Money saved on taxes disappears as the cost of living sky rockets under Trumps protectionist policies.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Tariff's never worked before why does Trump think they will now?

We always end up on the losing side in a trade war

That's a fact if you look at history,and this time it's almost a certainty , China doesn't need us as much as we need them. They can trade with the rest of the world with no problem. They own our national debt they loan us money to keep America going they could decide no more . That would tank the whole United States economy. If we really want a infrastructure program it can't be done without Chinese metals. There are not enough steel makers in America ,sorry but that's a fact. The cost of the projects would increase to much and many would most likely not happen,

Other products would be effected in a trade war. Farmers would lose if there products get tariffs added to them. Plus every other manufacturer would lose money , That would increase the costs of everything in the United States , those tariffs get passed on to the consumers that's you and me.

In the end many people will lose there jobs

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Fed Ex's bullshit reason for still getting blood money from the NRA

They say they can't stop doing business with the NRA because there a political organization. Really isn't the KKK a political organization . If they wanted to get the same deal can they? I'm sure there are other political organization in this world that would love the same deal. Communist party wants the deal. Maybe the Taliban wants the same deal. The list goes on and on . Fed Ex is splitting hairs , using mumbo jumbo , and just plain old crap to justify them still supporting the NRA.

Shooting at Georgia school , Teacher one who was shooting , Luckily no students injured

See why arming teachers is a stupid idea , so many possible variables that could be negative. First teacher with gun is the shooter causing the deaths, Second kid gets hold of the gun accident happens killing teacher or student, Third teacher is a pervert uses gun to force student into sex, armed teacher shot by police by accident, so many way this thing could go sideways.

One way has been proven true already teacher in Georgia did shoot a gun or it went off accidental or whatever lucky no one was shot. Time to see the big picture use your brain say wait a minute think this out fully. Don't buy NRA first response they are trying to sell more guns

Monday, February 26, 2018

Trump laments the closing of insane asylums

Really you want to bring back the places where mentally ill people where tortured and abused.

Trump's revisionist history would like you to believe they were closed over costs. No most where closed after being found out on how much they abused the mentally ill.

We have all heard the stories of the haunted insane asylums , why because many people there died from being abused , tortured , and neglected. These places were not nice . So tell Trump you caught him in just another lie.

Friday, February 23, 2018

These companies still have financial dealings with the NRA

They provide the NRA either services , special offers , or money. Financial dealings mean these company are making money off the death of American People. Here a list , Think about avoiding doing any business with these companies

True Car

Lifeline Screenings

Starkey Hearing

Life Insurance Central

Medical Concierge Network



Vinesse Wine

Fed Ex

The last ones easy use the postal service or use good old UPS

Pedophile Teacher with a gun forces student to have sex / Another Future possible news story

This could happen if certain teachers who are also pedophiles are allowed to be armed ,No ones is really thinking these things out the NRA throws out there. It just throwing any idea out there to blur the lines , to take the pressure off the NRA. It's about causing diversions taking your mind off the main subject that Assault Weapons aren't a necessity but are only a luxury. A luxury paid for with the blood of the innocent.

Future News Headline : Kid Gets Hold of Teachers Gun Accidentally Kills Best Friend

Like it's never happened before kid of two did accidently killed his mother. Accidently deaths happen a lot. By putting a gun in a classroom of children we are just adding another place accidental shootings can happen. If a teacher focuses on there actual job teaching they will lose focus on where there gun is , that gun can find its way into the hands of a curious child. It is just plain common sense , which I not sure the NRA or Donald Trump uses. This arming teachers comes from a place of very little thought at least at the level of a child. A child will be a child and his or her curiosity may get the better of them. Add a gun you get dead children.

say the gun is put in a safe or something , by the time it's gotten out of that safe a AR-15 has poured 30 bullets into the bodies of some kids. Tell me a safe way or a way that might actual work where kids don't die. I don't see it

Anonymous got a idea for you Hack the NRA Member list I will post the names of these child killers

Get me a list I will list every name. No longer should these people hide in the shadows , if they condone the killing of people by there inaction they should have there name out there. Any politician that takes blood money from the NRA should have there name out there. An A from the NRA should mean that they are assholes. A scarlet A should be branded on there foreheads . Any Business that supports the NRA with money should be listed so we can boycott them.

Get Me the Names I Will Post Them

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Trump Wins Drama Queen of the Year

He turns every small problem into a big one.

