Saturday, February 25, 2017

Trump Delusions Know no Bounds

Delusion after delusion , exaggerations one after another. He doesn't live in the real world which should disqualify him from being president and put us all in danger.

The latest delusion if Trump had a rally it would be the largest in history. Where did pull this rabbit out of his ass?   It goes with all his other delusions he doesn't get that a majority of Americans hate him. It fits in with all his other delusions , biggest electoral college win ,largest crowd at his crowning for president ,highest ratings   ,and last being in the top of his graduating class. None of these things were close to being true. Sweden is all I.m going to say. That says it all.

We got a President that lives in an alternative reality created by his own fragile ego that can't except things that show he's a loser. He's always winning no matter if in reality he lost.  Sounds crazy because it is , Trump needs mental health help soon

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