Saturday, December 30, 2017

Trumps America First make American an island surrounded by sharks

What countries people would risk there lives to help a country with a president that has called them names?  Not many foreigners are going to sign up to help us, Economically we are alone , militarily we are alone , No one is going to come to our aid if it hurts there interests.   Before we were on this boat together now we are stuck in a little dingy crafted by Trump.  The dingy gets any holes we all go down with the ship.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Rolling back anything with Obama's name on it is Trump's petty revenge

Remember when Obama trashed Trump during that press dinner ? Well if you didn't Trump does and he's doing his infantile revenge game because of it. He's repealing everything with Obama's name on it without really having a clue on what he's repealing. He going to let Nursing Homes get away with elder abuse because Obama thought that was a bad thing and signed something to stop it. Obama wanted to stop Global Warming . Trump is against that and you really know why. Obama wanted better health care , Trump is against that why again. A sick little mind who became president to get back at some one who dissed him. Trump will in the end be the ultimate loser placed in the history book as the worst ,most corrupted President ever . Dam he beats Nixon by a mile ,

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Trump get more money when not taking a salary , how is that?

His almost weekly vacation in his first year have cost the tax payers over a 100 million dollars , Obama didn't even do that in 8 full years.  I would rather pay his salary and let him pay for his vacations that would say us 99 million 9 hundred thousand dollars .

Trump gives cheap empty words to the poor on Christmas

Words won't fill an empty stomach ,heal a broken body,won't give a poor family shelter from the cold, Words do nothing without actions backing them . Trump doesn't put action to his words as most are false promises, His Merry Christmases are to his rich friend the rest of us get coal,

Thursday, December 21, 2017

How will the GOP Tax Cut be paid for?

It will like always be heaped upon the poor , cut to health care ,public housing , food stamps , and cuts to the very programs that keep middle class families safe if you happen to lose your job.

You already know it will add to the national debt but if you think there won't be other things adding to the debt also your not paying attention. Remember the last hurricane season , the current fires in California, upcoming wars started by Donald Trump. At the time of more jobs then in a long time , stock market going through the roof ,and business reaping money hand over fist. Why do we need a tax cut?   Not sure but the last tax cut almost tanked the economy. Hope we aren't going back there.

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

All those pesky bugs buzzing around Trumps head whispering that the Russia investigation will soon be over lied

It's far from over , you think they gave Flynn a sweet deal for nothing in return. If you think that I got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale. All those lawyers tell Trump it will soon be over are lying to cover there ass and get more of Trumps money. Must be easy coning a person so out of touch with reality like Trump seems to be. Well at least until he finally goes off the deep end. A more fragile mind or ego would be hard to find than Donald Trumps. Weak , Weak Weak

A few cake crumb so the wealthy can have a banquet

Whose going to be stuck with the bill of a larger national debt ,it won't be the wealthy oh no they will pass it on to the poor and middle class. So they decided pull a fast one those little rascals in the GOP , there throwing the middle class a few crumbs now so they can make them pay later in more taxes and less benefits. While the wealthy's tax break will continue forever. Some will not notice till it's to late as they stroll along to the cliffs edge like lemmings falling to there doom. Others will see the truth and scream and warn others but in the end go over the cliff to. We will all end up screwed in the end

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Trump slurs words while giving speech . stroke ,bells palsy , or what

I never slurred words from having a dry mouth so White House is covering. It was strange ,creepy ,and just plain weird ,it was like seeing a drunk give a speech. Trump doesn't drink so then I thought of stroke or bells palsy from stress. Will we ever find out the truth probably not. Is Trump physically capable of being president ?

Friday, December 1, 2017

Who is Flynn going to rat out?

Is to going to be Mike Pence , could be we pretty much know he lied about not knowing what Flynn was doing. Jared Kushner , Another big possibility The Don himself that would be the best gift of all to get that ass out ,so he can't screw up this country more then he already has We know Flynn's talking he got a pretty sweet deal it looks like so far , he could of been charged with a lot more. The big snowball is rolling whose it going to crush next. Trumps attorneys might think it's close to being over but the fat lady named Donald Trump hasn't sang yet.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Trump like a child destroys what he doesn't understand

He's not a builder for a better future he's a destroyer who wants to drag us back to a crappy past better left behind. Those who view the past through rose colored glasses miss seeing the rot and warts that were there. It wasn't really that great for a large portion of Americans. The racism , the wars , and a lot of the evil men do was not a shinning moment in history. Not sure why anyone in his right mind wants to bring those days back. Wit Obama a bright future was on the arisen , with Trump we get dragged back into the old hatreds that do no one any good . He stirs up things better left alone , he divides and build walls between races and people. He brings out the worst in America every time he tweets or opens his mouth. He brings shame and embarrassment on the U.S. that it's going to take along time for us to shed,

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Trump proves he's a moron by blindly attacking the people who support he needs to get any laws passed

Attack Corker is the latest stupid move by a mad man. As he throws his own supporters under the bus soon he may find himself on a island all by himself. So far he's really done almost nothing , and if he keeps on this course we'll be looking at 4 years of nothing that's if he doesn't get fired first. The only place he's great is in his only slowly losing mind. Someone needs to wake this loser up to reality before he does permeant damage.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Who else will leave Trumps sinking ship?

Who will the next totally unqualified Cabinet secretary jumping ship? So many put into position they have no clue on how to perform. That gets proven every day. From a White House that send mixed message so no one is sure what the policies are. The American people want things done , they want stability, under Trump that rarely happens. So as more leave will more get done probably not.

New trail of tears leads from Puerto Rico to the United States as many flea the disaster area

It didn't have to be this way if the hurricane had hit Puerto Rico was treated the same as the ones that hit Texas and Florida. Why wasn't it ? Why wasn't things prestaged and ready to go , Why no planning by Federal agencies under Donald Trump. The slow response is killing people , Total incompetence is the only reason. The biggest do nothing President in history who can't get anyone done. When can we expect a government that works for all the people and just not the wealthy , that will never happen under Trump

Friday, September 22, 2017

GOP on a suicide mission given to them by there donors

Will they break there addiction to there donors money and do what is right or sell there soul to kill, most likely with a rotten health care bill that most of America doesn't want, many American people. People lives are at risk as they create death panel in each state that will decide who lives and who dies. That basically what there bill will do by making states decide who will get health care or not by limiting the amount of money states will get to provide health care. Will you be chosen to die ,will a friend ,or a relative.

