Friday, December 30, 2016

Buyer's remorse starting to settle in after Trumps got elected president?

So many campaign promises so far look like false advertising. A gang of billionaires on the cabinet , and with each tweet we seem to get farther in Putin's pocket. He's not even president and he's causing major international incidences. Moving the embassy to Jerusalem at least he says he will , a move that will get more Muslims on the anti-United States bandwagon . Now it's just the radicals why not offend the rest of the Arab world too seems Trumps view. He seems to want to give Israel a free check to do anything and let them keep building settlements in Palestinian territory .

Beside that he already is causing tension between the United States and China which if there is a trade war I believe the Chinese will win. United States will be left out of the world economy and suffer the consequences.

Now this strange friendship with Russia a country and government who directly got involved in our elections through hacking and by trolling the tweeter universe. I  hate the idea of foreign interests actively getting involved in our countries politics to that degree.

He's not president yet and he's already causing problems that may cost American jobs and in the end lives. The economy can't be treated like he did when he ran his businesses ,the country can not declare bankruptcy ever . If he tanks the economy it will hurt millions of people.

Friday, December 23, 2016

Trump wants to stir the pot and keep the middle-east in an endless war forever

The 2 state settlement is the only one that will work. Unless the Israel's wants to commit crimes like Hitler and commit genocide on every Palestinian  Israel's got to stop building settlements in Palestinian controlled areas. It's that dam easy but they decide they can't control their own citizens. I as an America is sick of the whole mess. Not when Israel  keeps bringing the mess on their own heads. Trump stop putting American lives on the line without their permission,  You take you and your sons asses to the middle-east  and risk them  

Let it Be an Arms Race Trump Chants on MSNBC

Stupid waste of money if he thinks people who already fly planes into towers or strap bombs to their bodies are going to be deterred by nukes. Trump doesn't get that they don't care if they live or die. They think they'll have a 100 vestal virgins waiting for they on the other side. Nope he's just forcing them to up their game with maybe dirty bombs , chemicals ,or viral weapons. We in this country are very weak in our defense of say our drinking water which could be easily contaminated ask the people who live in Flint ,Michigan out about that. How hard would it be for some terrorist to go to some cities water tower and introduce a virus or toxic chemical. I don't see guards around water towers or security cameras .Not even any kind of alarm system.

Nukes are not going to stop terrorists but will be paid for by more Americans starving and getting crappy or no medical care.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Trump used the N word in a tweet and it's not the one your thiking it is.

No it's nuclear he wants to start up the arms race again , Back to the old days of nuclear bunkers in the backyard ,and learning to hide your face against a wall in a school safety drill. Lets increase the nuclear arms stock pile and make the world safe like it was during the Cuban Missile crisis ,or the cold war. Strange that Vlad over in Russian also wants to start stock piling nukes. Oh I'll feel so much safer knowing two world dictators will have their fingers on the nuke button. Our dictator in Washington and theirs in Moscow

Conway named Trump adviser don't know how the court jester got that job

Really is it because she's good at lying with a straight face. She doesn't have a brain of her own. I looked up ditzy blond and her picture was there. Trump said he quit draining the swamp but then why is he still bringing frogs home

Donald's Done With Drain The Swamp ,But Her in Jail, Build a Wall ,.Etc Etc

So many promises , so many nope I fooled you.  Almost nothing he said was real like his reality show on TV that was mostly staged. It was all glitter and shine with no real substance. Like most of his tweets they look good but when you taste one it's just cardboard.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Trump better find out quickly governing is nothing like running a business.

It's not about making a profit ,it's not always about saving money. In a crisis it's about taking care of the American people , stuff like hurricanes ,tornados ,earthquakes ,fire , sickness ,wars , and other unexpected things pop up and you better have a better response then tweeting on twitter.  Your choices for your cabinet better be able to work under pressure ,cause when the shit hits the fan there's no time to screw around because wasted time means wasted lives. I'm hoping there's not a Katrina ,not a great Chicago fire , not a killing drought , so many things could come along. Having someone who never governed before is taking a big risk. I think it was a very bad choice and the future looks to be very rocky.

