Thursday, September 19, 2019

Funny the Trump administration wants every one in Afghanistan to vote but try to keep every American from voting

They care more about Afghanistan's voting then American's voting.

Strange isn't it , they create hoops to jump through that limit and keep Americans from voting with stupid laws to fight a non existing problem called voter fraud. The amount of so called voter fraud has never changed the result of any election. But billion are being spent by mostly Republicans to protect them from being voted out. They are afraid that African American's voting they are afraid of Latin Americans voting they know that will be a nail in there coffins.

Monday, September 16, 2019

We had a treaty with Iran that they where following , Trump decided to use it for toilet paper and wipe his ass with it.

So if Trump gets reelected expect a war with Iran that might kill thousands of Americans and leave more soldier crippled for no good reason. Expect trillions more added to the bill the government will never pay. A war we can't afford with a bill we shove on our children , and probably on there childrens , children. Just think of all the new terrorists it will create , not that there aren't enough now. The cycle that's never broken keeps rolling one war leading to the next. The only way for a war to end all wars is that no one survives to keep fighting another one.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

If Trump Flip Flopped Any Faster He Would Die From A Heart Attack.

One Minute he says this a second later he says the exact opposite , sometimes I wonder if he doesn't have a split personality one dark and evil and one that's plan stupid. He's brings about chaos daily or even hourly so the stock market jumps up and down like a yo-yo .Nothing is for sure mostly people get emotional wrung out and our stress out on a pins edge. Being in a world where up is down on a moments notice doesn't give people a sense of security. Being in a country where gun nuts run around with guns spouting racist garbage and spewing hate doesn't make it feel safe. Even as a kid during the cold war I felt safer even after the monthly nuclear war drills. Today doesn't feel safe not when the next time your kid goes to school he can come home in a body bag because some racist decided to go on a killing spree. I don't fear immigrants there not the enemy I fear the followers of Donald Trump because they obviously are crazy.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Why does Trump say we hate America?

Just because we hate everything Trump stands for doesn't mean we hate America ,actually it's the opposite we have love for what America should be and used to stand for before Trump came along. Not saying we always did the right thing but at least we keep trying. Under Trump doing the right thing has become a rare and almost extinct. We became a country of haters and destroyers , bring stuff down instead of make stuff better.

Latest excuse Trump doesn't know where Alabama is

Well they haven't used that one yet to explain Trump saying the latest hurricane could hit Alabama even when that would of been almost totally impossible. No matters how much Trump is wrong about anything he has people who will make excuses no matter how stupid it makes them look. Look how stupid Sarah Sanders looked , and before her Shaun Spicer. They turn themselves into a clone of Baghdad bob . Sad when you can almost never get the truth from your government specially in one that's supposedly Democratic and not a dictatorship.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

People With Small Minds Can't Think Ousidet of The Box

If you know anything about history you would know that most of Trump  ideas were tried in the past and eventually failed.

Using immigrants as a scapegoat was used in the past many times and each time that eventually failed. It was used against Chinese immigrants , Irish immigrants , and many other kinds of immigrants all ending in final acceptance of those immigrants..

Tariffs been tried and always ended up with the United States on the losing end of the stick especially the middle class and poor Americans.

Ok building a big ass wall is a first but that idea didn't hatch from Trumps mind but was given to him by one of his toadies and was never meant as a serious one.

So far all we're getting is old failed the first time ideas from the way gone by past. Giving tax breaks to the rich never helped the middle class or poor only the wealthy benefit from that. Nothing trickles down except more  sweat on the brows of the over worked middle class who have to work multiple jobs to feed there families.

Nothing will change Trump mind from his stuck in the mud ways and ideas , he's an old dog that can't learn new tricks and need to be put out to pasture.

A logical look at Trumps claim of having a high I.Q

This one is easy to prove Trumps claims are false.

  1. He doesn't read most people with high IQ's are avid readers
  2. He most likely doesn't watch shows on science or history
  3. He's mentally lazy , most of his ideas are taken from others
  4. He is not a person who wants to learn new things
  5. Most high IQ people have creative minds.
Those things taken in all to me is proof his IQ is not much above average or below average . It's simple reasoning that he is probably the lowest IQ president in history. All you got to do ,is do the math his claim doesn't add up.

Monday, September 2, 2019

Do you wonder if Trump is on some kind of drug , or he is just getting senile ?

Trump Mentally Stable?

I do every time he says something totally stupid or just plain creepy and weird which lately is daily when ever he opens his mouth. He's come up with some really crazy stuff like  wanting to buy Greenland or thinking he was ordained by god . Is Satan god now when did that happen?

In Trumps Greater America

Trumps America

Poor peoples lives getting worse , more mental illness , dirty water , dirty air , more people losing there land , worse weather , more hate , more intolerance , more gun nuts killing innocent people ,more gay bashing , more of everything that's bad less of anything that's good

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Trumps Brainfarts Might Bring About the Death of Democracy in America


  One more lie piled one on top of another , one more day of misinformation warping the minds of our children . Will this have a permanent effect on our country ? One time is all it took for Pandora to open a box and  release 7 deadly sins. What boxes has Trump opened ?  What things is Trump letting lose that no matter how hard we try will never go back in there bottle. Some people already have been change into machines of hate, violence , and destruction. There out there ready to lose control and kill innocent people.