Tuesday, January 10, 2017

America Loses The Moral High Ground With Trump As President

Can we really tell other countries how to act when we have a president who is a sexist and racist man who makes fun of people who are disabled? His comments about women and his actions towards women isn't any worse then making women wear burkas . He has been reported by people who heard him say racist remarks but who have been gagged by non disclosure agreements. We all have seen his video where he makes fun of a disabled reporter . He denies it ever happened but the evidence is clear that it did. So many things he later denied have evidence that they did happen. He may be able to fool the deaf ,dumb ,and blind but most American know what he is some don't care or accept it but that's on them. We now will have the least creditable president in history don't expect the rest of the world not to laugh at our folly. We have become the butt of the Joke that is Donald Trump

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