Wednesday, March 8, 2017

To pay for Trumps wall they are thinking about cuts to the Coast Guard ,airport security ,FEMA ,and NOAH how;s that make us safer ?

How will these cuts make us safer?

It doesn't it puts a big hole in the safety net .  Cutting airport security can let 9/11 happen all over again. What they should be doing is increasing and making airport security better. The Coast Guard is the number one defender of our border by sea ,many drugs are kept out because of their work, The also stop more illegal immigrant then Trumps stupid wall will ever do. Cutting FEMA funds when there are more chances for natural disasters than any time in history is the stupidest idea yet. Finally cutting NOAH which is the main way to get early warnings of bad weather will end up killing people from tornados and storms.

It's all just so stupid it unbelievable  but that's their plan

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