He creates problems where none existed before.

For creating the DACA Problem , For creating the Russia problem , For showing hate and creating the racial problem.

We give him the Drama Queen of the year award,

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Apathy is the Enemy of the American People.

How many people say you can't fight city hall?

How many people say voting doesn't matter?

Nothing Matters ?

One Person can't Change The World?

If Gandhi thought like that India would still be part of Great Britain. Martin Luther King never would of had a dream and racist would still run half the country., Joan of Arc would of never been anyone , Abraham Lincoln would of never stop slavery , George Washington wouldn't of been our first president and most likely America wouldn't exist. Christopher Columbus never found America. Thank god all these people weren't quitters.

Sad that America's seemed to of lost it's heart , it's pioneer spirit . JFK once said why climb the highest mountain , we choose to go to the moon and do many other things. Now we sit back and live in a smaller world without great challenges to spark are imagination. No going to the moon , no going to mars , we feel trapped . No one believes in the future anymore. The future for the first time doesn't seem as bright and promising. There's no great horizons and adventures to look forward to. Trumps future doesn't make me feel good about our chances. Darkness and hate does not a good future make.

That's apathy

If we want a better future that's the enemy we need to defeat , Hate , lies ,anger , and negative emotions are the weapons of apathy. To fight them we need hope , caring , love , understanding , patience . To fight Violence you need non violence or we become them.

So how far we willing to take this armed teachers thing?

Really how far ,Armed Lunch Ladies , Armed Janitors , School Bus Drivers , or Sports Coaches,

Where will we need armed people? On the school bus , sporting events like football ,basketball, track, or every school sporting event and god what about PTA meetings and other school events.
Do we need a sniper on the roof at school to protect kids during recess,

What about kids walking to school . Dam we better arm the crossing guards.

Where does it end ? I know we arm the kids themselves.

Slow decline in care at HUD Housing in Menominee Michigan

This ones personal, I've been living here for about 20 plus years , In the beginning they cleaned the sidewalks made sure salt was on ice in winter, Things were fixed the rightway and not half ass. But go forward 20 years litter all over , no sidewalks cleaned , no salt on parking lot or sidewalk , things not fixed right. Every year it get worse , now you can't throw large items away . I don't think they understand what Low Income means , Guess we have to pay for salt to put on parking lot and sidewalks . Guess if we want those stupid sliding closet doors fixed we have to fix them . Now they say you can't smoke within 25 yards of your apartment . Not that I smoke but I don't remember being in jail . They think people will have pride in where they live as they take away there freedom. So the degrading continues becoming a slum in a small city.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Mental health used as a catch all alibi for gun violence.

Every one who kills with a gun has a mental health problem , no not under the law. The legal definition is you have no idea of right and wrong there for you can't be held responsible. Plus if we only focus on Mental Illness as it pertains to gun violence people will slip through the cracks , the most dangerously mentally ill people are ones that act and look totally normal , are very smart , and hide in plain sight. There ticking time bombs building up to explosion , So no registration will stop them , they will have no police record ,and nothing in there past to point them out. The only reasonable way to stop them is mot have assault rifles available to anyone.


When the constitution causes the Death of Millions of Americans Will We change It.?

So far the answer is no , we will not adapt a law written 200 years ago to relate to modern times. Millions have died because any one no matter there mental status can get a weapon of war. We arm are own boogie men and set them loose on our children's playgrounds. At One Time the boogie men where relegated to under the bed or in the closet. Modern boogie men are more real and could be anyone or could be anywhere. Right now in America nowhere is safe , schools have become battle zones , churches once havens now have become blood fields, going to a concert or movie can end in death, and that pretty much becomes every where you go you could die at a moments notice. Guns allowed everywhere mean they can be used anywhere. No place becomes safe. America is becoming the most dangerous place on earth

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Jill Stein is way out of her league and should go away.

Why would anyone have there picture taken with Putin ?

Stupid, Naïve , She is a person not living in the real world as much as Trump living in his little bubble.

get real is all I got to say of course by meeting with Putin she put herself into his hands to be used as a puppet.

She wrongly thought she could change Putin mind about anything. She's just not wise enough to ever be President or any government official. She was used , made a patsy, now in history she will be known as a fool.