One thing the leader of North Korea got right is that Trump is a dotard

He pushes healthcare laws he hasn't even read or has a clue about. He uses childish name calling as a way to deal with problems. He I don't think puts any thought into anything he does. Trump is not a big idea thinker ,he doesn't see the whole picture , he short sighted ,small minded ,and completely out of his league as president. Yes America Trump is a Dotard

Monday, August 21, 2017

Did Trump ever have any Moral Authority ? NO

He said basically all immigrants were rapists , drug dealers ,or worse. He fomented violence daily during his campaign. The things he said about women made him sound like a sick pervert. I doubt he has any morals he's a person who never had any , when you make money your god you become a person with none. He has no higher purpose in becoming president except feeding his own ego. His continuing of his campaign type rallies prove that. He needs to be the center of attention and he will get that by saying anything.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Tell #directtv and #cabletv Fox news should be removed from their basic lineup of channels

Everytime you pay your bill to either cable or satellite your putting money into the coffers of FOX NEWS. I decided not to do that I switched to Sling TV and to my delight FOX NEWS isn't anywhere to be found. So not 1 cent of my money goes to those hate mongers and Trump propaganda ministers. Even if you block FOX NEWS your still paying for it. That's the solution Direct TV gave me. That solution was not enough specially after what their hate speech is causing across American. I don't what to support violence like they want to formant.

@WWE #RACISTWRESTLING What with the double standard Hogan Kicked out but not Trump?

If you don't know what I'm talking about Hulk Hogan was kicked out the World Wrestling Entertainment Hall of Fame for making racist comments on the radio. I believe Trump way over crossed that line many times but he's still in their hall of fame. First his Anti-Latino ,Anti- Mexican stuff should of been enough to kick his ass out. It spit on the careers of many great Latino wrestlers like the late Eddie Guerro . Now his showing sympathy to racists of groups like the KKK ,Neo-Nazi's and other White Nationalist Groups stepped way over the line of decency . WWE needs to dismiss Trump and Linda McMahon needs to quit Trumps administration. No more sitting on the fence , Either your a racist or your not. By your actions to this date your racists

Saturday, August 12, 2017

I predicted violence if Trump became president.

If you read my old tweets or old posts on my blog you'll see I predicted racial violence that Trump egged on during the campaign to come back and bite him. He opened a Pandora's box of hate and I knew it wouldn't easily be put back in that box. Now people are dead and more will become dead at the hands of Trump minions in the so called alternative right. Neo Nazi's let off their leash along with closet members of the KKK coming out of their closets who feel Trump gave them the go ahead with his racist remarks on Mexicans ,Muslims ,and others. I'm putting this all on Trump and his bid to win the elections at any cost no matter who gets hurt. Trump is only about Trump and no other persons except many be his family. Our very safety is at stake in the hands of a person who could care less about others. He would start a nuclear war and dam the expenses of human life . He would start racial violence right here at home by saying things that get those crazies pumped up. We are now prisoners of Trumps world a world where violence is an acceptable form of conduct in all situations.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

United States becoming more isolated as Trump cuts more ties with Europe

He didn't say United States would support NATO in any good way. He decided to leave the Paris Accords on Climate which every country but 2 have joined. Who is going to ever come to Americas aid if it is needed? Are we so full of ourselves to think we don't need the rest of the world . Trump is thought around the rest of the world as a fool ,even the Russian probably think that as they use his stupidity against us. Stroke his ego and like a dog he becomes a faithful servant. Trump is weak acting like he's strong.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Trump I guess doesn't understand what confidential means

How many times did Trump during the election call out Hillary Clinton about not understanding confidential information. Now he shares information that most likely will be used against our own interests by Russia. It was total crap about Hillary but about Trump it's a real problem. His incompetency is going to hurt more Americans and our allies . Someone please stop this fool before it's to late

Firing Comey was stupid

If he didn't want to look guilty this was one big way not to accomplish that. Firing the head of the FBI while he was investigating your administration was not a great political idea. It's funny when they do something the rest of us can see a mile away as being stupid ,surprises them when there's blow back. Then they come out with some phony bologna excuses that they did it for Hillary that no one believes . Trump then throws the whole bunch under the bus and admits it was about Russia. The ship is sinking under the flood of lies

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Lets call Trumps new Voter Fraud Commission what it really is a voter supression commission

The GOP is always looking for new ways to disfranchise more American voters. Why because they find it more harder each election to win without cheating in some way. They created a false fear of voter fraud that did allow Trump to win the presidency. In the state of Wisconsin alone over 200,000 voter were denied their right to vote. I'm sure in other states where voter fraud witch hunts were many voters were denied the right to vote. Trump wants more witch hunts that will only do one thing cause more Americans their right to vote to be lost. It wasn't enough to have Russia meddling in our elections, it wasn't enough to smear Hillary Clinton with fake news. No now they work to undermine the very process of voting. It used to be fair that is slowly dying to become the one who rigs the system the most wins. That's not the American Way

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Trumps signs promote religious freedom order so Religious Right can spread their intolerance and hate.

We all know it's not about spreading all religious beliefs specially Muslim ones. It's about letting the Religious Right take over are everyday lives. Give them more freedom to spread their message of intolerance and yes in many cases hate. They will get the power to get more involved in politics and shape the country in their image of perfection. I'm hoping it will get struck down as being unconstitutional because of a separation between church and the state.

Monday, April 10, 2017

United Airlines / Don't fly the unfriendly skies as they commit an act of racism

They overbooked a flight it was all their fault but in an act of total stupidity they decide to throw someone off the plane. Guess who they choose mope it was a white guy or woman .they decided to throw off the Asian guy. A guy who was a doctor but because he was Asian it was a assumed he was poor or something and could be treated like garbage. United Airlines need to do some firing of the people who acted so stupid.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

How to opt out of sharing your browser history if using Time Warner (spectrum)

With the new rule the government wants to implement where ISP's can share your browsing history I decided to be proactive and am sending a letter to my ISP which happens to be Time Warner or Spectrum.

You can do he same to any ISP you use .
Go to their website or call and ask the question how do I opt out of sharing my browsing history with anyone.

With Time Warner it told me to send a letter here
Time Warner Cable
60 Columbus Circle, Rm 16-329
New York, NY 10023
Attn: Senior Director, Compliance and Legal Affairs  

Have your account number and your info . Ask them to not share your browser history with anyone. Keep a copy of your letter for yourself for your records and keep any reply letter they send back to you. You may have to do this every year

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Nunes needs to go for any investigation not to smell of corruption

He made a very bad decision going to the President to tell him anything that might be related to the Houses investigation. It makes the whole thing suspect. There are 3 branches of government for a reason that reason is to check and balance each other so corruption doesn't happen. Nunes compromised that. He needs to be replaced or how can anything done by that committee be believed.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Next Target to defeat Trumps SCOTUS appointment

He shouldn't even be having a pick, Obama should of had his pick either confirmed or not . So he could of made other picks. I say what's good for the goose is good for the gander that means that the Democrats should do everything possible to block Trumps Nominee from becomes a supreme court judge. If the GOP wants to use the so called nuclear option do it but once that Genie is out of the bottle anyone can use that tactic, So if Democrats ever gain control of the Senate they will be able to use it to.

