Saturday, January 28, 2017

The New Reality One of Daily Protesting

Marches one after another. Protests at Airports ,or other places. A President who isn't a big picture or long term thinker. He creates rules that are in some cases illegal or in others to many people are not in favor of. Small minded people who are incapable of seeing things through the eyes of the middle class , Native Americans, African Americas ,Chinese Americans , Muslim Americans , Mexican Americans , or any one who isn't white and wealthy. To many people bought the lie that a billionaire and his billionaire cronies could understand the lives of the middle class or the poor. Now we get the endless protesting ,the endless unrest ,the endless hate fueled by a man whose ego lets him think he knows everything.

So it goes on , I'm hoping it doesn't escalate till it goes to far but that's up to Trump

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