Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Trump Says He Will Totally Give Up Business ,But as the Man Who Cried Wolf a Hundred Times and Lied His Way to the Presidency You Can Take That With a Grain of Salt

Really is this like the imaginary Great Wall of Trump or Throwing Clinton in Jail neither of which will ever happen. So many lies have passed his lips it's a miracle his nose isn't a hundred miles long. So whatever he's says I need proof because the old saying fool me once shame on you ,fool me twice shame on me applies.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Trump Proves Again He Doesn't Understand What Freedom of Speech Means By Saying Flag Burners Should Lose Citizenship

I'm not even sure losing citizenship is possible if your born in the U.S.A.  Plus the freedom of speech means you can express yourself in way's not always that are good. Don't KKK members burn crosses. Don't some people fly the stars and bars of the confederate flag. What will Trump do about those nude Trump statues? 

He can't rewrite the constitution and if he does ,why can't other amendment be changed to? If he opens that can ,can't the right to bear arms be changed. So as always the brain in his ass is tweeting again and is talking crap.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Will Trump make Global Warming in the United States a priority or make it our undoing?

Global Warming

The rest of the world pretty much excepts Global Warming as fact. While in the United States the ignorance which is the Republican Party has covered it's eyes and ears ,disconnected it's brain and doesn't believe the mounting evidence that yes humans can change the environment in bad ways, The Sahara would be lots smaller if humans didn't exist. Many of the floods that happen wouldn't happen if humans didn't mess with the rivers flows. The dust bowl was created by farming replacing the natural cover of buffalo grass with wheat that couldn't adapt so it died leaving large sections of soil uncovered so the wind blew it away and into the air. Daily people do things that have an effect on this planet and mostly it's a negative one. In our zeal to use the worlds resources we don't stop to think about the effects of the things we do. Putting tons of smoke and chemicals into our air on a daily bases does have consequences. Some day we will have to pay those consequences . Nothing comes for free

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Trumps latest crazy tweet he won the popular vote because there was 2 million plus illegal votes

Trumps crazy train has gone off the rails. His latest rants have zero proof. I'm starting to wonder why he cares so much about a recount that he would lie and make stuff up. Does he know something we don't know like Russian hackers screwed up the vote? That others in the GOP did something crooked to steal the election in some way.

Privatization of Government Programs Good Thing or Bad Thing?

Privatization could make those services like Social Security .Medicad ,Medicare into for profit businesses. If that happens most likely those services will have cost saving cuts to increase profits that's how businesses work. So someone will get less and that's usually the people who need it the most the poor. So I'm leaning towards it's a bad thing. Many businesses have a well deserved bad reputation, insurance companies where to get paid the amount your due always require in this day and age you to get a lawyer first so you don't get cheated. It requires a lawyer now to deal with Social Security that will only become worse if it's privatized. The only ones getting benefit will be legal eagles as they get more and more business.

Education will suffer under a Republican Federal Government.

If you watched states controlled by Republicans you notice things like education are the first to become the sacrificial lambs to the debt. So don't be surprised if the federal government doesn't do the same thing. The thing that would help us create a better economy education is almost always thrown away like meaningless trash and America falls further behind. A brain drain in this country seems to be what Republicans want. As the less educated become their power base they don't want to lose.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Trump keeps saying he wants unity but keeps picking divisive people for his cabinet

A women who is pro-private school running the department of education. A man who calls anyone who smokes pot bad people, A man who runs a racist hate filled online magazine. A  person who basically has called all Muslims terrorists. So this kind of crap is supposed to unite us., Really

So far nothing to bring people together and have a feel good moment .Who else is coming the person who called us the 99%. A person in charge of health that thinks women are second class citizens. A war monger in charge of the defense department. So far almost none of those chosen are qualified for the jobs they've been given.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trump children sitting in on government meetings, others taliking politics with Russians, who voted them in.

