Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I'm for all you immigrants and your spawn to go back where you came from

That's right all you people from Europe ,Asia ,Africa .and any where else go back to them places. As a Native American it would be great to have my country back.

See how stupid that sounds

This is a country of immigrants from every corner of the world. A melting pots of races , religions , and peoples. Our countries borders have always been open to people from all over the world and that's what made us great the sharing of ideas from many cultures. You eat foods that come from every place on earth , our language in the United States is a melding of words from almost every language. Our Music ,our Art ,Our Dance is bits and pieces from many cultures.

So why now close our borders and our minds?

What's with this fear and phobia ?
What's it really all about?

It's about controlling you and keeping you in line.There giving you an enemy to focus on so you don't notice how crappy your life is becoming.

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