Obamacare still the law of the land

I'm not saying it's perfect but scraping the whole thing was stupid. A few tweaks and it would work for everyone. One Trump idea I like selling health care insurance nationally and across stateliness that was a good idea. It would increase the risk pool ,increase competition between health insurance providers that would lower costs but that wasn't part of the Ryan bill. His plan instead would of raised costs and many would of lost their healthcare. His plan wouldn't of covered maternity ,mental health , drug abuse ,and many things needed in a modern society. It was doomed from the start , a non starter. Some crap thrown together at the last minute. They had 7 years to have an alternative plan what were they doing ,it wasn't coming up with an alternative plan that made sense.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Why Trumps Wall Won't Work In A Modern World ?

Even the great wall of China was defeated by the Mongol Hoards. With todays technology Trumps wall we be easily defeated unless it built deep enough under the ground so you can't just tunnel under it. Unless it's thick enough to survive a bomb. High enough to not be able to fly over. It would have to stop ships or boats from coming in on our coasts,

No wall can do all those things and still be affordable to build. Plus it would need an army to just maintain it.  Trumps wall is a propaganda tool nothing more to give people a false sense of security

Friday, March 17, 2017

Trumps budget is meant to keep the middle class and poor down.

They don't want any new members in their millionaires and billionaire club.

How do they keep you out ?

By denying you education ,taking away your food .and cutting all the safety nets that keep you from falling further into poverty. Trumps budget does that it cuts educations the only way most poorer people get out of poverty. It hurts senior by cutting meals on wheel a program my uncle would of died sooner with out. Cuts school lunch and breakfast programs which in some cases provide the only decent meal poor children get. Cuts to heating assistance ,cuts to clean air and water . Cuts to programs that the wealthy will feel no pain over losing. All on the backs of the middle class and poor again the GOP is good for doing that.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

No Corporate Welfare Cuts in Trump's Budget Only Cuts to Programs Benefiting the Poor and Middle Class

Could of said I told you so.

Big oil will still be getting subsidies they really don't need. Big business still will get money they could live without. But you and me, regular Americans get cuts that will effect our lives in negative ways. Poor and middle class get the pain while the wealthy get the benefits. Corporate welfare only benefits the rich it does not trickle down and do any thing for the middle class or the poor that myths been proven false a long time ago.

So you who voted for Trump believing his lies that it would make your life better knock knock that reality was  alternative facts . expect your world to get a pile of suck dumped on your head

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Did you really think a billioniare who never had to worry would understand the needs of the middle class or poor?

What were you thinking?

That somehow a person who had every need taken care of his entire life would under stand you. Could come up with ideas to solve problems he knew nothing about. Well now you know as you get your health care taken away , things like FEMA get taken away hope no natural disasters happen to you or your family, and other things important to the middle class get axed to pay for a wall ,deport millions of people ,and build a military that is already the biggest on earth.

Only promises Trump is keeping are those he made to the wealthy. The promises he made to the middle class seem to be forgotten. Yes I will say it I told you so.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

To pay for Trumps wall they are thinking about cuts to the Coast Guard ,airport security ,FEMA ,and NOAH how;s that make us safer ?

How will these cuts make us safer?

It doesn't it puts a big hole in the safety net .  Cutting airport security can let 9/11 happen all over again. What they should be doing is increasing and making airport security better. The Coast Guard is the number one defender of our border by sea ,many drugs are kept out because of their work, The also stop more illegal immigrant then Trumps stupid wall will ever do. Cutting FEMA funds when there are more chances for natural disasters than any time in history is the stupidest idea yet. Finally cutting NOAH which is the main way to get early warnings of bad weather will end up killing people from tornados and storms.

It's all just so stupid it unbelievable  but that's their plan

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Trump needs a more credible source for his conspiracy theories

Blaming Obama for tapping his phone is ludicrous because it's not a presidential power to order phones taps. Plus you need a  warrant to place a wire-tap on any ones phone. Trump get's these conspiracy theories from sources that just aren't credible. Who passes fake news ,Trump passes fake news without any evidence to support it. He does it daily in tweeter rants that seem to be made by a person not playing with a full deck.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

We got the talk now we get to see if Trump can walk the walk

He gave a speech alright but can he follow through ,do you want him to follow through? Not sure your like a lot of us because the Trump administration is like a many headed beast each saying something different. It sad they can't get a coordinated message together , Trump Tweets one thing ,the talking heads say something totally different. I call that being broken ,not working ,and well not good. As long as this is par for the course how can anyone have faith in the system.

He gave a speech,  my answer to that , so what where's the beef ?

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

[email protected] send him an email and tell him police who use excessive force should be ffired

A 200 pound something police officer pushing down a maybe 100 pound 86 year  old women who could easily break a hip or die is called excessive force . Any Police force that condones it are either wimps or losers. So Boycott Tucson ,Email they ,tweet ,  It's was caught on there own police cams plus while the old woman was down they maced the people attempting to help her.    THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS BEHAVORIOR    Send their head of the police an email let them know this is wrong [email protected]

Monday, February 27, 2017

Today The Racist get to hold Rallies

We get to see who the racists are  mostly a bunch of overweight losers waving confederate flags that support Trump. Trump a sea of the white uneducated who blame others for their own ignorance. People who need scapegoats to make them feel better. Sad sad people who let their anger take control of their common sense.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

This is where we are Son of Olympic Gold Medal Winner Mohammed Ali Racially Profiled

Getting off a plane being interrogated for about 2 hours being asked if your a Muslim happening to the Son of a great American Hero is something we all should be ashamed of. His father won an Olympic Gold Medal and was one of the Greatest American Boxers of All Time. How dumb must you be not to know the name of Mohammed Ali  really how stupid. His son is named Mohammed Ali Junior for god sakes . He had a United States passport and other ID , Asking him where he got his name or if he was Muslim is not any of their business if he's a  citizen of the United States born in Philly .

So these Storm Trooper Tactics are what we are about now even use against our own citizens , Then yes freedom is dying

Trump Delusions Know no Bounds

Delusion after delusion , exaggerations one after another. He doesn't live in the real world which should disqualify him from being president and put us all in danger.

