Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A List of Alternative Facts that came from the Trump Universe

We in this universe call them lies
  • 3 million illegal aliens voted against Trump so he really won the popular vote
  • 2 million or more people were at his inauguration
  • Mexico opened up it jails and sends it worst criminals here
  • He never committed a sexual assault
  • He will have no future input in his businesses
  • He never made fun of a physical disabled person.
  • He was going to have Hillary put in jail.
  • That he will create a healthcare system that will cover everyone.
This is just some of those alternate facts I expect more to be added every time he speaks or tweets. We now have a president we can't trust about even the smallest of things ,he exaggerates or just plain lies. He has imposed a gag order over most of the government so the American people will be kept in the dark about most things.

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