Monday, November 21, 2016

Will Trump roll back rules in the EPA that protect us from pollution?

I  don't want the clean air or water regulations messed with I would like to think when I get a glass of water from my faucet I'm not taking in 100.s of hidden toxic chemicals. When I breathe I don't want poison air filling my lungs. To create jobs that create a toxic atmosphere is foolish if the money you make pays to cure your cancers or other diseases. Didn't we learn anything from asbestos use?
Who can say that the toxic cocktail we fill our bodies with everyday doesn't cause things like an increase in asthma in our children or things like autism. Why are all these kids having things like attention deficit disorder? I don't remember any of these things being around when I was a child. Now they seem to be common place. I hope common sense is used when dealing with the environment.

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