Friday, February 3, 2017

Making an 87 year old women pay the last of her money on a book fine in the library in Menominee Michigan Trumpism Spreads

Is it going to spread acting like Trump

Really is every one going to act like Trump

No Morals , No caring , Talking a poor old  87 years olds last dollar to pay a book fine.

It's happening in more and more places Trumpism like a poison is invading in places you wouldn't think it would. Churches ,Libraries ,and other small towns across this country. Government first not America first is the true rule Trumps world lives by .

The values and morals are what most marchers are marching for common decency is what's at stake. Anger and hate politics should have no place in a civilized world. So calling your self civilized is a pile of crap if you support the garbage spewed on a daily bases from Trump World,

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