Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Tax Revolt may be the only answer to the Trump problem.

Maybe it's time to let the government know who their working for The American Revolution first was started because of something called taxation without representation .

When was the last time you thought the federal government was representing your interests? Now under Trump I personal feel that my interests aren't represented at all. That Trumps vision of America isn't anything I want. Plus I know the Republican Congress will not be growing a pair anytime soon and do something about Trump.

So what options do I have?
  • Wait till the midterms and maybe GOP will lose control of congress
  • Hope GOP grows a conscience
  • March my ass off
  • Petitions which most likely GOP will ignore
  • Cut the federal governments purse strings
Which one do you think will get their attention the most?

I'm leaning toward my own form of Boston Tea Party and  not funding the Trump agenda. Me by myself doing that will be an empty gesture but millions of American doing that will wake the GOP up.

Think About It 

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