Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trump press conference not very reasuring or helpful

I didn't watch it I'm not a masochist who needs to  flagellate himself with lies. I waited to read the transcript. About divesting his business to his sons can we expect every time he talks to them to be recorded  and kept stored as proof cause otherwise I'm not buying. He finally admitted Russia did some rigging of the election in his favor. He thinks that will bring Russia  and the United States closer together to me it means the exact opposite. He says he wants to start building his wall and Mexico will pay for it but not in money. In drugs maybe ,or are we going to go to war with them. His vague threats seem pointless and I'll believe Americans will end up paying for the wall with zero help from Mexico. Finally in closing he fires another arrow into the American peoples right to know and Free Speech by dissing CNN reporter. He calls others rude that's like looking in a mirror Donald your the rudest person on earth.

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