The latest delusion if Trump had a rally it would be the largest in history. Where did pull this rabbit out of his ass?   It goes with all his other delusions he doesn't get that a majority of Americans hate him. It fits in with all his other delusions , biggest electoral college win ,largest crowd at his crowning for president ,highest ratings   ,and last being in the top of his graduating class. None of these things were close to being true. Sweden is all I.m going to say. That says it all.

We got a President that lives in an alternative reality created by his own fragile ego that can't except things that show he's a loser. He's always winning no matter if in reality he lost.  Sounds crazy because it is , Trump needs mental health help soon

Friday, February 24, 2017

And So It Begins Major News Outlet Blocked From Entering Press Briefing

Sounds like something that happens in communist China. Nope it happens in the White House press briefing room under Donald Trump. Only those who will sell the administration's latest propaganda are allowed to enter. Only those who throw softball question need apply.

So if I was a reporter I wouldn't waste my time looking for truth from the Bagdad Bob of Washington (Spicer)  he has none to give, Boycott Press Briefings, show some spunk , Don't let them use you to sell their snake oil.

We Shall Over Come / Rap Version #weshallovercomerap

We Don't Need No Anger
We Don't Need No Hate
That's Not What Makes This Country Great

We Don't Need No Sexism
We Don't Need No Racism
All that causes is
rifts and schisms

We Shall Over Come
We Shall Over Come
We Shall Over Come
Some Day
That Day Is Now

We Don't Need No Wall
We Don't Need No Ban
That's Not What Makes
A great Social Plan

We Don't Need No War
We Don't Need No Gun
That's Not How We Win
What Needs To Be Won

We Shall Over Come
We Shall Over Come
We Shall Over Come
Some Day
That Day Is Now

We Don't Need No Leader
We Don't Need No Fool
That Doesn't Even Know
The Golden Rule

We Don't Need No Government
We Don't Need Big Brother
That's Only Out There
To Kill And Smother

We Shall Over Come
We Shall Over Come
We Shall Over Come
Some Day
That Day Is Now

We Do Need Peace
We Do Need Friends
That's The Only Way
This Thing Ends

So Pull Up A Seat
Join The Crew
Let Them Know
No Pay To Do What We Do

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How Trumps policies are effecting my personal life

If you don't know me personally .You wouldn't know how badly I suffer from mental illness problems . It's mostly panic attacks and stress that have ruined my life. I can't get a job , I have type 2 diabetes that if Trump cuts medicad to far will end up most likely killing me.I also get foodstamps so maybe I can starve to death or miss meals which will kill me and put me into a coma. Great just wonderful. It's so easy for those with no dogs in the fight to act self righteous when their lives are not on the line. Your not black so it's not my problem , Your not Jewish it's not my problem .your not poor it's not my problem, your not an immigrant it's not my problem. My medical insurances is not effected so it's not my problem. I drink bottled water clean water is not my problem, I can go on and on and some of you will still claim it's not your problem. a few things I won't forgive that's people who voted for Trump or those who voted for Trump by voting third party because if Trump does most of the things he's saying he'll do I will most likely die and my blood is on your hands.

Tax Revolt may be the only answer to the Trump problem.

Maybe it's time to let the government know who their working for The American Revolution first was started because of something called taxation without representation .

When was the last time you thought the federal government was representing your interests? Now under Trump I personal feel that my interests aren't represented at all. That Trumps vision of America isn't anything I want. Plus I know the Republican Congress will not be growing a pair anytime soon and do something about Trump.

So what options do I have?
  • Wait till the midterms and maybe GOP will lose control of congress
  • Hope GOP grows a conscience
  • March my ass off
  • Petitions which most likely GOP will ignore
  • Cut the federal governments purse strings
Which one do you think will get their attention the most?

I'm leaning toward my own form of Boston Tea Party and  not funding the Trump agenda. Me by myself doing that will be an empty gesture but millions of American doing that will wake the GOP up.

Think About It 

Sunday, February 19, 2017 look it up very fishy and suspect.

First thing funny about it , it's domain owner doesn't want you to know who he is. He's hiding his name using a service called domains by proxy which usually means that whoever owns the domain got something to hide. So who owns this domain is any ones guess, Plus it's only a splash page that leads to a site called . If you look up that site you will find that one registered to a Michael Nichloson in who lives in Miami Florida  looking into further you get to a guy named Michael Symonette    Ok so far we then find his father was the first millionaire African American living in Miami Florida and that Michael Symonette  himself tried running for president and badly failed.  you can check out more about that here   his face book here.

All in all I doubt he represents a very large part of the African American ideas or the community least not the poorer part.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trumps First Budget PBS ,National Endowments ,NPR .and things like that get the axe.

Guess we become more stupid  and less creative as a country. Sad that Trump wants to make inner cities better then cuts the programs like the national endowments of art that fund many inner city projects. So the campaign to make Americans mindless sheep continues. We all become stupider as only Trump alternative facts become excepted truth.

Trump neverending campaign will last the next 4 years if he doesn't get the boot before then

Why does he still talk about his electoral college totals \?

Why is he still talking about Hillary ?

Why still comparing himself to Obama?

The time for that train has left the station it's time to start governing ,which if your honest is not going well. Not sure their even all using the same playbook ,or at least they must be on the wrong page. No consistency at all coming from the White House. Pence says one thing ,Trump tweets the exact opposite then Keely Anne Conway twist it all out of wack.

Now he's going back to Florida this weekend and holding another campaign rally for a job he supposedly already has. What's with all the wasting of time and money to placate his huge ego. It will by the way it's going,going to cost 100,s of millions of dollars to keep Trumps ego happy. I for one am not paying a babysitter to baby sit the president.

If Trump told his Supporters to jump off a cliff they would without question

I'm beginning to Truly believe this they except his lies so easily, Not one supporters says wait a minute that's not right. Dam even me a Obama supporter never turned off my brain and excepted every thing said by Obama . Trumpers are so lazy to get off their couch use their brains and stop believing lies that are so obvious. You that hypnotized by Trump that your brain dead , Here's the facts jack he exaggerates a lot ,he plain out lies , or he's total clueless and the people who surround him fill his brain with shit.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Garbage in Garbage out Trumps faulty way of Running America

Junk Science ,Alternate Facts . create stupid laws and executive actions. So much of what Trump believes to be true is so far from being fact that it's total garbage, Running the government on false facts is dangerously leading us as a whole right off the cliff.

I'm not sure if Trump is crazy or senile . In either case he needs to go before the damage is irreversible .

