Today's Republicans Craziness
  • AP-GfK Poll: Americans overwhelmingly view Trump negatively
  • Giuliani will vote for Trump in NY primary
  • Trump cancels California rally to focus on NY
  • Trump shrugs off loss during first post-Wisconsin appearance
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Has anyone ever seen Trump smile or ever laugh?

July 29th, 2016

I not taking about smirking he does that allot but an actually full face twinkle in the eye smile. I’ve never seen that. As for laughing I think he may of had his funny bone removed. He fits in the GOP (Grumpy Old Party) really well.  His being better then anyone else is a kill joy I guess even for himself. I would be afraid to have a President without some sense of  humor he might take something the wrong way and off to war we go.

Trump latest lie Republicans have to vote for me they have no choice

July 29th, 2016

Guess Trump missed all those Republicans for Hillary signs out there. He missed Ted Cruzes speech or just has selective amnesia. So the Dictator and Chief thinks he can order people to vote for him let’s see about that.

I think a Third Party Would Be Great But Why Do They Got To Start At The Top?

July 28th, 2016

Where are the Third Party Running For Mayor , Governor ,or Senator?     No Where I can Tell. So Don’t expect me to waste a vote on a Third Party Candidate whose never run for any public office in their whole life. Don’t expect me to blindly follow someone I got zero data on. If a  third party had some track record of winning in other political races that would be a different story.  To start at the top doesn’t work for me ,I got to have some proof .

So you want to get my vote you got to show me something

Trump’s Volunteer Fire Brigade Out In Force To Put Out The Latest Firestorm

July 28th, 2016

Oh Oh it’s a Three Alarm Fire Again Trumps opened his mouth and said something stupid again. Newt jumps  in his shiny red truck to the rescue .goes in front on a stand of microphones and start lying his ass off, Rudy won’t be far behind to add his two cents to the cause hoping to keep the flames from spreading.

Funny Right but sadly not far from the truth


Can You Tell When Trumps Being Sarcastic ?

July 28th, 2016

The Great Wall Between Mexico and the United States       Sarcastic or Not Sarcastic

He could shoot someone and his followers would still follow him    Sarcastic or Not Sarcastic

We should ban Muslim’s from entering the U.S  Sarcastic or Not Sarcastic

Russian Hackers should steal Clinton’s email and post them  Sarcastic or Not Sarcastic

It really doesn’t matter if he’s sarcastic or not certain things should never be said a smart person would know that.

Those hackers in Russia wouldn’t know if he was making a joke or not would they.

Many people will take some of the things he says seriously no matter what if he means them or not.

As president I don’t want a person who says things that could be misunderstood leading to a war or other things.

If your waiting for the perfect Presidential Candidate that will never happen

July 28th, 2016

Unless we get a robot to be President or something ,perfect will never happen. People got their warts and their skeletons in there closet. Hillary warts I can live with Trumps I can’t . In this dangerous world do we want a President like Trump who offends most other countries. Americas not an island our prosperity is dependent on the rest of the worlds. Not on countries like Russia which Trump seems to have a love fest with.  We ready to be alone in our fight on terrorism because Russia doesn’t help much with that.

He already said he would abandon NATO .

He already asked Russians to spy on an American

How do these things make America Greater?

Being isolated from the rest of the world isn’t going to create jobs , not opening more markets for our products won’t create jobs. I suppose we could just make our own stuff to sell to ourselves but people will need money to do that .If pay stays low and prices of stuff rises cause no way can we make stuff as cheap as China.  Greater or not so great   my guess things won’t be so great.

Anger Management Problem Trump?

July 27th, 2016

I  have never see so many pictures of a person whose faces looks so angry. 1oo’s of pictures of Trump having a mental Brake down or something. It’s a miracle his face doesn’t get  stuck like that.

is is (26) is (24) is (23)

Some Berners Could They Be Trump Nazi’s in Sheep’s Clothing

July 27th, 2016

Really it would make sense otherwise why would they go against Bernie Sanders own wishes. Why would they do things that would benefit Trump? I try to figure out the reasons why people would do the things they do. I don’t want to blame it on stupidity that would be a cop-out . So here’s my theory . Who Knows

Trump Says “I’m a Law and Order Candidate but Hacking which is illegal is Okay if it’s Hillary’s email”

July 27th, 2016

Really a person running for president telling people to break the law. How far have we fallen? Plus asking people from a foreign country to get involved in the United States Politics. What goes threw this morons brain? If you still think this kind of stuff is what America needs I feel sorry for you.

The Lord of the Flies the America Edition

July 25th, 2016

Have we all turned into savage ready to feed on the flesh of the less fortunate? Lets burn all Muslims and hang all gay people. The poor lets let them starve. Lets arm ourselves with as many weapons as possible and kill those who disagree with us.  Let’s hate without thought or reason. Lets use religion as an excuse to build a temple of hate of those who are different. The Lord of the Flies will be so proud