Trump it's not time for name calling and passing the buck

You yourself signed an executive order that stopped keeping gun out of the hands of the mentally ill. So you are to blame. Simple laws could be made to keep guns out of the mentally ill. A real background check , not a half ass easily defeated check with loop holes the size of Mack trucks. If they can keep drunks from driving they can keep the mentally ill from getting a gun. Weird that people underage can get gun but can't get cigarettes or booze. What's wrong with this pictures.

Trump is again doing nothing but playing the blame game Enough games we are sick of games start doing your dam job , maybe you should quit going on a vacation every week and get off your fat ass and do something. Didn't know being president was a part- time job.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Trump is still not going to do anything about Russia or stop future cyber attacks.

Trump is only thinking about himself and his own personal future. By not protecting this country from future cyber type attacks we are in great danger of getting Russian puppets running this country. It's like handing Russia the keys to the United States saying do what you want. It should be war I'm sure we got some great hackers of our own we could hit Russia with some serious Cyber attacks of our own. Let's cyber nuke them back to the stone age . Put viruses that are geared to hit Russia servers if they enter our cyber space in our computers, I'm sure we could create a virus that attacks Russia IP servers that Try to access US Servers. Why am I the only one coming up with this stuff? It's not rocket science. WAKE THE FUCK UP THIS IS WAR OF THE FUTURE

GOP may loose Florida if they don't change there views on Gun Violence

Many People in Florida have had enough after what happened at Pulse Night Club and Now at Florida High School . Gun Violence has hit to many times and to close to home. The tide of change is coming in Florida ,it's been coming for awhile . No one truly believe the crap the NRA is selling anymore , No one fears the boogey men that are supposedly coming to take every ones guns. Only the mentally ill believe this crap , first there has to be hunting in some form to control Animals from becoming overpopulated and causing major problems. Bambie is cute but not when he comes in your yard and eats your garden or runs in front of your car almost killing you. Yes we want you to be able to protect your property but within reason. Get a shotgun or something not a AK-47 , or AR-15. Some gun are only made for one true purpose to kill large amounts of people quickly and efficiently. Whatever happened to lever action Winchesters , Bolt Action Rifles , or Pump action Shotguns ? Really why does everyone need a gun with a 20-100 round clips? Have people instead of learning to shoot and actually hit a target just trying to throw as much lead as possible so by luck they actually hit something. That's pathetic. Dam are Americans that bad at shooting , go learn then. Last thing a bad shooter needs is a gun that shoots 20+ times , that's not going to make them a better shooter.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Concentration Camps of Higher Learning #resist

Metal Detectors on the doors , armed guards , and razor wire surrounding the playground. Buses made bullet proof , teachers carrying guns and wearing Kevlar vests. Kids looking nervous and feeling like there in prison , no one learning anything that's been given up to provide more safety. Teachers having to go through basic training learning how to kill.

Grim world the NRA and Republicans want to create so they can sell more guns. Create a war right at home and cash out in blood money. How much blood money is your child's life worth. You like the idea of child being put in a prison on a daily basis . That basically what will happen if the GOP has there way.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Donald Was The Shooter In Florida High School One of The Good Nazi White Nationalist?

Donald once said there were good Nazi's , good members of the KKK , and good members of the Aryan Nation. Really it's good to look down on other races based on false ideologies. To think of certain people as inferior simply based on there race.

It's good to kill , abuse these people because there not really human.

NO it's not alright and anyone who claims it is , is evil. There are no good Nazi's , no good members of the KKK , and no racist is good. Already the leader of the Florida White Nationalists has claimed this High School Shooter as a full fledged member proudly. He's this sick groups hero and martyr.

How many more members will take his example and do more violence?

By Trumps grace these losers have been unshackled and have been let loose on America.

Trumps loose lips and tweets have put many American in the cross-hairs of mentally ill who thought Trump has give them a greenlight to shoot whoever they think doesn't fit there small idea of this country.

Trump and the Governor of Florida are trying to lock the barn but all the horses have already escaped, there jokes on reasonable gun laws

The Governor and the President created the current conditions that let the recent school shooting happen.

How can I say that ,easy Trump by executive order cancelled Obama order to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. The governor of Florida is in the back pocket of the NRA , he lets them decide the gun laws of his state.

If guns make you safer shootings in states like Florida and Texas you would think they wouldn't happen there. Not what happens. Places with lax gun laws are not more safe more gun violence happens in those states. The 2 of biggest mass killings happened in Florida, so stand your ground didn't stop anyone , being able to carry a gun any where you want didn't stop anything.

