Today's Republicans Craziness
  • Obama Created ISIS NOT
  • Will or won't he debate
  • Trump falling further behind
  • Republican will vote Hillary
  • Trump Meltdown
  • AP-GfK Poll: Americans overwhelmingly view Trump negatively
  • Giuliani will vote for Trump in NY primary
  • Trump cancels California rally to focus on NY
  • Trump shrugs off loss during first post-Wisconsin appearance
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You can tell your Cable or other Television Provider you do not want your money supporting FOX News #FOXNEWS

August 15th, 2016

Every time you pay your cable bill , Direct Tv bill ,or other television provider bill a portion of that bill goes to Fox News and supports it. I’m not making this up your money is being used to support racism ,sexism ,and the destruction of unions. Your money is being used to hurt you . Your paying to keep people like Sean Hannity on the air. I don’t think I want to do that ,if you feel the same way let them know send an email ,call ,mail , or fill out the petition I’m creating. Saying you do not want your money supporting Fox News. go here to fill petition

Drugs companies acting like pushers and illegal drug dealers

August 26th, 2016

They get people to start taking their medicines then after a few years and they got a lot of people hooked they jack up the prices 500 percent. That’s called predatory pricing ,  it’s done all the time by unethical drug companies taking advantage of peoples health and very lives.  Most of  the drugs they do this with are drugs people can not do without . It is like holding a gun to some ones head and stealing money out of their pockets. Another analogy it’s like a drug dealers who gives out free samples till he gets an addict hooked then they charge them crazy prices to keep getting the drugs.

Epi pen is the latest drug being used by a drug company to steal from people. It’s a medicine used to save some ones life during a bad allergic reaction. This drug company has decided to raise the price by about 500%. I wish there was a law against this thing but congress is in the pocket of big med that’s why there so against Obamacare it cuts into the profits of these crocked drug companies.

Hillary finally calls a spade a spade yes Trump is a racist.

August 25th, 2016

The cats out of the bag oh well it’s nothing a lot of people didn’t already know. But it’s great to hear it in stereo and in print Trump is a racist .His father was a known racist and he passed his ideals on to his son. That happens sadly all the time across America .It’s time to brake the chain and speak out. Who knows what Trump has passed on to his own children ?

I don’t see many black faces in high places in either Trumps campaign or in his businesses in general. I’m sure their are a few token Blacks ,a few token Latinos, brought of mothballs to parade around to prove something that we all know in our hearts is false.

This fake outreach by Trump to Black voters is funny if not total pathetic. Basically he discounts  Black Doctors ,Black Lawyers , anyone who is Black that has made a productive person out of themselves. Nope to Trump all Black People are drug dealers ,gang bangers ,rapist ,animals ,and people who break the law.

It’s strange he missed the white people who commit the same crimes. All white people to him are good citizens who never do anything wrong. His twisted view of course appeals to others with the same twisted view. The KKK’s ,Aryan  Nations and Neo Nazis of the world love Trump . If your enemies love someone should you also love him.  NO


Why are Trump surrogates morons?

August 25th, 2016

The things that come out of their mouths , Obama created the Iraq War , That ones obviously stupid . Bush was president.  They try with all their might to rewrite history but fail and look like total idiots. What’s really strange is they get invited back again and again .Each time saying stupider and stupider things.

Who does Trump owe money to and will that effect his policies as President?

August 25th, 2016

It is said that he has half a billion in debt . Will that make difference in his policies ? Will that give those he owes money to unfair access to the making of policies.  I don’t like the idea of the President having debt to others specially very large debt. No one should own a piece of the President.

Trump ask for special prosecutor to investigate Clinton Foundation another waste of tax dollars

August 23rd, 2016

Maybe we can ask for one to investigate Trump financial ties to Russia while were at it. Maybe one into his various law suits against him. Maybe past rape charges against him. His affiliation to the KKK or Neo Nazi organizations. ,Lets force him to disclose his tax returns.  So many things we could investigate about Trump.

But the Clinton Foundation has opened its book completely , it didn’t hide who contributes to it. Not like many Right Wing foundations that keep their sponsors hidden. So if the GOP wants to waste more Tax Dollars go ahead that’s nothing new they been doing that for the last 30 years.

Trump Canceling Events Health Problem?

August 23rd, 2016

You know Republican like to say things about others that pertain to them instead . Health stuff about Hillary to deflect from looking to closely at Trumps health?  Trump meltdown also a Trump burnout ?   Could be Trumps running out of gas both mentally and physically ?  Trump will hide out and there will be denials from Trump Front men.   All we can do is wait and see

Trump wants to close the Clinton Foundation but then will Trump close his Charity Foundation

August 22nd, 2016

Seems fair that both be shutdown but Clintons foundation actually help poor’s people where Trumps charity more likely is a front for Trump. With Trumps convoluted finances who knows how much he has or where it goes , he’s most likely has money hidden in places like the camion islands and Swiss banks.

Lets have a exchange you show your tax returns before we take anything you say seriously . Come on chicken you go first

Trump next speech written by someone else.

August 21st, 2016

Only get preplanned prewritten stuff from Trump because he can’t control his own mouth so puppet masters will be doing the talking as he mouths the words. A president who can’t talk without writers really a president that doesn’t go off script might as well hire an actor for president oh wait that’s been done already.

Trump doubles his campaign spending more money goes to his family?

August 21st, 2016

He didn’t spend it on a ground game ,he’s not spending it on TV ads , so where is the money donated to his campaign going ,no one really knows . It disappears but I do know millions have ended up in the pockets of his children . He’s paying them to campaign for him why would he have to do that.

Trump repeated Reboot is like a doctors trying to shock a dead persons heart a hundred times

August 20th, 2016

This horse is dead stop beating on it. Reboot all you want it’s gone to its final rest. A body can’t live when it’s brain is dead , it’s time to unplug the life support and bury the corpse it’s bloated and beginning to stink