Maybe Trumps Orange Skin Comes From Constent Egg On His Face.

Tweet, Tweet , said the stupid bird not knowing if is twittering was true of not. If he would of had his daily intelligence briefing he would of known the drone was coming home already booked on its trip home. Maybe it's time to give up your song and dance , wait till you hear all the facts before you make judgement on things you know nothin about, Creating international crises on a whim isn't a safe way to rule a country. Not when the slightest word has great consequences and could end the life of millions.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Russian Finger Prints All Over Trumps Cabinet

How many have ties to Russian  businesses? Bet it's more then just a few. Trump himself has business ties to Russia ,His choice for Secretary of State has ties to Russian businesses, and I'm sure others do to. Should any public official have business relations with any foreign country ? Won't that create a conflict of interest or a perception of a conflict which is just as bad ? I personal don't want a federal government that's in the pocket of a dictator from anywhere. But it won't be the first time our government supported a dictator but each time in the past it ended badly. Like in Cuba , like in Iran , and other places. All once ruled by dictators we decided to support and when those dictators were over thrown United States got the short end of the stick.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Guess who told the most Pinnochios this year need a clue he's the president-elect


There's an old saying it goes like this fool me once shame on you , fool me twice shame on me. So what if you've been fooled way more times then that does that make you a big fool. Trump the king of exaggerations and down right lies still has people that actually believe anything he says, He's been called out and lots of the things he has claimed have been proven to be a pile of crap. But in this sad country some people will cling to whatever false hope they have like it's a life line.  When they sink no one will notice so the crime still will continue and the lies will roll on taking more victim like a quicksand pit.

Donald being like smart again and wants to move embassy to Jerusalem .

I don't understand this one at all unless he's trying to get more Americans and Israel's killed. He is creating the next Benghazi,  a nightmare for both United States and Israel. Since the capitol is in Telavi it even makes less sense.  Shows he's clueless about the world. Putting your finger in a bee hive and giving it a pokes is not good policy.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Fox News (Fake News) puts out a poll saying Russian hacking had no influence on elections

No influence yeah right according to a poll of the brain dead Fox News viewers. It was a poll only of them. So it is totally meaningless . Just like most news on Fox

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Flynn shared classified material with foreigners kind of like Hillary was blamed for doing.

So Trumps pick for National Security shared classified information he wasn't supposed to  huh and he was the one saying Hillary should be locked up. Again some one projecting their faults on some one else. Guess Trump influence does spread to others in Trumpville

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Trump commited the ultimate Lucy and pulled the ball before Charle Brown Mitt could kick it.

You didn't really believe it was all roses between Mitt and Donald or that the hatchet was buried anywhere but right in Mitts back. He Trump had to put a knife in Mitts back and give it one more finale twist. Being as petty as Trump is it should surprise no one. Mitt you are fired and will not be Secretary of State . You will just be another ass clown fallen to a thin skinned small handed Troll

Monday, December 12, 2016

Inteligence community getting a big slap in the face by the Trumpsters

The worlds not a safe place and the people who work in the CIA and sometimes the NSA put their lives on the line around the world everyday. It's not because they're paid but because they really believe in protecting this country. Now along comes Bumpkin Trumpkin  poo pooing every sacrifice they've made saying they don't know what their talking about and calling them ridiculous.. Face the facts Bumpkin yes Russia helped you win the election by hacking and by spreading false facts. You did not win on your own merit. You won because too many Americans have been brainwashed for so long by the GOP they can't think for themselves any longer. Your ill gotten gains will quickly fade and you will have to get off your ass and govern. So far your not doing to well by having cronies in your cabinet who aren't qualified to be anymore then a dog catcher and some not even that.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

What the heck does like a smart person mean? Some one should ask Trump

Either your smart or your not, His excuse for not getting Daily Intelligence Briefing puts a lot of Americans life at risk here or abroad. So I ask again is he smart or just playing smart like some actor who in real life doesn't have a clue.

What if something like 9/11 is in the pipe line ?

Is he setting up an excuse to have deniability because he wasn't briefed?