FOOLISH , BLIND , STUPIDITY kills children in America

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Trump idea for the foodstamp program SUCKS

How many dried beans can a person consume ?

How much powder milk would you be willing to drink?

I'm not saying everything you get from government food programs are gross but some of the stuff is just terrible. The spaghetti sauce is so sour you will want to throw up. Spinach if your not Popeye is kind of gross.

I receive the so called commodities monthly , it used to be good but over the years it has degraded , the no fat cheese is like plastic. Now Trump wants to replace half of your food benefits with this stuff . Would like to see Trump eat this stuff on a daily basis. He wouldn't so why does he expect others to.


John Kelly is supposed to be in charge of making sure everyone has a security clearance.

He's not doing his job. He should know why peoples security clearance is being held up. I think Kelly will be the next Trumper thrown under the bus. He listened to Trump but Trump is good at passing the buck and blaming others for things he has done. Sacrificial lambs are anyone Trump can put blame on. That list grows and changes everyday , there's no job security working for Trump.

Monday, February 12, 2018

How many Trumpers work in the White House without a security clearance?

It could be over 10 people who have not been cleared to handle top secret material. Why haven't these 10 plus people not been given a security clearance , simple they have potential to be black mailed. They have done things in there past that are unsavory , maybe illegal or just very embarrassing .

Foreign agents could be making these people targets. Turning them into moles and using them as a source of information on what's going on in the White House. That makes us less safe.

Trump Tanks The Economy coming to a theater near you.

It's got to a movie and not real life. Come on we gave the rich a tax break , you think that would make everyone happy right the stock market would keep rising but in reality it's falling because of to much easy money , Inflation causing prices to rise at an accelerated rate. If stuff cost more won't those tax cuts have to be used to pay for the same thing you could of afforded with out the tax cuts in the first place. Yeah more likely. You got a false view of having more when in reality you got less.

Now the ledger after you pay your bills starts out with more money but after paying your bills you end up with less. How did that happen? Trumpinomics you loose.

plus guess what you get a big bill in national debt you get charged with that ,someday will need to get paid. Government unlike Trump can't declare bankruptcy if we do we become a third world cesspool.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

What Types of Countries Have Military Parades ?

Mostly ones run by dictators

China , Russia , North Korea , Vietnam , Nazi Germany and other countries basically run by dictators

It's not like America's never had a military parade but it was mostly after we won some war , don't remember winning one lately. Nope this one is for Trumps ego and his insecurity over his manhood. He saw a Military Parade and he has to top it with a bigger one. Plus yes he see's himself as a dictator like his idols Adolf Hitler, Putin ,and the leader of Turkey. He loves dictators who can get away with anything , waste there countries money on foolish garbage that does nothing for he people they lead. The Money for this monstrosity could better be used caring for the Veterans who risked there lives and health for this country.

Like his weekly vacations costing millions each time , Like millions to add a new whatever to Airforce one, and now to placate his massive ego Millions going towards a totally waste of time Military Parade for no better reason then Trump wants it.

Trumps government is borrowing more then Obama's ever did, putting us deeper and deeper in the hole. Now with his stupid really not necessary taxes cuts that has been accelerated. Inflation is coming , higher prices are coming and those tax cuts will disappear having to be spent to cover an increased cost of living. In the end nothing gained in fact it will end up being a negative gain.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Donald Shoots Blanks at Adam Schiff , Schiff Fires Back With A Flame Thrower

Can Trumps name calling be more pathetic or childish?

Only thing I got to say is lame calling some one little my 2 year old can come up with better stuff then that. His petty tweets are something he and everyone around should be embarrassed over. They are so easily seen for what they are , the ravings of a person with something to hide.

It's so easy to pick apart Trumps false claims , Schiff does it without braking a sweat , leaving Trump looking like the fool he is. When are those around Donald going to tell him he's acting like a moron? Most Likely none will have the guts to.

Democratic Memo Strikes Fear into Trump and the GOP

The GOP and Trump have fear that strikes them at there very core. They fear the Truth because after so many lies it won't set them free but weigh they down like a ton of bricks. Truth to them has become a enemy. It has become a sword that will destroy the kingdom that Trump has created. A foundation of lies builds a very weak White House.

