Friday, December 30, 2016

Buyer's remorse starting to settle in after Trumps got elected president?

So many campaign promises so far look like false advertising. A gang of billionaires on the cabinet , and with each tweet we seem to get farther in Putin's pocket. He's not even president and he's causing major international incidences. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem at least he says he will , a move that will get more Muslims on the anti-United States bandwagon . Now it's just the radicals why not offend the rest of the Arab world too seems Trumps view. He seems to want to give Israel a free check to do anything and let them keep building settlements in Palestinian territory .

Beside that he already is causing tension between the United States and China which if there is a trade war I believe the Chinese will win. United States will be left out of the world economy and suffer the consequences.

Now this strange friendship with Russia a country and government who directly got involved in our elections through hacking and by trolling the tweeter universe. I  hate the idea of foreign interests actively getting involved in our countries politics to that degree.

He's not president yet and he's already causing problems that may cost American jobs and in the end lives. The economy can't be treated like he did when he ran his businesses ,the country can not declare bankruptcy ever . If he tanks the economy it will hurt millions of people.

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