Calling in The National Guard To Round Up Immigrants ,Trump Latest Stupid Plan

First off they are not trained to be police , so it will end in people most likely getting killed or injured. It will further escalate the tensions in this country. How far behind is concentration camps and martial law? Seems like Trump is steering us down a course to total destruction hopeful someone will take his hands off the wheel soon.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Strange World where Russian Hackers are considered Patriots and American Hackers Are called Low-Lifes

In Trump World up is down ,right is left , and every thing is crazy and backward. Russia is good , we are all bad for not trusting Trump. I think those that are leaking information about Trump are the true patriots ,they know he's not playing with a full deck. Who really is in charge of this country ,is Trump just a figure head being led by others.

Who knows what goes on in the White House? Freak house maybe where the crazies run the place. Doesn't seem anything they do is coordinated one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing. Trump tweets one thing his talking heads say another. Living in a land of confusion is not a healthy place to exist.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Flynn Resigns but it shouldn't end there ,full investigation needs to happen

They investigated Benghazi when nothing was there but will then investigate a real scandal ? How far will this go is needed to be asked ? Anyone else involved ? Was it just about Russian sanctions or where other things discussed between Flynn and Russia like hacking. This reminds me of a little thing called Watergate that brought down a president. Until I get a feeling that everything is out about the whole thing , I will never feel that Trump is the legally voted in president.

Mike Flynn Lied Bigly Got Caught by Intelligence Agencies , Guess there not as Lame as Trump Claims

Flynn's a liar he did talk to Russians about sanctions while Obama was President. That's was illegal but the bad part isn't that ,it is that he lied during his conformation hearings , and lied to Mike Pence and other Trump People who backed his lies. It's all on tapes his calls to Russian officials he thought the C.I.A was asleep at the switch I guess.

These weren't the only calls he also called a lot during Trumps campaign why? To maybe coordinated hacking of Democrats . Sound like something called Watergate that happened in the past. But this time it's a thousand times worse.

Donald Trump A Mentally Ill Person Surrounded By Enablers

Everyone is always covering him for his latest crazy rants on twitter. If you have to explain his actions all the time maybe he shouldn't be running a country. If he's that incoherent should he be president in a job where words can start a war. All I see everyday is confusion and drama on the daily news with people like Mike Pence or Kelly Anne Conway interpreting what Trump latest speech or tweet meant. Really most time I guess he doesn't mean the stuff he tweets or says. Spicer another enabler doubling down on any crazy talk coming from Trump mouth has lost all creditability.

Some ones got to stand up to the king and tell him his new clothes are his birthday suit and that he's not playing with a full deck.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Trump brand taking major hits

Nordstrom , Kmart ,Sears ,TJ Max ,and more and more. Stores dumping the Trump brand . So far it's only hitting his daughter ,next it will hit Trump hotels ,and all of Trump businesses. Trump the guy who claimed he would make money as a president might lose it all and it couldn't happen to a person who deserves it more.

Friday, February 10, 2017

6 Patriot Players not going to visit Trump at the White House so far.

I don't remember this happening before a player on the winning Super Bowl Team not visiting the White House for political reasons. I can understand it I wouldn't waste time on Trump either. So far he's done nothing to impress me or gain my respect. Just the opposite he loses more of my respect daily ,and I don't think I'm the only one who thinks that.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Trump as President is a Terrorists Wet Dream

He gives them everything they want. Terrorism goal is to create fear ,and Trump by his very act fans the flames of fear into a firestorm. Right now it's the prime time to increase the numbers of terrorists. Trump has made it a popular choice to be one. He's creating the hate needed to get a terrorists to strap a bomb around their chests and give their life to Allah.

If he keeps at I'm sure he'll get the results he wants ,another 9-11 then he can claim he told you so.

When Trump Says We He's Using The Royal We ,He doesn't speak for me ,a majority ,or any one I know

It's probably 1% 0f 1% or less that a terrorist attack on them even crosses their minds and if it does their most likely mentally ill. So Trump when he says we Americans I'm not sure who that we is ,Because who in their right mind fears something so unlikely to happen. You are more likely to get hit by lightening.

Trump go sell your hoodoo voodoo somewhere else. Your snake oil Kickapoo medicine is turpentine.

Another fighting imaginary problems brought to you by the GOP. So far we got voting registration to fight imaginary voter fraud , immigration ban to fight imaginary large amounts of terrorism. Then cutting laws that fight real problems like global warming ,gun violence ,and wall street corruption.

There getting things ass backward but haven't they been doing that for a very very long time.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

A Milion Things Your More Likely To Die From Then Terrorism By Muslims

If you take them by their number for the sake of augment ,which I'm not claiming as being correct there were 78 acts of terrorism by Muslims .

Let's look at a small list of things your more likely to die from in 2 years time.

  •  Car accidents
  • The Flu
  • Cancer
  • Heart Attack
  • Starvation
  • Drinking
  • Drugs
  • Suicide
  • Poor Medical Service
  • The Weather
  • Earthquakes
  • Fire
  • Pollution
  • Gun Violence
  • Food Poisoning
  • infection
  • bullies
  • animal attacks
  • ETC............
The list goes on and on

Many of these things Trump will make more likely you will die from because of his policies.  Terrorism is so minor a thing to fear that it is in reality a false phobia in most peoples lives, Do you know anyone in your personal life that was killed by terrorists most of us will have to answer no.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Paid Protestors I wish I got Paid To protest Trump because I could use the money.

But no ,no ones paying me

I do it out of the kindness of my heart

Yes kindness , I hate bullies picking on the poor , immigrants , Muslims , and any one else they want to make into a scapegoats for their own problems. Some people need to look in the mirror to see the person that's holding them back.  KKK members you your self are wrecking your own lives. You let hate eat you up inside to the point of causing your own failure. Maybe some of you who can't find a job its because of your own problems. Maybe you drink to much and are unreliable.

Paid to fight hate no I will always gladly do that for free

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Boycott Dan Adamini a Marquette Michigan Republican who say we need another Kent State.

He removed the tweet but it has already been notice and retweeted many times. Dan Adamini a dentist / radio personality / GOP official  tweeted maybe we need another Kent state to teach protestors not to protest . Guess he was also against something called the Boston tea party, This country started with protests . Guess Dan's not up much on history.   So give your answer to Dan by not using his services if you live in the Marquette Michigan area of the Upper Peninsula

Using a Nuclear Bomb to kill a mouse is like Trump fighting Terrorists

His order is way overboard to combat an almost non existent problem. How many terrorists killed American citizens in the United States this year. I'm talking Muslim terrorists under a hundred ,more like under a few dozen. So we disrupt the system because of maybe a few dozen deaths.
That is crazy ,that is being paranoid , that is a phobia instead of a real fear. 10,000 or more American died in traffic accidents ,may more died from gun violence not done by terrorists. More people died from natural disasters caused by global warming.

