Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trump neverending campaign will last the next 4 years if he doesn't get the boot before then

Why does he still talk about his electoral college totals \?

Why is he still talking about Hillary ?

Why still comparing himself to Obama?

The time for that train has left the station it's time to start governing ,which if your honest is not going well. Not sure their even all using the same playbook ,or at least they must be on the wrong page. No consistency at all coming from the White House. Pence says one thing ,Trump tweets the exact opposite then Keely Anne Conway twist it all out of wack.

Now he's going back to Florida this weekend and holding another campaign rally for a job he supposedly already has. What's with all the wasting of time and money to placate his huge ego. It will by the way it's going,going to cost 100,s of millions of dollars to keep Trumps ego happy. I for one am not paying a babysitter to baby sit the president.

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