Saturday, September 30, 2017

Who else will leave Trumps sinking ship?

Who will the next totally unqualified Cabinet secretary jumping ship? So many put into position they have no clue on how to perform. That gets proven every day. From a White House that send mixed message so no one is sure what the policies are. The American people want things done , they want stability, under Trump that rarely happens. So as more leave will more get done probably not.

New trail of tears leads from Puerto Rico to the United States as many flea the disaster area

It didn't have to be this way if the hurricane had hit Puerto Rico was treated the same as the ones that hit Texas and Florida. Why wasn't it ? Why wasn't things prestaged and ready to go , Why no planning by Federal agencies under Donald Trump. The slow response is killing people , Total incompetence is the only reason. The biggest do nothing President in history who can't get anyone done. When can we expect a government that works for all the people and just not the wealthy , that will never happen under Trump

Friday, September 22, 2017

GOP on a suicide mission given to them by there donors

Will they break there addiction to there donors money and do what is right or sell there soul to kill, most likely with a rotten health care bill that most of America doesn't want, many American people. People lives are at risk as they create death panel in each state that will decide who lives and who dies. That basically what there bill will do by making states decide who will get health care or not by limiting the amount of money states will get to provide health care. Will you be chosen to die ,will a friend ,or a relative.

One thing the leader of North Korea got right is that Trump is a dotard

He pushes healthcare laws he hasn't even read or has a clue about. He uses childish name calling as a way to deal with problems. He I don't think puts any thought into anything he does. Trump is not a big idea thinker ,he doesn't see the whole picture , he short sighted ,small minded ,and completely out of his league as president. Yes America Trump is a Dotard