This is Trump using a nuke to kill a mouse , how extremely out of proportion are we willing to go. To stop a few dozen death from terrorism but do nothing about the things that really kill large amounts of Americans

Friday, February 3, 2017

Increase in mental ilnesses caused by the stress of Trumps unpredictability

Unpredictability is the worse stress certain people with mental illnesses can't handle. My prediction increases in panic attacks among  those people who suffer those. I know as a sufferer myself I find it harder to control my stress when I don't know what's coming. It's not always easy to keep the beast at bay. With Trump running around like a chicken with his head cut off who knows where we are going to end up.

This stress can also cause increases in drinking and drug use, People will be looking for escapes from Trumpism . No one wants to live under Trump rule because no one has a clue what that will mean. Flip flopping all over the place does not make anyone confident in the future. Incoherent ranting is not a way to run a country.

Making an 87 year old women pay the last of her money on a book fine in the library in Menominee Michigan Trumpism Spreads

Is it going to spread acting like Trump

Really is every one going to act like Trump

No Morals , No caring , Talking a poor old  87 years olds last dollar to pay a book fine.

It's happening in more and more places Trumpism like a poison is invading in places you wouldn't think it would. Churches ,Libraries ,and other small towns across this country. Government first not America first is the true rule Trumps world lives by .

The values and morals are what most marchers are marching for common decency is what's at stake. Anger and hate politics should have no place in a civilized world. So calling your self civilized is a pile of crap if you support the garbage spewed on a daily bases from Trump World,

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Looks Like Stormy Seas Ahead , War looms in our future

Who will we fighting take your pick?




Maybe it will be just one or maybe all at once.

Trump is putting us all in danger with his bully act. His bluffs will be called by China , Mexico , and Iran. Then lots of American soldiers will be wasting their lives like they did in Iraq and Vietnam. They won't be billionaires lives but real Americans lives . The way it stands now our soldiers will be going it alone ,no other countries will be joining this losing cause.

My advice if your in the military get out now why you can. It won't make you a hero or a patriot fighting in Trump crazy wars it will only make you dead.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

I'm for all you immigrants and your spawn to go back where you came from

That's right all you people from Europe ,Asia ,Africa .and any where else go back to them places. As a Native American it would be great to have my country back.

See how stupid that sounds

This is a country of immigrants from every corner of the world. A melting pots of races , religions , and peoples. Our countries borders have always been open to people from all over the world and that's what made us great the sharing of ideas from many cultures. You eat foods that come from every place on earth , our language in the United States is a melding of words from almost every language. Our Music ,our Art ,Our Dance is bits and pieces from many cultures.

So why now close our borders and our minds?

What's with this fear and phobia ?
What's it really all about?

It's about controlling you and keeping you in line.There giving you an enemy to focus on so you don't notice how crappy your life is becoming.

Threating Mexico with Sending Troops There . Hanging Up on Australia

I'm guessing diplomacy is not something Trump did well in at his private school growing up. Saying your going to send Troops into a neighboring country , something he learned from Putin maybe? Hanging up on the leader of Australia another tip from Putin?

Why not be a bully to other countries leaders and show them no respect?

That's really going to win the United States allies and friends around the world. If we ever need them there going to go out of there way to help us. Well not

Being a country alone in a big world isn't really going to make us safer , and having a president who is getting to be the most hated person in the world not a big help either.

The Great Roman Empire wasn't destroyed by the Barbarians at the gates but by the corruption within,America seems to be going down that same road

Trump is so focused on external enemies and false boogie men that he's ready to destroy the very spirit of what makes America great. It isn't mounds of gold ,it isn't a massive military neither of those things are what makes America great. It's our freedom and hope that we can make the world a better place. So far Trump is limiting our greatness with his almost medieval proclamations that instead of taking us forward are bringing us back into our deep dark past.

Phobia and fear of others not of your own religion or race is a mental illness. Trump is a disease spreading every time he opens his mouth or tweets. I made a conscience choice not to fill my mind with his poison. I turn off the television every time he has a press conference because nothing but propaganda and alternate facts will be coming from his mouth. Truth has become a rare commodity in the White House.

We all have a choice stand up for democracy or let it die a slow pain full death. I choose to fight


Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Strange How None of The Muslim Countries Trump Does Business With Are On The Ban List

Muslim bans are not going to be effective if the actually countries terrorists came from are not even on the list. Saudi Arabia isn't on the list but some of the people involved in 911 came from there. Egypt is not on the list but known terrorist come from there. So what good is a ban list that wouldn't of even stopped 911 from happening. Why not have these countries on the list? Is it because Trump has business ties to them?

Support The Anti-Trump Cause With Our Products

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

The New Reality One of Daily Protesting

Marches one after another. Protests at Airports ,or other places. A President who isn't a big picture or long term thinker. He creates rules that are in some cases illegal or in others to many people are not in favor of. Small minded people who are incapable of seeing things through the eyes of the middle class , Native Americans, African Americas ,Chinese Americans , Muslim Americans , Mexican Americans , or any one who isn't white and wealthy. To many people bought the lie that a billionaire and his billionaire cronies could understand the lives of the middle class or the poor. Now we get the endless protesting ,the endless unrest ,the endless hate fueled by a man whose ego lets him think he knows everything.

So it goes on , I'm hoping it doesn't escalate till it goes to far but that's up to Trump

Friday, January 27, 2017

Most Of Trumps executive orders are worthless paper

Executive orders don't always become laws they need to go through sometimes long legal processes. So many of Trump executive orders may never happen. Right now it's all just a P.R. game to fool the ignorant who don't know how the government works. He can sign orders till his arm falls off and nothing will really change.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Fight Fire With Fire or Lets Become Terrorists Ourselves

Is that what we want to do become terrorists and bullies?

Build black sites so we can torture on foreign soil to circumvent  US laws. Even though torture rarely can be taken as truth because people will say what the torturer want to hear to end it. Plus what if you accidently torture someone by mistake who knows nothing can't take it back once it's done.

It also gives our enemies the right to torture our soldiers, we won't have a leg to stand on to say anything about it. We lose the moral high ground if we act like them we become no better.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Freedoms Death By A Thousand Cuts

It's happening as I type this , 4 journalists arrested for covering violent protests on inauguration day, EPA and National Parks told not to report or tweet anything to the public , Trump makes everyone in the White House sign a non-disclosure agreement , Protestors billed money to protest, and mow in some states they want to make protesting illegal. Make all Muslims register why to keep them prisoners in their own homes. Take Native American land without their consent. Send Federal Troops into American Cities. Have your own propaganda machine in the form of FOX News. When Truth dies so does Freedom. Don't trust anything coming out of the White House ,the saying fool me once shame on you ,fool me twice shame on me.  Don't let them shame you over and over.