Trump and the GOP have pretty much lost the Trust of a large segment of the American People. There are always some who are easy to fool , because they sold there ideals to people who like to manipulate others and make them there mind slaves.

Trump has weakened this country by losing the faith of the world and the faith of a majority of the American People , Other will exploit that weakness ,we ae in grave danger.

Sunday, February 4, 2018

How do I come up with the stuff I post on my Blog?

First thing in the morning I watch the News mostly MSNBC , I got Roku so I crank up the NBC News App get the latest news then I switch over to the show Morning Joe. I digest that and put it in my views of the world. My views are from a person who doesn't have a lot of money . I'm mostly looking at the world from a bottom up view. I'm street smart and don't buy everything I hear , but I find the left view more in line with how I see the World. The facts as I know them just don't line up with how the right sees the world. I know people on Food Stamp can't afford to waste it on Steaks and Champagne unless they want to only eat one meal a month. I know the medical services most poor people are forced to use can be pretty bad and poorly inadequate. Free Clinics Suck. Been there glad I'm not there anymore .
br> My Second source for my posts happens to come to me when I take my daily 5 mile walk that takes my about 2 hours. I have time to think to take ideas mix them up and come out with I hope are clever insights. I like to use a little humor when I can to break up the depressing news that is Donald Trump. Not much happy comes from Trumpville.

Trump does need a little taking down a few pegs , He's ego if measured would dwarf a million normal peoples one. He thinks his stuff doesn't stink. He has a sense that somehow his being rich makes him better then everyone else. He's the smart one and the rest of us are stupid.

That of course is total crap. Trumps life as whole has been very sheltered . He's been living in a world that only lets his own opinions in with no challenges to them. No one rarely says no that's a dumb idea. Ass Kisser and brown nosers follow him around telling him every brain fart he has is a work of art.

Sad being deluded your whole life like that without even a smidgen of the real world leaking in. Trump emotionally has never had a chance to grow up. He's been protected and pampered his ego kept from the harm of realty. Emotionally he's a child who still throws tantrums

Shutdown most likely again as McDonnel proves he can't be trusted

The Turtle of the Senate put his hand on the bible and promised up and down that DACA would be taken care of, well times a ticking and days are only left . The old turtle moves like a turtle and I don't think this time he will win the race.

I wish the democrats wouldn't of gave up so quickly last time. This time I hope they hold firm , No DACA , NO wall final and do not move from that. Let Trump have the wall for now and when the GOP loses the House and Senate take the wall away.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

How long is it going to take to repair the damage done by Trump on America?#RESIST

Sound like a straight forward question?

Nope so, many determining factors ,

How long we let him lead .Big one the longer he's president the more messes he makes. Around the world he already thought of as a nincompoop .That word works perfectly to describe Trump. He helped cut taxes but if that leads to higher prices and inflation it will be a no more money improvement costing Americans even more. So far we are on a tread mill going nowhere or going backward.

Second if the Democrats win the Senate and House by an act of God . It will put a big wrench in the Trump bandwagon. They can't even pass much with the GOP in control that will become even less of a chance of Trump agenda being passed.

Third even if the GOP retains control will there being unable to do very much still continue. Putting a break on Trump getting much done.

It's all a big math question with unknown factors so how can anyone give an answer. We can speculate and hope it will all come out right in the end.

But if it goes sideways I will at least know I tried to stop it.

Keep up the resistance , Keep up the fight to keep America Free

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Lies instead of Truth becomes the coin of the realm

Lies have increased and are taking over our government and our country. Truth has been twisted into alernative truth.Sad that lies are so easily accepted and some people don't question that. A closed mind in many places in this country has become the norm. People have become sheep and followers instead of leaders and independent thinkers. Asking questions has become a sin . You say why an instantly your an enemy. You use science or logic you get branded a trader to America and big business or jobs.

All those lies are crap , all those alernative truths are lies. Science is real and has been proven through many tests and uses logical conclusions to come up with facts.

Trumps brand of truth uses down right lies ,gut feelings ,and emotions to create facts based on nothing. There is almost no true facts that support any of these alternative facts.

We have become blind ,deaf,and dumb to the world outside our small towns , some of don't think beyond what's in it for me. That puts a limit on truth

We already got enough Nukes to destroy the earth Trump wants more.

Why not have enough Nukes to destroy the world 10 times over?

