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It was mid-December last year when my high school film teacher approached me with the opportunity to contribute to the White House Film Festival — a tradition they’re carrying on again this year.

The title of the festival itself was pretty intimidating, but also extremely exciting. I felt compelled to participate because of the challenge it would present for me, someone devoting her life to filmmaking. Last year’s prompt — technology — really resonated with me. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to make the films I have so far, or gotten the opportunities I’ve received.

The US and Cuba


Yesterday, after more than 50 years, we began to change America’s relationship with the people of Cuba.

We are recognizing the struggle and sacrifice of the Cuban people, both in the U.S. and in Cuba, and ending an outdated approach that has failed to advance U.S. interests for decades. In doing so, we will begin to normalize relations between our two countries.

Don’t be a NRA Zombie and vote only on one thing,GUNS #blackribbonamerica

To vote only because of one cause is crazy,stupid,and short sighted ,but that’s what most pro gun nuts do.They seem to not have any other life besides their gun ownership.They don’t seem to care about the environment,the economy,health,or in some cases their families safety.

As long as they can keep their guns away from a nonexistent boogie man they are happy as clams,

Most would not be bothered a bit by a Gun Registration Program that covers every gun sold.For most there might be a week or two delay before getting their guns,Some who are not mentally right in the head,violent people,or terrorists are the only ones who need to worry.

They reelected Scott Walker now they have to pay the price.


Wisconsin’s may not be to happy being  32nd in job growth for 12 straight months but they were warned that their governor was not about creating jobs he was about helping his wealthy friends. They decided to ignore the facts and Scott Walkers history and vote on some pipe dream that by magic Walkers would change the economy with a sprinkle of Fairy Dust.Well you get what you get .Buyers remorse after an election happens when you vote Republican.

Stand your ground defense fails in Montana #blackribbonamerica


I guess if you preplanned to kill someone it’s not stand your ground,I never liked the stand your ground laws they are just asking for trouble.A man in Montana thought he could use that law to set someone up to shoot.He left his garage door open laid a purse out in the open.Guess he was thinking like a hunter who baits bears,When someone came in picked up the purse he promptly shot and killed them.

He thought he could get away with murder by using the Zimmerman defense.That might work in Florida but it didn’t work in Montana.

My question why did anyone let this yahoo have a gun in the first place?

What the President just did:


Just now, the President took action to protect a place called Bristol Bay, Alaska. Here’s why that matters:

It places a national treasure — and one of the nation’s most productive fisheries — off limits for oil and gas leasing. Alaskans have been fighting to preserve Bristol Bay for decades. Today, we got it done.

Guess what Fox just called Elizabeth Warren?


“I mean, without question, Elizabeth Warren is the devil.”1

Here’s a sign that Senator Warren’s doing something right: Fox News hosts are starting to hurl insults like that at her.
A ton has happened in the last few days, so I’ll cut to the chase: We need every MoveOn member who wants to see a genuinely contested primary and believes in the power of Elizabeth Warren’s vision to donate right away. Will you chip in $3?Yes, I’ll chip in to help convince Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for president.Sen. Warren’s leadership fueled a powerful backlash last week against Wall Street lobbyists who had shredded a hard-fought financial reform law. Millions of us cheered as she told Citigroup, “We should have broken you into pieces.”2 As the influential Washington publication Politico put it, “Elizabeth Warren is catching fire.”3

This fighting spirit—her focus on what really matters, and her willingness to stand up to big banks and corporate lobbyists—is why 81% of MoveOn members voted to urge Sen. Warren to join the 2016 presidential primary. We’re not wasting any time: Organizers hit the ground in Des Moines, Iowa, over the weekend, to start organizing in this key primary state—and we’re holding our launch event there tonight.

Didn’t The Last Bush President Do Enough Damage? #blackribbonamerica

Jeb wants to run for president but ,who in their right mind would vote for him?Didn’t his older brother do enough damage with his stupid war in Iraq ,total flushing of the economy,or his major screw up with Katrina.

Just what America needs more good old boy politics that brings people into cabinet positions that don’t have a clue.Will he brink another crooked Vice President like Dick Cheny along for the ride.

Just we need when the economy is getting better everyday ,we need a Bush to screw that up with their handouts to the wealthy.

If you put an X on the calendar for the days someone was shot you would have 365 X’s #blackribbonamerica

Not even Christmas day was spared from having being X’ed.The day that’s supposed to mean good will to all man ,doesn’t mean anything to a crazy with a gun.No time off for holidays when it comes to gun violence.In the United States gun are more celebrated then Christmas ,Easter,and all the holidays combined, How many Guns will be given as presents on Jesus Christ Birthday?A man or son of god, who was all about peace having guns given as presents on his birthday,Kind of doesn’t make sense or seem right.

I don’t get why the religious right doesn’t see that.

Even me a poor heathen noticed something wrong there.