Wednesday, February 8, 2017

When Trump Says We He's Using The Royal We ,He doesn't speak for me ,a majority ,or any one I know

It's probably 1% 0f 1% or less that a terrorist attack on them even crosses their minds and if it does their most likely mentally ill. So Trump when he says we Americans I'm not sure who that we is ,Because who in their right mind fears something so unlikely to happen. You are more likely to get hit by lightening.

Trump go sell your hoodoo voodoo somewhere else. Your snake oil Kickapoo medicine is turpentine.

Another fighting imaginary problems brought to you by the GOP. So far we got voting registration to fight imaginary voter fraud , immigration ban to fight imaginary large amounts of terrorism. Then cutting laws that fight real problems like global warming ,gun violence ,and wall street corruption.

There getting things ass backward but haven't they been doing that for a very very long time.

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