Sunday, October 15, 2017

Trump like a child destroys what he doesn't understand

He's not a builder for a better future he's a destroyer who wants to drag us back to a crappy past better left behind. Those who view the past through rose colored glasses miss seeing the rot and warts that were there. It wasn't really that great for a large portion of Americans. The racism , the wars , and a lot of the evil men do was not a shinning moment in history. Not sure why anyone in his right mind wants to bring those days back. Wit Obama a bright future was on the arisen , with Trump we get dragged back into the old hatreds that do no one any good . He stirs up things better left alone , he divides and build walls between races and people. He brings out the worst in America every time he tweets or opens his mouth. He brings shame and embarrassment on the U.S. that it's going to take along time for us to shed,

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Trump proves he's a moron by blindly attacking the people who support he needs to get any laws passed

Attack Corker is the latest stupid move by a mad man. As he throws his own supporters under the bus soon he may find himself on a island all by himself. So far he's really done almost nothing , and if he keeps on this course we'll be looking at 4 years of nothing that's if he doesn't get fired first. The only place he's great is in his only slowly losing mind. Someone needs to wake this loser up to reality before he does permeant damage.