Monday, November 21, 2016

Overpopulation whats the answer?

The Religious Right want to ban abortions that will add millions of children yearly to the population. The advances in medicine keep people living a lot longer. So the population will explode.

The effects of overpopulation have been studied in rats. In an overpopulated rat colony they became cannibals ,disease ran rampant in the end all the rats died . Is that what the human race is looking forward to?

Will we have to decide who lives and who dies?

Will we put a term limit on the elderly or will the more wealthy get to live and the poor have to die. Who will get to decide which persons have more value? If abortion ends we are going to be forced to decide these thing a lot sooner. Will there be hunger games or purges ? Will life imitate art? Is an endless war in our future with people fighting to survive in a ever shrinking world as every corner is filled by the human race.

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