I don't remember seeing their names on any ballots. So why are they being included in meetings with other governments. Why did little Trump think he could discuss Syria with Russians? No one voted them to do anything or represent our government in any fashion. I thought Trump was putting them in charge of his business and he would then have nothing to do with the Trump Empire When is that supposed to start happening ? Cause it is not happening yet.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Overpopulation whats the answer?

The Religious Right want to ban abortions that will add millions of children yearly to the population. The advances in medicine keep people living a lot longer. So the population will explode.

The effects of overpopulation have been studied in rats. In an overpopulated rat colony they became cannibals ,disease ran rampant in the end all the rats died . Is that what the human race is looking forward to?

Will we have to decide who lives and who dies?

Will we put a term limit on the elderly or will the more wealthy get to live and the poor have to die. Who will get to decide which persons have more value? If abortion ends we are going to be forced to decide these thing a lot sooner. Will there be hunger games or purges ? Will life imitate art? Is an endless war in our future with people fighting to survive in a ever shrinking world as every corner is filled by the human race.

Will Trump roll back rules in the EPA that protect us from pollution?

I  don't want the clean air or water regulations messed with I would like to think when I get a glass of water from my faucet I'm not taking in 100.s of hidden toxic chemicals. When I breathe I don't want poison air filling my lungs. To create jobs that create a toxic atmosphere is foolish if the money you make pays to cure your cancers or other diseases. Didn't we learn anything from asbestos use?
Who can say that the toxic cocktail we fill our bodies with everyday doesn't cause things like an increase in asthma in our children or things like autism. Why are all these kids having things like attention deficit disorder? I don't remember any of these things being around when I was a child. Now they seem to be common place. I hope common sense is used when dealing with the environment.

Should Trump have his twitter taken away ?

He takes everything to the extreme on twitter half the time you get totally uninformed knee jerk reactions. He rails against free speech in most of his rants. Does he have a sense of humor or has his funny bone died from boredom?  He can't take a joke at all. In the end he makes himself a joke.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Putting People on a registration list because of their religion seems so unAmerican .

Having a registration process for Muslims is ok but one for gun owners is not. I do remember in the history of world war 2 we made Japanese Americans live in concentration camp and that was a big mistake. I also remember Hitler requiring all Jews to be registered in Nazi Germany. To me it seems like a way to single people out for the so called Alternate-Right to abuse. Will Muslim businesses be force to mark their doors like Jews had to in Nazi Germany with something like the Star of David? I see not much good happening with this plan

Trump planning to do personal business in the White House?

Trump Land

The word conflict of interest is being used a lot lately and it might be true in the case of Donald Trump being President . He already said he will make money as president .How? By using the federal government to expand and benefit his personal business empire ,that may already be happening. There's not going to be any blind trust running Trumpland or if his children run the show you can expect Trump like a puppet master to be behind the scene pulling the strings. Who will suffer the most the American people.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Dividing of America Continues With New AG Nominee Saying Only Bad People Smoke Pot.

So people even if you do it for medical reasons your a bad person I guess. So he will continue the war on pot wasting billions of tax dollars. Wonder what he thinks about people who drink or smoke cigarettes?  They bad desperados to.

Friday, November 18, 2016

China Loves The Idea That The United States Won't Be Part of The Trans Pacfic Partnership

They are laughing in China.

They know they don't need us as much as we need them. As we hand them the keys to the world economy they take over driving the bus as the United States get sent to the back seat. Remember back to the day when there were Dollar Stores even 99 cent stores gone now as the price of things in the United States skyrockets as the trade war with China rages on. The cost of living in America becomes to high for many as they fall into the ever growing ranks of the poor. Those who voted for Trump turn on him like rabid dogs.

I can see it coming ,protectionism ,and isolationist policies not leading to a Great America but a much weaker one who will have zero influence on the world around them.

