Thursday, January 5, 2017

The eficit the deficit oh no, oh wait we're in control we don't care about that anymore

When Obama was president all the GOP cared about was the rising deficit and saying no to anything Obama. But that was yesterday now they plan on adding trillions to the deficit and it won't be helping the middle class or the poor but it will be spent taking their health care away. it will cost trillion to take 20 million peoples healthcare away. Plus they will be doing it without any idea how to replace it.

The make America sick again movement created by the GOP will not go unchallenged and shouldn't . I do believe Obamacare should be corrected and those gteedy medical insurance companies should be put on notice join or go out of business. It's there greed that raised the costs of the program. they took advantage or purposely did things to derail it. They don't want to cover everyone. It's not about peoples health to them. It's about making money no matter what.

Now the poor and middle class get stuck with another Trillion in debt we all now the rich will not pay their fair share of.

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