Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The New Symbol For The GOP Has Been Decided , In a Race Between Spineless Jellyfish and Ostrich With It's Head In The Sand The Winner Is......

The Ostrich with its head in the sand. GOP has decided to not listen or see anything Trump does that is illegal or unethical. They will totally ignore anything no matter how bad it is.

You Know as Soon as Trump isn't President The GOP is going to suffer mass amnesia and forget he ever exsisted

Trump who? 

 Republican case of amnesia is coming as soon as the spotlight goes off Trump. No one will remember him in 10 years. He if, remembered at all it will be as a mistake and as a clown. No one currently a Republican politician who hasn't been purged from office will own up to ever supporting Donald Trump once he's gone.

He is not Ronald Reagan, there will be no rose-colored memories, He will be remembered as a little hate-filled man with no morals who by hook or by crook became president through lies.

Monday, November 4, 2019

The Ying-Yangity , Flippy-Floppy , GOP Response To Trump's Impeachment.

Was it Prid Pro Quo was it not, It's like listening to someone talking out one side of their face and out of their ass at the same time. One says yes one says no. One says high one says low. There is no one answer from the GOP because they have no answer. They can't tell the truth because it will end up destroying them. So all they got is lies.

Here's the truth a president cannot legally ask other countries to do things that will help him in an election. Not if he has that as his only reason. Sorry, Trump had no other reason. Not that make sense, that crap about fighting corruption, why only one instance of corruption about a political rival.

So far Trump has done almost nothing about corruption as it relates to Russia    WHY?

Monday, October 28, 2019

I see a lot of Trumpets with regrets in the future

When it's all said and done, the last fruit from the poison Trump tree eaten. Damages left behind like global warming, racism, immigration.  These things will rise up and end up biting us all in the ass like hidden land mines blowing up. Right now we are only thinking about today and forgetting what our actions will have on the future. The future is not looking good

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Sorry Trump there is no such thing as an instant DNA test so your wrong again, if there was there wouldn't be 10,000's plus untested rape kits

Trump proves he stupid again claiming they did an instant DNA test on some terrorist leader and right then that very minute proved they had the head of ISIS,


It takes days to do a DNA test not seconds, not minutes, not hours., Of course, Trump who has no clue when it comes to science wouldn't know that.

Lots of rapists would be in jails if DNA tests were so easy but sadly 10's of thousands of rape tests are sitting on shelves rotting away becoming useless.

I don't the rest of the lies in his statements today, I try to limit the amount of crap I put in my brain
so I put a strict limit to the time I watch Trump lay brain farts.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Trumpty The Evil Clown

They got the Joker, Penny Wise, But This Clown does more evil than any of them

GOP is playing to an audience of one , but they forget we are watching too.

That pathetic attempt to barge into a meeting saying they aren't be represented was as phony as a pig saying it isn't fat. There are Republicans represented in all meetings in congress, no party is not represented. It's all some farce and gameplay to Republicans, they think it's ok to sell out the country for personal reasons when you're the president as long as the president is in your own party. Representing America doesn't come first, or probably second. It's president first, party second, wealthy people third, American people last.    It should always be American people first. But it's not that until we get a new president who doesn't live to be the center of attention.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

No Impeachment is open to the public in the beginning

I've lived through two impeachments, Nixon then Clinton, both started out with private hearings, that's the way it works. Even most of the so-called waste of time Benghazi hearings were closed to the public.

All this fake outrage by the GOP is just there only way to try to save Trump, It is pathetic, funny, and contrary to anything they've said or done in the past and makes them look foolish'

All you have to do is look old video footage of Graham or ODonnell during the impeachment of Clinton and you will notice the complete opposite of what there trying to sell now.

Trey Gowdy during the Benghazi hearing said closed hearings were a good thing.

So now they build mountains out of molehills. like good lemmings Trumpets, they gladly jump off the cliff with a stupid grin on there faces

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Trump Is A Negative Black-Hole That Sucks All The Positiveness And Goodness Out Of The People Around Him

Most people who work for Trump in the White House get all the goodness and positive emotions sucked out of their souls. In that empty husk, all that's rotten and evil comes in to fill the void. Lies become normal, hate becomes expected, they give up ideas like honor, freedom is only something they want for themselves, others freedoms don't matter.

Trump a disease of the soul enters them and takes over completely, Pompeo has the disease, Sarah Sanders is still sick, Many Republicans are still invected by the Trump bug. Truth is the cure, they need to quit lying to others and to themselves.

Reality will come back someday and hit them like a ton of bricks, hopefully, the world will still have a chance and it won't be too late