Thursday, January 19, 2017

Now We Enter The Winter of Our Discontent ,Trumpville is upon us.

No art that speaks out against this tyrant ,no endowment of the arts ,no more public television, and we lose another way to speak out against the dying of the light. A dark cloud that kills all the freedoms we once enjoyed. No freedom of expression ,no freedom of speech, and no freedom of the press. Only those who kiss the kings ass will get access to the royal pain that's is Trump. He will get to sculpt reality to whatever his heart desires.

Trumpville a dark place where truth comes to die. A once proud land filled with proud people who now turn on each other like rabid dogs fighting for scrapes from the kings table. A sad end to a once great nation, a false promise of bringing greatness to a place already great and in their greed they lost everything.

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