From the king of eminent domain use lets steal some Native American Land

Trump used eminent domain laws to steal land many times in his businesses so why not do it as president? Lets use it to steal Native Americans sacred lands to put some pipeline that could spill large amounts of toxic tar all over it. Why not Trump says because he believe jobs at any cost no matter the consequences are good for America. Who needs clean air or drinkable water?

A List of Alternative Facts that came from the Trump Universe

We in this universe call them lies
  • 3 million illegal aliens voted against Trump so he really won the popular vote
  • 2 million or more people were at his inauguration
  • Mexico opened up it jails and sends it worst criminals here
  • He never committed a sexual assault
  • He will have no future input in his businesses
  • He never made fun of a physical disabled person.
  • He was going to have Hillary put in jail.
  • That he will create a healthcare system that will cover everyone.
This is just some of those alternate facts I expect more to be added every time he speaks or tweets. We now have a president we can't trust about even the smallest of things ,he exaggerates or just plain lies. He has imposed a gag order over most of the government so the American people will be kept in the dark about most things.

Lets Waste Tax Payer Money To Prove Alternative Facts

Trump is now asking to use Tax Payer money to prove his delusional claim of million of illegal votes cast in his election. What next will money be wasted on? It's totally insane that we get the bill to massage his large ego. Wasn't the whole Benghazi thing enough money wasted? How many people could better benefit from the money wasted on Trumps alternate facts.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Trump answer to Global Warming treat the symptoms after they happen

Of course he's Johnny on the spot to spend tax money to clean up after a tornado but to do anything to stop then from happening nope nothing. He doesn't believe humans can effect the weather or that climate although through history there's proof of it happening,, The dust bowl was created by farmers who planted wheat in a place it couldn't grow without changing the local climate. The result a major drought that lasted for over 10 years spreading a cloud of dust. So I'll make a prediction expect more droughts in some places ,more floods in others, more fires ,more tornados , more hurricanes., and other weird weather causing trouble.   Trump will get you money after the fact ,after your home is destroyed ,or your family is dead.

Started a little petition to say that Tax Payers Don't want to pay to protect Trump Building around the world #milliontweetmarch

You can find it here    Sign it send a message

Do we get the bill to protect all the building with Trumps name plastered on the them around the world? #milliontweetmarch

If you haven't thought of it by now ,why not. Every building around the world with Trumps name on it has most likely been added to terrorist hit lists. It doesn't even have to be Muslim extremist ones he offends a lot of people of every race and religion . So who gets the bill to protect all his properties around the world? Will it be American tax payers or will it be just added to the deficient? If you don't know it we are already paying to protect Trump Tower in New York and most likely hi property in Chicago. Paying for someone else who most likely has paid any taxes in the last 20 years.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Trump wants to play the numbers game so lets have all the number how many people watched women march on television #milliontweetmarch

31 million watched the inauguration does that mean they necessarily support Trump .The answer no. But we don't have the numbers of people who watched the women's march on television. Why Not? If Trump gets to throw numbers around we the people what the right to be able to do the same.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

#milliontweetmarch lets keep it alive

Every ones saying what's the next step. They thing we will all go home and forget our president isn't working for us but for the wealthy. That global warming will be ignored and made much worse. That millions will lose their healthcare. That women will get treated like second class citizens.

What Next?

We keep up the dialog ,we keep up the pressure ,we already seen the cracks forming as Trump goes off the deep end and his press secretary does a Bagdad Bob and tells reality isn't real. use this hashtag and create the first cybermarch  #milliontweetmarch

Bagdad Bob Spicers rants off on the Media

oh oh reality gets in the way with the Trump's view of the world. Call in Bagdad Bob Spicer he'll lie for me,  Pathetic , pitiful , funny , moronic ,sad , you get the idea

More Pictures of Democracy

A Day When Democracy Works in Pictures

New York, Chicago, Philadelphia ,Dallas , Boston, Denver , Indianapolis , and almost every major city in the United States protesting Trump.

London , Australia , France , Spain ,Mexico  , Canada and every major Free Country around the World protesting Trump

Are any of you who voted this idiot in getting a clue yet?  
 Million of people of every religion ,race ,color ,and gender are against Trump

While we still have the freedom to speak let us yell till our mouths dry and our throats swell.

We will not be silenced

Friday, January 20, 2017

First Act by Trump is a screw you to the middle class

Thinking about finally getting the American Dream of your own home just got harder to achieve. Trump took a dump on the FHA loan program so first home buyers Screw You. Plus all those contractors building or repairing those homes screw you too.

Military Parades aren't those held in Communist or dictator run countries

So we going to play mines bigger then yours?

Will our soldiers have to learn to goose step?

Trump wants to have military parades filled with missiles on trucks ,fighter jets flying over ,and tanks running down the streets.


Those parades over in North Korea look pretty stupid to me. Put when you think of the real reason they have them ,I can understand Trumps need. He want to intimidate not other countries but the American People so they won't turn against him. He wants all of us to fear him ,to keep us in line. Not going to work but he's going to try it.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Now We Enter The Winter of Our Discontent ,Trumpville is upon us.

No art that speaks out against this tyrant ,no endowment of the arts ,no more public television, and we lose another way to speak out against the dying of the light. A dark cloud that kills all the freedoms we once enjoyed. No freedom of expression ,no freedom of speech, and no freedom of the press. Only those who kiss the kings ass will get access to the royal pain that's is Trump. He will get to sculpt reality to whatever his heart desires.

Trumpville a dark place where truth comes to die. A once proud land filled with proud people who now turn on each other like rabid dogs fighting for scrapes from the kings table. A sad end to a once great nation, a false promise of bringing greatness to a place already great and in their greed they lost everything.

Who can we call to make Friday Turn off the Trump Day?

I know I'm not watching any of it. He did his in your face tour wasn't that enough gloating. I hope his first day of being president sucks bigly. I'm not encouraging this big ego fool anymore then necessary, So if you think he'll  make the worst president in history turn off the news, and don't watch the big TV networks. There are a lot of great TV cable networks that won't be showing the Trump lovefest that will make you want to either throw up or cry for the death of America. I personally will be using my Roku account and be watching movies that day.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trump now claiming polls rigged against him but in reality America woke up to the fact that he sucks

It's not rigged like the election wasn't rigged against him as he claimed. If it was rigged it was rigged to let him win. Any bad news Trump hides his head back up his ass so he can ignore the truth. Many Americans who voted for him now think they made a big mistake, The honeymoon is over and you find out your new spouse is the ugliest man on earth. Can you get it annulled or in political terms can he be impeached many are wondering or is this going to be an ugly divorce which drags out with the ending being total destruction?

