Friday, February 24, 2017

We Shall Over Come / Rap Version #weshallovercomerap

We Don't Need No Anger
We Don't Need No Hate
That's Not What Makes This Country Great

We Don't Need No Sexism
We Don't Need No Racism
All that causes is
rifts and schisms

We Shall Over Come
We Shall Over Come
We Shall Over Come
Some Day
That Day Is Now

We Don't Need No Wall
We Don't Need No Ban
That's Not What Makes
A great Social Plan

We Don't Need No War
We Don't Need No Gun
That's Not How We Win
What Needs To Be Won

We Shall Over Come
We Shall Over Come
We Shall Over Come
Some Day
That Day Is Now

We Don't Need No Leader
We Don't Need No Fool
That Doesn't Even Know
The Golden Rule

We Don't Need No Government
We Don't Need Big Brother
That's Only Out There
To Kill And Smother

We Shall Over Come
We Shall Over Come
We Shall Over Come
Some Day
That Day Is Now

We Do Need Peace
We Do Need Friends
That's The Only Way
This Thing Ends

So Pull Up A Seat
Join The Crew
Let Them Know
No Pay To Do What We Do

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

How Trumps policies are effecting my personal life

If you don't know me personally .You wouldn't know how badly I suffer from mental illness problems . It's mostly panic attacks and stress that have ruined my life. I can't get a job , I have type 2 diabetes that if Trump cuts medicad to far will end up most likely killing me.I also get foodstamps so maybe I can starve to death or miss meals which will kill me and put me into a coma. Great just wonderful. It's so easy for those with no dogs in the fight to act self righteous when their lives are not on the line. Your not black so it's not my problem , Your not Jewish it's not my problem .your not poor it's not my problem, your not an immigrant it's not my problem. My medical insurances is not effected so it's not my problem. I drink bottled water clean water is not my problem, I can go on and on and some of you will still claim it's not your problem. a few things I won't forgive that's people who voted for Trump or those who voted for Trump by voting third party because if Trump does most of the things he's saying he'll do I will most likely die and my blood is on your hands.

Tax Revolt may be the only answer to the Trump problem.

Maybe it's time to let the government know who their working for The American Revolution first was started because of something called taxation without representation .

When was the last time you thought the federal government was representing your interests? Now under Trump I personal feel that my interests aren't represented at all. That Trumps vision of America isn't anything I want. Plus I know the Republican Congress will not be growing a pair anytime soon and do something about Trump.

So what options do I have?
  • Wait till the midterms and maybe GOP will lose control of congress
  • Hope GOP grows a conscience
  • March my ass off
  • Petitions which most likely GOP will ignore
  • Cut the federal governments purse strings
Which one do you think will get their attention the most?

I'm leaning toward my own form of Boston Tea Party and  not funding the Trump agenda. Me by myself doing that will be an empty gesture but millions of American doing that will wake the GOP up.

Think About It 

Sunday, February 19, 2017 look it up very fishy and suspect.

First thing funny about it , it's domain owner doesn't want you to know who he is. He's hiding his name using a service called domains by proxy which usually means that whoever owns the domain got something to hide. So who owns this domain is any ones guess, Plus it's only a splash page that leads to a site called . If you look up that site you will find that one registered to a Michael Nichloson in who lives in Miami Florida  looking into further you get to a guy named Michael Symonette    Ok so far we then find his father was the first millionaire African American living in Miami Florida and that Michael Symonette  himself tried running for president and badly failed.  you can check out more about that here   his face book here.

All in all I doubt he represents a very large part of the African American ideas or the community least not the poorer part.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Trumps First Budget PBS ,National Endowments ,NPR .and things like that get the axe.

Guess we become more stupid  and less creative as a country. Sad that Trump wants to make inner cities better then cuts the programs like the national endowments of art that fund many inner city projects. So the campaign to make Americans mindless sheep continues. We all become stupider as only Trump alternative facts become excepted truth.

Trump neverending campaign will last the next 4 years if he doesn't get the boot before then

Why does he still talk about his electoral college totals \?

Why is he still talking about Hillary ?

Why still comparing himself to Obama?

The time for that train has left the station it's time to start governing ,which if your honest is not going well. Not sure their even all using the same playbook ,or at least they must be on the wrong page. No consistency at all coming from the White House. Pence says one thing ,Trump tweets the exact opposite then Keely Anne Conway twist it all out of wack.

Now he's going back to Florida this weekend and holding another campaign rally for a job he supposedly already has. What's with all the wasting of time and money to placate his huge ego. It will by the way it's going,going to cost 100,s of millions of dollars to keep Trumps ego happy. I for one am not paying a babysitter to baby sit the president.

If Trump told his Supporters to jump off a cliff they would without question

I'm beginning to Truly believe this they except his lies so easily, Not one supporters says wait a minute that's not right. Dam even me a Obama supporter never turned off my brain and excepted every thing said by Obama . Trumpers are so lazy to get off their couch use their brains and stop believing lies that are so obvious. You that hypnotized by Trump that your brain dead , Here's the facts jack he exaggerates a lot ,he plain out lies , or he's total clueless and the people who surround him fill his brain with shit.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Garbage in Garbage out Trumps faulty way of Running America

Junk Science ,Alternate Facts . create stupid laws and executive actions. So much of what Trump believes to be true is so far from being fact that it's total garbage, Running the government on false facts is dangerously leading us as a whole right off the cliff.

I'm not sure if Trump is crazy or senile . In either case he needs to go before the damage is irreversible .

Calling in The National Guard To Round Up Immigrants ,Trump Latest Stupid Plan

First off they are not trained to be police , so it will end in people most likely getting killed or injured. It will further escalate the tensions in this country. How far behind is concentration camps and martial law? Seems like Trump is steering us down a course to total destruction hopeful someone will take his hands off the wheel soon.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Strange World where Russian Hackers are considered Patriots and American Hackers Are called Low-Lifes

In Trump World up is down ,right is left , and every thing is crazy and backward. Russia is good , we are all bad for not trusting Trump. I think those that are leaking information about Trump are the true patriots ,they know he's not playing with a full deck. Who really is in charge of this country ,is Trump just a figure head being led by others.

Who knows what goes on in the White House? Freak house maybe where the crazies run the place. Doesn't seem anything they do is coordinated one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing. Trump tweets one thing his talking heads say another. Living in a land of confusion is not a healthy place to exist.