Where else but in Texas can rival motorcycle gangs have a shoot out.

In the state with the weakest gun laws why do acts of gun violence happen so often? According to those who want all those guns in Texas isn’t it supposed to protect more people from violence having all those guns in the hands of whoever wants one.

Really ,huh   then why do acts of gun violence seem to growing in Texas. Does that fact prove those people are wrong. More guns is not the answer to stopping violence ,less guns is.

Think about it

Gun Violence Strikes Close to Home #blackribbonamerica

In a town not far from where I live in the state of Wisconsin a random act of gun violence killed 3 innocents lives and destroyed a family. In a state with a Republican Governor ,who by the way is running for President,the gun laws are almost non existent. It allowed an obviously mentally ill guy who had a fight with his girlfriend to go out and randomly shoot down in cold blood 2 members of a family and one friend of that family.In a state where anyone can get a gun even if their crazy  with no reasonable gun registration program life come cheap.


With 2 other victims in the hospital in both the pain from the injury and the pain from losing a father ,a husband,a friend ,and a daughter. Can we finally agree that something needs to be down ,that it is unacceptable that innocent people get murdered for no reason.

The New Slave Masters of America #blackribbonamerica

How many companies based in the good old USA use slave like labor in third world countries?

Not sure but I do know it happens.

Those clothes your wearing could of been made in some foreign sweatshop by children. Do you care that your supporting economic slavery? Sure their paid but not enough to take them out of poverty or make their lives better. They still need to struggle to get a decent meal while slaving away in some crowded unsafe factory. These rich slave master who live in luxury who complain about paying taxes or paying a fair wage will turn to using poor uneducated third world people as basically slaves to create the garbage they sell to the rest of the world.

Why Autism being caused by vaccinations doesn’t even make sense #blackribbonamerica

aslesWhen I was a kid back in the 60’s  everyone was vaccinated and I don’t remember anyone having Autism. So if Autism was caused by vaccinations wouldn’t there of been lots of kids with Autism in the 60’s? So It just doesn’t follow the facts and it’s a myth and a urban legend spread by the ignorant.

Not getting your kids immunized is making their lives at risk and others children who make come in contact with your children.  I was vaccinated for mumps,measles ,tetanus, small pox ,whopping cough , polio , and whatever other vaccination you could get at that time. I’m glad I had responsible parents that didn’t listen to quacks and nuts.

Measles can take peoples lives ,mumps can kill , and small pox because of vaccinations is a thing of the past. So by letting false fears and stupidity certain parents are putting your newborn at risk that could be avoided. So if by a chance of bad luck and your baby get measles from an on vaccinated kid and it dies you know who to blame , that kids ignorant parents.

Scott Walker another George Bush wannabe? #blackribbonamerica

Remember when George Bush said he wouldn’t negotiate with Iraq and got us in a war that is still being fought even as we speak that might never end ?

Now Scott Walkers says virtually the same thing as pertains to Iran, So if he becomes President, you ready for the next war in the Middle East because that’s what likely to happen.

Somewhere in their childhood they learned that violence is the answer to your problems. They never learned to use their mind to settle differences.

How can a Canadian become President? #blackribbonamerica

It doesn’t even seem legal that Ted Cruz is even running for president since the rules is that you must be born in the United States to even be one. Guess the rules don’t apply to Republicans.

Remember the birthers and their bullshit

Don’t hear them now when it’s true that Ted Cruz was not born in the good old U.S.A

bibi Netanyahu proves he’s more like a Republican #blackribbonamerica

He proved it to me he can’t be trusted and will do or say anything to stay in power. If he throws out the two state solution I for one will do anything I can do to make sure no more American blood is spilled for the benefit of Israel.

I’m not anti-Semitic I just think it’s time for Israel to stop being warmongers expecting the rest of the world to save their ass when they do stuff to provoke war. You know if they decide to take over Palestine the whole Arab world will be against them. I don’t blame them.

America blood spilled  in Iraq, in Lebanon ,and in Afghanistan all for the sake of Israel. Be truthful to yourselves you know I’m right. Now they want us to spill our blood in Iran ,and in the rest of the Arab World.

GOP Latest torpedo fired at Nuclear Talks with Iran #blackribbonamerica

Any doubts that the GOP has lost touch and no longer represents the interests of the American People has been put to rest. They sent a letter stating after the next election if they where in charge they would scrap any deal made to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

They don’t get that most of America is sick of war ,we are tired of having our sons and daughters killed. We don’t need to lose anymore of our best and brightest.

I will no longer support Israel’s warmongering they do nothing to bring about peace and expect  Americans to give our blood on the battle field.

Another witch hunt called by the head inquisitors’ of the GOP #blackribbonamerica

Just like all the phony made up stuff of the past the GOP has found more ways to  waste American tax payers money. Clinton private emails which she turned over to the latest GOP Benghazi tribunal and where found to say nothing of importance .It’s pitiful how many times the GOP make mountains out of molehills and the so called news agencies buy it and run with it.

Fools me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me

So I guess most News Agencies are full of fools.