Monday, November 28, 2016

Will Trump make Global Warming in the United States a priority or make it our undoing?

Global Warming

The rest of the world pretty much excepts Global Warming as fact. While in the United States the ignorance which is the Republican Party has covered it's eyes and ears ,disconnected it's brain and doesn't believe the mounting evidence that yes humans can change the environment in bad ways, The Sahara would be lots smaller if humans didn't exist. Many of the floods that happen wouldn't happen if humans didn't mess with the rivers flows. The dust bowl was created by farming replacing the natural cover of buffalo grass with wheat that couldn't adapt so it died leaving large sections of soil uncovered so the wind blew it away and into the air. Daily people do things that have an effect on this planet and mostly it's a negative one. In our zeal to use the worlds resources we don't stop to think about the effects of the things we do. Putting tons of smoke and chemicals into our air on a daily bases does have consequences. Some day we will have to pay those consequences . Nothing comes for free

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