Saturday, December 30, 2017

Trumps America First make American an island surrounded by sharks

What countries people would risk there lives to help a country with a president that has called them names?  Not many foreigners are going to sign up to help us, Economically we are alone , militarily we are alone , No one is going to come to our aid if it hurts there interests.   Before we were on this boat together now we are stuck in a little dingy crafted by Trump.  The dingy gets any holes we all go down with the ship.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Rolling back anything with Obama's name on it is Trump's petty revenge

Remember when Obama trashed Trump during that press dinner ? Well if you didn't Trump does and he's doing his infantile revenge game because of it. He's repealing everything with Obama's name on it without really having a clue on what he's repealing. He going to let Nursing Homes get away with elder abuse because Obama thought that was a bad thing and signed something to stop it. Obama wanted to stop Global Warming . Trump is against that and you really know why. Obama wanted better health care , Trump is against that why again. A sick little mind who became president to get back at some one who dissed him. Trump will in the end be the ultimate loser placed in the history book as the worst ,most corrupted President ever . Dam he beats Nixon by a mile ,

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Trump get more money when not taking a salary , how is that?

His almost weekly vacation in his first year have cost the tax payers over a 100 million dollars , Obama didn't even do that in 8 full years.  I would rather pay his salary and let him pay for his vacations that would say us 99 million 9 hundred thousand dollars .

Trump gives cheap empty words to the poor on Christmas

Words won't fill an empty stomach ,heal a broken body,won't give a poor family shelter from the cold, Words do nothing without actions backing them . Trump doesn't put action to his words as most are false promises, His Merry Christmases are to his rich friend the rest of us get coal,

Thursday, December 21, 2017

How will the GOP Tax Cut be paid for?

It will like always be heaped upon the poor , cut to health care ,public housing , food stamps , and cuts to the very programs that keep middle class families safe if you happen to lose your job.

You already know it will add to the national debt but if you think there won't be other things adding to the debt also your not paying attention. Remember the last hurricane season , the current fires in California, upcoming wars started by Donald Trump. At the time of more jobs then in a long time , stock market going through the roof ,and business reaping money hand over fist. Why do we need a tax cut?   Not sure but the last tax cut almost tanked the economy. Hope we aren't going back there.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

All those pesky bugs buzzing around Trumps head whispering that the Russia investigation will soon be over lied

It's far from over , you think they gave Flynn a sweet deal for nothing in return. If you think that I got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. All those lawyers tell Trump it will soon be over are lying to cover there ass and get more of Trumps money. Must be easy coning a person so out of touch with reality like Trump seems to be. Well at least until he finally goes off the deep end. A more fragile mind or ego would be hard to find than Donald Trumps. Weak , Weak Weak

A few cake crumb so the wealthy can have a banquet

Whose going to be stuck with the bill of a larger national debt ,it won't be the wealthy oh no they will pass it on to the poor and middle class. So they decided pull a fast one those little rascals in the GOP , there throwing the middle class a few crumbs now so they can make them pay later in more taxes and less benefits. While the wealthy's tax break will continue forever. Some will not notice till it's to late as they stroll along to the cliffs edge like lemmings falling to there doom. Others will see the truth and scream and warn others but in the end go over the cliff to. We will all end up screwed in the end

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Trump slurs words while giving speech . stroke ,bells palsy , or what

I never slurred words from having a dry mouth so White House is covering. It was strange ,creepy ,and just plain weird ,it was like seeing a drunk give a speech. Trump doesn't drink so then I thought of stroke or bells palsy from stress. Will we ever find out the truth probably not. Is Trump physically capable of being president ?

Friday, December 1, 2017

Who is Flynn going to rat out?

Is to going to be Mike Pence , could be we pretty much know he lied about not knowing what Flynn was doing. Jared Kushner , Another big possibility The Don himself that would be the best gift of all to get that ass out ,so he can't screw up this country more then he already has We know Flynn's talking he got a pretty sweet deal it looks like so far , he could of been charged with a lot more. The big snowball is rolling whose it going to crush next. Trumps attorneys might think it's close to being over but the fat lady named Donald Trump hasn't sang yet.