This video gives you an idea of where the country is going if the GOP gets its way

What nonsense will the GOP waste taxpayer money and time on next?

Well the list seams to grow daily with stuff like trying to repeal Obama Care,Benghazi,and other stupid meaningless crap.What will it be next stuff like making schools teach creationism or some other flat earth crap that has no bases in reality.

Wasting time telling women how they should deal with their health problems and issues based on religious beliefs not everyone shares.I always thought separation between church and state was the law of the land but the GOP keeps trying to force religion into politics.Weird Religion that says Rich and wealthy people have more value the middle class and poor.It’s not that they even believe all the religious crap they just use it to hook the religious right.

They play to the southerns ,the religious ,the gun crazies,and others while they destroy unions,the poor,the middle class.they foment racism not directly but with code words like Foodstamp Queens,or other racially unacceptable words to garner the southern racist votes.

They play with fire and lead us towards civil war and race war that will only end badly for the United States.Stuff like what’s happening in Ferguson may be repeated in many places across this country if we don’t stop the racist southern states from going back to there good old days.Stop waving the confederate flag you lost get over it.

Liberty For All Doesn’t Mean the Rich and their GOP Congressmen can Exploit the Poor ,Middle Class ,and Veterans

Is it Liberty For All if some people are being treated as being less like people then others?

Should some just because they where born into wealth be given the keys to the kingdom for doing nothing?

Even if they worked to become wealthy is that work more important then a worker in one of their factories or businesses?

If Your the GOP you would say yes

You would say nothing the poor does has any value ,Nothing the middle class does ,matters in the economy ,any veteran who goes to war shouldn’t expect special treatment once they come home.

I of course would say the GOP is full of horse shit.

Anyone could be valuable to the future no one knows who at any time could do something to change the future to a better one.

Its not the makers of products that makes the economy work it’s the consumers the middle class the keeps the system going.

Veterans should be treated with the utmost respect they have made the ultimate sacrifice some with their lives,some with their broken bodies,and some with their mental health.

They faced the nightmares,so the rest of us don’t have to .not many in the GOP ever were on the battle field so they don’t get that.

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November is not far away you got your voting strategy ready

You know how your going to vote ,how your going to get there ,if there’s a long line you got supplies to wait it out.Remember the GOP will try to make it hard as possible for democrats to vote because they know if the big D votes in numbers their ass is out the door.

Lets make the GOP as distant past memory, a historical after thought, Lets make the Koch Brothers running of America over and done.Lets make everyday American people the choosers of their own destiny.

Definition of a Conservative -Close Minded

Being Afraid of new ideas is not a way for a better future if we were as conservative in the past as we are now we would still be a colony of england. It took new ideas to create the United States of America ,it took bravery to create a government that was new and different than any other one before.

It was a gamble which the conservative mind could never make that created America , Now we need new ideas again not old tired ideas that have been proven not to work.If we are going to be brave and face the future not like frighten children we have to throw off the chains the GOP has put on so many ignorant people who live in fear of change.

Don’t let fear rule your live .Don’t let the GOP manipulate you and use fear against you.That’s their game feeding false fear to people who have a mental problem with life.You know those people who believe every conspiracy theory no matter how strange and out there they are.

Here’s a few

The government wants to take everyones guns away’

Death Panel the government through Obama Care wants to control who lives or dies.

Trickle down economics works because rich people are so generous in spending their money.

All of the lies above are actually believed by some people, that’s a shame

There are people who are afraid and will believe any lie given to them if it feeds their fears.

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