This video gives you an idea of where the country is going if the GOP gets its way

Why is it so hard for some people to grow up?

In everyones life there comes a time to put away childish things and grow up.But some cling to be foolish ,and decide to never grow up. Some never learn to think of the benefits of society as a whole over their own selfish needs.People like Ted Nugent who live to stroke their own inflated egos not caring about the welfare of anyone else. People like the ones in the GOP who would rather do the bidding of the idle rich instead of the hard working middle class.Look at Ted Cruze does he speak for the middle class .I would say it obvious he doesn’t. Rush Limbaugh speaks not to truly benefit others but to line his pockets with money. Sarah Palin is the ultimate Ego Junkie making statement to boast her own ego. Lies within lies hidden under half truths .I was taught as a child to never lie,guess most politician missed that lesson. It’s a shame the worst of us end up in Washington DC .Some go there to really make a difference but it doesn’t take long before they are corrupted by the very atmosphere of the place.The system has become tainted and I’m not sure it can be fixed without a major overhaul.

Scalia claims Constitution is not a living document

If that’s true America as a country is headed towards stagnation and never growing as a people.If the laws we live by can not be adapted to a changing of times and morals we as a people can never grow out of our infancy and become something better.Why even bother to try to create something better if our laws keep us from moving forward.So according to justice Scalia we aren’t smart enough to choose are own destiny because it has been all planned out by someone over 200 years ago with no room for change. I and everyone with a brain should disagree or we may go the way of the dinosaur and become extinct.

Caught between Godzilla Democrats & King Kong Republicans

I think most Americans believe the answer is some where in the middle.But Washington has become the land of extremes. The GOP wants to cut all taxes especially those of the wealthy ,The Dems won’t let any cuts to the budget to happen. So us in the middle who think raising taxes on the rich would be a great idea or making reasonable cuts to programs by taking out unneeded red tape and inefficient practices that could greatly save money.We who run a house hold budget do it all the time we try to increase the money we receive monthly while trimming our expenses.

But it’s really not about the welfare of the American people anymore. Politics have become a viscous sport with us on the sideline hoping that whatever happens we don’t pay the price.I’m tired of being treated like a game piece in a game most of the time I don’t understand.A game of lies ,half truths , and that never seems to benefit anyone except those who are players in it.

It’s sad that a once good idea written in documents like the Declaration of Independence ,and the Constitution has been corrupted by the greedy and self centered.If we don’t get back to what it should be like I fear it will be the end of the United States of America

Mythbusting The NRA

First myth the NRA like to spread around ,The Government is going to take all your guns.

No where has it ever been said or written that anyone wants to take anyones right to own a gun.That would be stupid lead to overpopulation of deers and other animals in the wild. You do have the right to protect your home and property no one says you should have that right.

Next Myth ,The creation of a national gun registration will be used in ways other than to keep gun out of the hands of the mentally ill ,criminals,or known terrorists. So far I never seen any proof of that , and I don’t see what other ways that make sense.

A guard in every school is the best way to fight crazies going to shoot kids at schools.Will the thought of guard at a school stop someone who is mentally ill ,most likely not because in the end they are trying to commit suicide and take as many others with them as possible.Plus where does needing a guard end ,on a school bus ,at a high school football game,during a glee club singing show ,at a school dance ,having guards surrounding the playground,or maybe at all the bus stops for he school bus.The costs of having guards everywhere would be a financial strain on already strapped for cash school districts,That’s not realistic

The last myth ,having a gun in your home will make you a hundred percent safe.Everyday children kill others with guns found in family homes either accidentally or even sometimes on purpose.By having a gun you put a target on yourself for others with guns.A home with a gun if someone is planing suicide is more likely to be used for that purpose.If you have a child whose being bullied he may decide to use that gun to kill his tormentors.Do Bullies deserve to be shot to death or isn’t there a better way of handling school bullies.As a teen how many are mentally responsible when it comes to the opposite sex ,love to them is some end of the world thing if it’s lost ,with a gun it could be end of the world for someone.

Your vote takes the power out of the hands of the rich like the Koch Brothers

No Matter how much money they spend its up to you if your ready to sell them your vote.It’s up to you if your own interests are more important then theirs.Are you ready to sell out the majority of Americans needs and feed just another rich mans greed.Will you condemn another poor person to more agony and pain or do something to ease their pain. Will you do what is truly morally right or follow some false prophet on the religious right and do something rotten to another human being. My Bible says to help the less fortunate not persecute them.My Bible says not to judge others that’s gods job. My Bible says to turn the other cheek .My Bible says vengeance is the lords job.I don’t know what bible the Religious right uses it can’t be the right one. So Remember when your in that voting booth to vote for yourself not anyone else not some rich person ,not even me.Vote your conscience you will have to live with your decision for a long time.

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