Anti-Trump protestors getting labeled Terrorists by the GOP

The Constitution
And so it begins the forgetting of the constitution. Freedom of speech is the foundation that keeps democracy working. So if you use that freedom in a way Republicans don't like , you get labeled a terrorist and they try to lock you up.  You also have the freedom to assemble under the constitution another right they want to takeaway. Why don't we just take the constitution and burn that pesky paper? But then their precious 2nd amendment would go to can't do that so they decided to cherry pick like they do with the bible only follow the thing they like

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Trumpism = Cronyism + Nepotism


Just like the last Republican President cronyism will rule the day even if someone isn't qualified they will get a job just by kissing Trump ass enough. Now how many Trumpets will get government jobs because of nepotism not that they have any experiences in government work. I hope things like natural disasters don't happen or things like Katrina will happen again. Who knows what else might get screwed up by people with no experience in governing at all.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Trump Gets to Hire His Own Landlord

I wish I could do that hire the guy whose supposed to decide how much rent I have to pay. Trumps leasing from the Federal Government of a hotel in Washington DC will let him do just that. You think he will get a good deal on his rent? They already have asked that the value of the hotel be lowered so they will have to pay less in taxes. Ain't it all just grand.

Trumps promised first day is going to be very busy

First day promises  Repeal Obamacare , Redo NAFTA , Lower Taxes, Deport Millions of Mexicans ,and on and on. OK I'll be real not going to happen on the first day or the first month. Maybe not in the first year.

Trump Transition Team Defections

It doesn't seem to be going smoothly for Trumps transition and when it's time to President will he be ready. Team members have left the team, will more

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Real Longshot That Electoral College Will Change Things

There might be millions of signatures on a petition asking them to elect Hillary but it most likely won't happen. Those Electors are Republicans so why would they change anything? It would be nice but I'm sure they made up their minds and they are closed ,not open for business

Trump renames Obamacare to Trump care

That's basically what will happen with a few minor tweaks and the racists since it won't be named after a black man will buy it. Proving once again this countries got a long way to go on racial equality

Guess who will benefit from Trumps lower taxes the most ?

You know it right it will be the rich and wealthy ,not you that much if your in the middle class. So get ready for that trickle down stuff that supposed to come your way in the form of the wealthy creating jobs with the money they save on taxes. Take a picture when you see that I'll put it with my pictures of Big Foot and UFO's . Cause that will be as rare.

Giuliani is the establishment

I thought Trumps campaign was against the so called establishment . Now he got Reince Priebus working for him and is pushing Giuliani for some job both part of the establishment GOP. My guess more of the established GOP coming soon to the Trump White House. So my guess business as usual with no swamps emptied.

Trump Over Turning Roe V. Wade Means.............

What will the ending mean to women?

In Republican States abortion will become illegal but that won't stop wealthy women from traveling anywhere they want to get an abortion. It will mostly affect the poor which in the end will increase lawlessness in Red States. More poor which the federal government already complains about feeding will be created ,more people on welfare ,and an increase in the federal deficit.

Great Big Wall Turns into small chain link fence

The Promised wall well won't be so grand

It will become in most places a double chain link fence. But even that will be waste of money because they do have shovels in Mexico and they know how to use them. Many tunnels already leading from ole Mexico into the United States, guess there will be more.

Steve Bannon The Racist, Part of Donald Trumps Circus

Well Trumps already creating more drama by having Bannon part of his inner circle . Bannon a well know racist and alternate right crackpot will have the ear of the Donald., Just what America needs a Racist in a place of power.

A white Nationalist Jew Hater isn't going to help relations with Israel do you think

I don't think I will ever think of Donald Trump as the president of the United States , he's a temporary mistake that may take 4 years to correct nothing more then that.

No way will he come close to full filling most of his campaign promises,. he prayed on the ignorance of some Americans to become President. He used their fears and foolish thoughts against them, he turned their hate of anything different into votes for him. In the end he will be the most inept president in history. This blog will keep a history of his failures so it will never happen again.