Trump always got to have bigger because of his insecurity issues. He problem with his ego knows no bounds. If we build more nukes others will do the same ,they will be forced to. So how is this going to make us more safe? Going back to the arms race will take money out of helping the poor and middle class and put it in the hands or weapon makers , arms dealers ,and the wealthy.

With all these nukes out there your giving terrorists more chances to get there hands on some. Safety is not the concern it's all about Trump wanting to be greedy and make himself more powerful.

FBI under attack is a danger to us all.

How many important people to our safety will retire early or just quit?

How many people will want to become a person who is an FBI agent?

Trump and the GOP is weakening our best defense against Terrorists by continually attack the creditability of the FBI. If we lose critically important agents because they get sick of being used as a scapegoat by Trump so he can weasel out of his problems we are all in danger of the next 911. FBI needs to stay focused on things like terrorism , both foreign and domestic. They need to focus on federal crimes and not be mired in all this political crap. They don't need to like Trump or of have voted for him to do there jobs. These games are putting us all in the crosshairs of people who are not our friends.

A memo that if studied fully is a big nothing

Nothing here like there was nothing in Hillary's emails ,there was nothing in Benghazi , and nothing in a nuclear deal with Russia. GOP is all smoke and mirrors ,con games , and nothing burgers. They try making mountains out of molehills but in the end only make themselves look foolish. They get on there hunting gear like Elmer Fudd to catch that warcally wabbit but that rabbit always make a fool of Elmer. Just like Democrats will make fools of the GOP over and over.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Were living in the time of the most disfunctional government ever

It's really broken down , this us against the other party crap is breaking this country into to camps . Government is about talking things out and compromising to create a stronger union. It's not about scoring points in some game. It's not about worrying about getting reelected by playing to some base. When your in the government your supposed to represent the will of all the people not a select few. Your supposed to represent the will of the majority while protecting the minority from abuse. Right now the minority has become the whipping boy , the poor have become the victim of all those who need someone to blame for there own faults. Also the majority voices are being shutout by those with large sums of wealth. Money has bought ear plugs for the GOP so only the voices of the wealthy can be heard.

We are at a time where we need to decide what kind of people we are greedy ones who only care about ourselves or ones who care about the plight of our fellow men.

Monday, January 29, 2018

There was pretty much no such thing as illegal immigration in lots of American History.

We needed people to fill this country and build America so pretty much anyone wanting to move here was allowed in. That little truth to those that say only legal immigrants came in the past seems to be forgotten. No one was illegal it was easy to become American. People from all over the world came here signed there name and were pretty much instant Americans.

This crap about illegal immigration is about White Supremists keeping out certain religions and races of people then don't like. It's not about protecting jobs because most jobs those immigrants do are low paying ,menial work many American wouldn't do.

If you look in fields of vegetables being picked you won't find many Americans. If you look on roofs being replaced you will see many Mexican people. Not to many white people will do hard work. That's the way it's getting or is it didn't immigrants from China pretty much build Americans Railroads? Yes they did , Didn't many work in all kinds of underground mines, yes they did. Immigrants always came to America and did the dangerous jobs and backbreaking jobs no one else would. We will lose that if we stop immigration , vegetables and food will become more expensive , getting our roof repaired will take more out of your pocket. Lots of thing will raise in cost will the wealthy care , no they won't but they will stop the rebellion against there running of this country that's what it's really all about , them losing there control.

Trump is about instant gradification he could care less about the future

Trump is not a big thinker , he's a small picture ,shallow minded man. He proves that everyday nothing he does shows he thinks about the things that he does affect on the future. He can't it's beyond his mental capacity . His mind is not strong enough . 3 steps ahead would explode his limited brain .

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Has the GOP gone mad?

Has the GOP gone out of there minds with conspiracy theories coming out daily each more bizarre , more outlandish? Are they suffering some form of mass hysteria? Delusional people or is it some kind of big con job on the American people and they don't believe any of this crap?

I don't really believe that they actual believe any of this crap ,it's all a show pretending any of this is real . Not any different then that show that had over Hillary's emails. All the world is a stage we are the audience of this farce created by the GOP

Thursday, January 25, 2018

They created a whole secret society from one memo with a joke in it

Grasping at straws to save Trump from himself silly Republicans will pull anything out of there ass. One note does not a conspiracy make. One joke made when being depressed about the idiot who got elected president is not proof of a secret society . It's no secret a majority of America thinks Trump is a rotten president.

