Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How Trumps policies are effecting my personal life

If you don't know me personally .You wouldn't know how badly I suffer from mental illness problems . It's mostly panic attacks and stress that have ruined my life. I can't get a job , I have type 2 diabetes that if Trump cuts medicad to far will end up most likely killing me.I also get foodstamps so maybe I can starve to death or miss meals which will kill me and put me into a coma. Great just wonderful. It's so easy for those with no dogs in the fight to act self righteous when their lives are not on the line. Your not black so it's not my problem , Your not Jewish it's not my problem .your not poor it's not my problem, your not an immigrant it's not my problem. My medical insurances is not effected so it's not my problem. I drink bottled water clean water is not my problem, I can go on and on and some of you will still claim it's not your problem. a few things I won't forgive that's people who voted for Trump or those who voted for Trump by voting third party because if Trump does most of the things he's saying he'll do I will most likely die and my blood is on your hands.

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