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Trump first foreign trip he goes to Russia Stupid or Smart?

Well my view stupid.

It undermines NATO and will make then wonder where Trumps head is. Making the rest of Europe nervous and start thinking of the United States as less of an ally isn't smart politics

My other point giving all those critics and voices that think Russia interfered in our elections even more fodder doesn't sound like  good idea. It kind of may look like Trump was in on that whole deal since the beginning. He was in Russia pocket during the whole election?

Trump giving the finger and the American people may decide to bite it off. Americans will only put up with so much crap and drama before they get sick of it. Try acting like a grown up if you want to stay president.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Just Told L.L. Bean to Remove Me From There Mailing List Because They Support Trump.

I won't be buying their products and any catalogs will go directly in the trash. Supporting Trump has negative consequences in my life so I'm passing them on to you L.L. Bean. I'm guessing I won't be the only one making this decision . So good bye

Trump is way in over his head and falling fast

He's out of his league

Up the creek with no paddles

There's a hundred ways to say it but he was never or ever be qualified to be President. People are going to learn a good lesson that being good at business is not a quality for being a good President. He is not level headed or  can he control his emotion specially as it pertains to anger. He likes to call names that's ok in a two year old but not cool if your a President. He surrounds him self in layers of ass kissers and brown nosers so has no contact with the real world. Donald is the ultimate boy in the plastic bubble. He will fail and in his own words fail bigly. It's sad he will drag the rest of us down with him, Get your safety vest ready for the storm and get prepared for choppy water.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trump press conference not very reasuring or helpful

I didn't watch it I'm not a masochist who needs to  flagellate himself with lies. I waited to read the transcript. About divesting his business to his sons can we expect every time he talks to them to be recorded  and kept stored as proof cause otherwise I'm not buying. He finally admitted Russia did some rigging of the election in his favor. He thinks that will bring Russia  and the United States closer together to me it means the exact opposite. He says he wants to start building his wall and Mexico will pay for it but not in money. In drugs maybe ,or are we going to go to war with them. His vague threats seem pointless and I'll believe Americans will end up paying for the wall with zero help from Mexico. Finally in closing he fires another arrow into the American peoples right to know and Free Speech by dissing CNN reporter. He calls others rude that's like looking in a mirror Donald your the rudest person on earth.

Trump asks ,"are we living in Nazi Germany?"/ My answer not yet but we will be with you as president.

What is more Hitler like then trying to destroy free speech? Trump daily does that by making fun of reporters or anyone who speaks out against him. Sounds like something Hitler would do. I bet instead of living by the saying what would Jesus do ,Trump lives by the saying what would Hitler do. I can see the sticker on his limos bumper saying WWHD instead of WWJD.

He's ready to take away your citizenship for burning the flag , he's ready to make fun of or belittle anyone who whispers a bad word about him. He's ready to build another Berlin type wall across the bottom of the United States. He's already acting like he wants to build a concentration type camp for Muslims or paint symbols on the doors of their homes or businesses. I for one would never be registered by Trumps government for any reason. He would use those lists like enemy lists and persecute the people on them.


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

America Loses The Moral High Ground With Trump As President

Can we really tell other countries how to act when we have a president who is a sexist and racist man who makes fun of people who are disabled? His comments about women and his actions towards women isn't any worse then making women wear burkas . He has been reported by people who heard him say racist remarks but who have been gagged by non disclosure agreements. We all have seen his video where he makes fun of a disabled reporter . He denies it ever happened but the evidence is clear that it did. So many things he later denied have evidence that they did happen. He may be able to fool the deaf ,dumb ,and blind but most American know what he is some don't care or accept it but that's on them. We now will have the least creditable president in history don't expect the rest of the world not to laugh at our folly. We have become the butt of the Joke that is Donald Trump

Monday, January 9, 2017

Trump get used to a lot of people calling you out for false promises and your action

For whom does the bell toll ,it's for you Donald time is ticking on all your promises and people expect you to pay in full. No half measures on building your great wall will work. No half ass measures in creating a better healthcare system will be accepted. You better create a lot of good paying jobs ,no working as a paperboy will feed a starving family. All the promises are remembered and people will call you out for everyone not met. So you better grow a set and get tougher skin cause if you don't you come off as a whinny little  baby if your not thought of that already by a lot of growed up people.

Guess whose paying for Trumps wall ,if you say Mexico your wrong

No it will come out of your pocket either through taxes or by getting less help from the government. You didn't really think Mexico was paying for it ,you couldn't be that gullible. Most if not all Trumps promises will not see the light of day. He's even doubling down know and saying Mexico will pay us back in someway.  How we going to force them to do that start a war with them?   Oh the wall of lies built on one lie at a time is what we will get.

Trump now claims he didn't make fun of a reporter who had health problems come on we all seen you do it,

Is he Senile or what dam I've seen the video over a hundred times of him making fun of a disabled reporter. Now he claims he never did it , well Trump I believe my own eyes before anything you say. You think the American people are stupid well maybe some are but not a majority.


Thursday, January 5, 2017

The eficit the deficit oh no, oh wait we're in control we don't care about that anymore

When Obama was president all the GOP cared about was the rising deficit and saying no to anything Obama. But that was yesterday now they plan on adding trillions to the deficit and it won't be helping the middle class or the poor but it will be spent taking their health care away. it will cost trillion to take 20 million peoples healthcare away. Plus they will be doing it without any idea how to replace it.

The make America sick again movement created by the GOP will not go unchallenged and shouldn't . I do believe Obamacare should be corrected and those gteedy medical insurance companies should be put on notice join or go out of business. It's there greed that raised the costs of the program. they took advantage or purposely did things to derail it. They don't want to cover everyone. It's not about peoples health to them. It's about making money no matter what.

Now the poor and middle class get stuck with another Trillion in debt we all now the rich will not pay their fair share of.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Trump Doesn't Like the Message Kill The Messenger his plan to restructure the Intelligence agencies

Nope don't like the stuff about my friend Putin , Don't want to hear the truth so I'm changing the way both the C.I.A  and N.S.A  work. I don't care if it puts American lives around the world in danger.

Another Trump plan that is idiotic because he thinks he knows everything. Those pesky agencies have learned by trial and error what works and what doesn't they don't need a know nothing armchair quarterback coming in and screwing up the system.