Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Great Roman Empire wasn't destroyed by the Barbarians at the gates but by the corruption within,America seems to be going down that same road

Trump is so focused on external enemies and false boogie men that he's ready to destroy the very spirit of what makes America great. It isn't mounds of gold ,it isn't a massive military neither of those things are what makes America great. It's our freedom and hope that we can make the world a better place. So far Trump is limiting our greatness with his almost medieval proclamations that instead of taking us forward are bringing us back into our deep dark past.

Phobia and fear of others not of your own religion or race is a mental illness. Trump is a disease spreading every time he opens his mouth or tweets. I made a conscience choice not to fill my mind with his poison. I turn off the television every time he has a press conference because nothing but propaganda and alternate facts will be coming from his mouth. Truth has become a rare commodity in the White House.

We all have a choice stand up for democracy or let it die a slow pain full death. I choose to fight


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