This witch hunt started by Trump to discredit the FBI is making us all less safe. We need the FBI to have there full attention on crime and terrorism not this crap made up to save Trump.

The only deep state is on how deep will the GOP go to save Trump, how low will they go. Sick how twisted all vile the GOP became when Trump became president.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Ron Johnson Has Joined Trump On His Crazy Train

Another crazy conspiracy theory from a GOP member. There is no deep state

I don't understand why Republicans keep trying to justify Trump.

Ron Johnson from Wisconsin is the latest one making excuses for Donald Trump. It's sad someone is willing to throw away there reputation to save someone who should never be president.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Shutdown avoided for now but what will happen next month

A 3 Day shut down next month will be another shutdown it will be if the GOP starts playing games again if they keep their promises it would be avoided but with Trump in the mix Nothing is for certain because he can never make up his mind.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Funny most families in America got here through chain migration except maybe Native American or African Americans

Trumps family most likely got here through chain migration like most families in this country. It was good in those days why is it a mortal sin now?

It still makes sense today one family member comes to America finds a good paying job then brings others in his family over. It's the way its been done since the founding of this country. The only ones who didn't get here were Native Americans or those brought over as slaves.

This chain migration crap is just that crap to play to the ignorant who have no clue how they ended up here in the first place. To many people forgot where they came from and that's a sad commentary on our education system. You didn't just sprout up from nowhere your ancestors came over in boats from Europe ,Asia , Africa , and other places from all over the world. Those ancestors brought other family members that according to Trump is called chain migration . I call it building communities that will thrive in America.

Donald Trump digging a hole that will take a long time to climb out of.

He's breaking our country , making it so it just won't work. You thought it was dysfunctional before you haven't seen nothing yet. Trump will create the most dysfunctional United States in history. He's losing us allies and friends around the world. He's is giving our once leader of the world status to China or to Russian. We are losing more and more everyday as the wealthy pick over the carcass of a once great country. We been sold a bill of goods with no real truth that by making the wealthy richer they will suddenly become patriotic Americans and share it with the middle class and poor. That has never happened in a big enough way to make a difference and it most likely won't happen this time either. Most rich people are rich because of one reason there greedy , a leopard can't change it spots and you can't change a rich person whose greedy.

We for some inane reason decided to make one of the greediest person in America president .

Guess we get what we pay for a person with no morals , no compassion ,and a person whose only goal in life is to feed his ego and his greed.

Oh how far the mighty have fallen into total failure . The GOP is leading us to the cliff and most seem to be to blind to notice.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Polar Opposite Reasons for Government Shutdown by Parties

First off the GOP never had a good reason that pertained to a large majority of Americans. There reasons are giving tax breaks to the wealthy the tiny 1 % of the American people who could very well without it.

The Democrats who this is only the first time ever of using whatever small power they have to shutdown the government did it for a way larger portion of America. They want a good CHP bill that will provide health care to a lot of children. They want the money needed to help those who suffered this years rounds of natural disasters. They want children who spent almost there whole life in this country to stay in this country. They want families to stay together , which is better for society as a whole. Which do you think is on the side of good? GOP Democrats Me I'm going with the democrats and I have good reasons for that decision . Immigration to this country is the most important reason for America to exist. It created the America of today from those pilgrims coming to Plymouth Rock to the Chinese coming to America building the tracks across America which opened the country up. Immigrant labor and immigrant ideas made America Great. Today people who are clueless about the history of this country and the driving forces of people from almost every country on earths creating what America is today. Ask some of the ignorant about there ancestors and where they came from you will get a blank stare. Mine I know where they came from Ireland , Germany , Belgium , and some were always here. The ones that came here weren't the smartest, the strongest or the best but they had a spirit and drive to be free and be pioneers at creating the United States. Just like today people immigrate to America to become something special , to be free . to prosper , to live the American Dream. This crap about all immigrants being crooks , rapists , or druggies is a lot of hot air with no true facts behind it. The same type of losers saying the same type of garbage about every immigrant group who ever came here. The Irish once were the whipping boys ,the Chinese , the Japanese, Muslims , Native Americans , African Americans , and I guess now it's the Mexicans turn. Whose next to use as an excuse for there own failures. Some of you need to crack a history book , learn to read , specially you losers in groups like the Neo-Nazis , Aryan Nation and the KKK . Your ignorances is showing