Is it all just some game to him where he gets to play god ,deciding who gets to live and who gets to die? America is going back to a pre-9/11 government who blissfully hides it head in the sand until boom it's to late again. Sad how we never learn in this country and history keeps repeating itself  over and over. They say America has a short memory but its ridiculously short. 15 years ago and we forget it ever happened.  Maybe it's time again to be reminded I guess

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Trumps Rabid Racist Dogs now on the hunt for Union Leaders

Trump Latest Tweet

Trump's lies do have consequences his 1100 jobs which was another exaggeration by about 300. He was called out on by a union leaders who now is getting death threats from Trump's attack dogs.   Truth is supposed to set you free under Trump it can get you placed in a 6 foot deep hole covered with dirt. Your supposed to speak truth to power unless it's Adolf Hitler , Joseph Stalin ,or Donald Trump. Truth is going to be something precious and very rare under a Trump Presidency better get used to exaggerated bullshit as the norm.

Donald Trump named man of the year but that isn't always a good thing Adolf Hitler was once man of the year too.

It only means your in the news a lot more then anyone else mostly not that your a good person. Many bad people have been named man of the year ,Trump being one of the not so good ones, He will cost America lots of jobs if his recent action like stabbing Boeing are an example. He will get us in a trade war with China which the American people will be the losers by being forced to pay more for the things we need.

Trumps pick for the EPA a climinate denier whose suing the EPA

Love Canal Disaster

So I guess history gets to repeat it's self . Bring back the good old days of Love Canal if your to ignorant to know what that is google it. It was a place filled with toxic chemicals that caused the deaths of many people. A housing community built over a toxic waste dump. Guess with Trump that could be almost anywhere since he will be gutting the EPA and putting some one who could care less about clean air or water in charge.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Trump takes a Dump on Boeing There Stock Takes a Noise Dive and Most Likely Thousand Lose Their Jobs


Canceling the Boeing contract without any thought to the loss of jobs it might cause isn't being a good president. Doing it right around Christmas is being an Ebenezer Scrooge. As Boeing stocks tumble I think what other company is going to get the axe next losing thousands of more jobs. He save jobs at Carrier then loses twice that many somewhere else. In the end less Americans working. Who voted for this nimrod ,least I can say you can't Bblame me.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Native American lands stolen again with no choice by the people who live there.

If it isn't bad enough to have a pipeline going across your land that you don't want now your land gets taken to  exploit in any way the Trump Government wishes. Isn't Native American land supposed to be sovereign to the Native American people. We are going back to the old days when ever things like gold was found on Native American land those Natives were forced to move. The next Trail of Tears will be created by Trump ,if you think those Native American will sit back and take it you will be very surprised.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Trumps gold plated depends may bankrupt the country

Ever wonder why he makes all them funny faces? 

Well the facts is his gold plated depends cause a lot of chaffing. He just couldn't buy the normal plain ones but had to have them gold plated.  But the gold plating can be a real pain in the ass.

Why does Trump Team Want to Block Recount in PA?


They got something to hide or do they know it was rigged in that state? Since Trump before election talked about a rigged election and we all know he puts his own faults on others did they do the rigging?  Why worry about a recount if there's nothing to worry about?

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Trump puts together a bunch of wealthy friend together on his cabinet , can you say SUCKER

So many people bought the lie that Donald cared about the middle class and poor. There was never any proof of that except his words ,his so called foundation was other peoples money not his own given to charity. But he said he gave millions right ,not really he lied or exaggerated again. It was investigated and added up to like 10 grand only. He said he supported the United States how did he do that while paying zero in taxes? Now his wealthy crony friends are in charge , don't you think that they will do things more likely to benefit their other wealthy friend and the middle class and poor will be left out in the cold again. CAN YOU SAY SUCKER

From No Drama Obama to The Drama Queen Donald Trump

US. Grant
I don't remember during Obama's presidency being much controversy or scandal. Now we got Trump who creates controversy on a daily bases on twitter by showing he doesn't understand the constitution specially as it pertains to free speech. I expect scandal and controversy to be a main ingredient in the Trump Presidency and if your up on history it will resemble the presidency of US Grant which was filled with scandal.