You got an answer to gun violence vote Democrat

You know most GOP politicians are firmly in the pocket of the NRA . So any reasonable gun laws won’t have a chance in the House or Senate unless their controlled by enough Democrats to make a difference. If a Republican becomes president be ready to give up more of Americans children to gun deaths. Just like those one issue Republicans whose only goal is to keep guns available to anyone, you can become a one issue Democrat whose only goals is to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill ,terrorists ,and people convicted of domestic abuse. If you never voted before this is the time to start to stop more children’s deaths.

Trump wants you !!! to inform on your neighbors.

Another very dangerous idea that will in all likely hood let the next terrorists get away with murder. Lets overload the system with garbage complaint’s so law enforcement systems that are all ready at the breaking point totally go off the rails. If every nut with a grudge starts falsely accusing neighbors of being terrorists the crying wolf effect will make terrorists even more less likely from being caught. Lets be like a communist country and inform on our neighbors to score brownie points from the GOP. Let’s give up our privacy to our neighbors let them spy on us ,read our mail, listen in to our phone calls. That’s what Donald Trump wants you to do.

Republicans don’t like the latest reports on global warming so they start a persecution of science

Don’t like a scientific report of warmer world persecute they people making the report. Another Benghazi type totally useless investigation is being started again. The victim of this witch hunt is the N.O.A.A a group of government scientists who monitor ocean temperatures around the world. They found temperatures around the world are still rising and that they are not staying the same or dropping. So Republicans want all their emails sound familiar . Remember the Benghazi email farce . Another witch hunt that will waste tax payers money brought to you by the so called fiscal responsible GOP. Instead of looking for doing things to fight Global Warming they would rather fight against the truth that they can’t handle.

Gun Violence seems to be growing

New Orleans ,guns kill again ,today they do it again ,next day again. I thought more guns were supposed to stop the violence according to the NRA. How’s that going for you ? Not to good . Only way to stop violence is to disarm violent people,

Trump if President would bring back waterboarding

The problem with torture is someone will say anything truth or not to make it stop. Yes Waterboarding is torture ,you think your going to drowned it is torture. Another reason not to vote for Donald Trump if there wasn’t enough reasons already.

Trump wants to register all Muslims ,Remind you of anything?

Hitler Registered all Jews in Germany ,South Africa during apartheid registered black people. Where does it end Do we build camps where Muslims most live like we did during world war 2 to Japanese Americans. What happens with these names on the Registration will they be used to keep Muslim Americans from getting Jobs . Will these list be used to persecute innocent Muslims in anyway. It just doesn’t seem like an American Thing to Do. What happened to innocent till proven guilty?

Ted Cruz actually believe there are no Christian Terrorists

First thing wrong with that is there has always been Christian Terrorists . Remember something called the Spanish inquisition ,or the burning of witches. All committed by Christians. Today Christians bomb abortion clinics and kill doctors that perform abortions. I’m sure Christian fanatics commit other crimes that would be considered terrorism to some people. Almost all religions who have fanatics commit some form of terrorism at one time or another. They follow no rules not even their own religious books rules to spread their so called religious views by force in most cases.

Trump shows again how crude and rude he is by making fun of an overweight person.

If you haven’t realized it by now Trump likes making fun of people in the crudest and most foul ways possible. He says he doesn’t want to be politically correct to get excuse for making fun of peoples way of speaking ,how they look ,or having a weight problem. He would probably call people retarded or use whatever words the rest of us would avoid. It doesn’t impress me it just shows he most of had a very poor education when he can’t express himself without being vulgar and crass.

Short sighted GOP members blame Obama for messed up world when it was George Bush who broke it.

We will be paying maybe for a hundred years for George Bush’s war in Iraq . The bills keep coming in the form of Isis , al-Qaida , and god knows what other coach roaches who will come out of the woodwork. If Saddam was still in power he would of squashed these terrorists like the bugs they are. But the GOP in it’s short sighted forgot one wise old saying better the enemy that I know then the ones I don’t. Now we are surrounded by enemies we don’t have a clue about. So don’t blame Obama for the cards you Republicans have dealt. Look in the mirror and you will find the cause of a messed up world.

Trumps going to bomb Isis that’s the same simplistic ideas that got us into the Iraq War.

Ok Trump you bomb them then what ? Is that the only thing you got ? What after ,What will they do after their bombed just roll over and play dead . My guess they increase attacks on Americans wherever they find them. You got a plan for that. Of Course not like after the war in Iraq was claimed to be Mission Accomplished then became a total disaster.