Club for Growth an organization to grow the bank accounts of the wealthy

A Group created by a Wall Streeter ,a Real Estate Developer ,a once Publisher of the National Review ,and a Stock Broker, who want to pay less taxes and deregulate Wall Street so they can again tank the economy. There idea of Growth is more like a  Cancer or a mold that eats away at America from the ground up that first destroys the poor then the Middle Class. Of course they want to get rid of Obama care ,Get rid of Social Security ,Get Rid of Food Stamps. They want to deregulate wall street ,give subsidies to he wealthy .and cut the taxes of the rich ,it wouldn’t surprise me if they were bankrolled by people like the Koch Brothers and other billionaires.

The reason politics in America is so messed up , Money in politics

You can get the best politicians if you can pay for them. The people who can hire lobbyists or who can contribute to a politician’s campaign with the most money will get the most benefits from the government. It’s a pay to play game where nothing comes for free and if your poor you don’t get much of a chance to have any say in the rules of that game. Ever since companies and organization have been made people they got the biggest buying power and decide the rules. Lower taxes on the wealthy , Rich getting government handouts that they don’t even need  in the form of subsidies . They get away with stuff the rest of us would be in prison for life for. They steal more from the poor and Middle America and never see the inside of a jail cell. They say look at Bernie Madoff or Martha Stewart . We know they are sacrificial lambs lead to slaughter to distract from the real thieves like the Koch Brothers ,and other ultra rich crooks. We have the best political system you can buy. The Supreme Court made that all possible with a judgement that sold out most Americans. To bad you can’t vote them out ,they’re there until they retire .

There’s an old saying what goes up must come down and Trumps numbers are heading south .

The shine has worn off Donald Trump election Train ,the paints chipped and it’s showing signs of rust. It may not be long for the wheels to come off and it comes to a tragic end. His numbers are slipping and before the primaries it will take a nose dive ,it’s been fun but it will be time for the voters to get serious and you can’t take Trump serious ,his big fish tales are impossible to believe. Good Night Donald your day in the sun is final over,time to rest.

Trump becomes the ultimate denier saying gun laws had nothing to do with what happened in Oregon.

The gun laws as they are now had a lot to do with a misfit living in Oregon getting a gun in his hands. Just like he denies global warming ,he denies that weak gun laws are one of the factors that lead to what happened. We all know he’s playing to the Republican base that likes gun violence or tolerates any level of gun violence as long as the NRA gets it’s way. The sacred 2nd amendment that has killed more Americans then most things in our countries history. Everyday the death toll rises as American drips blood from this open wound that never stops bleeding out innocent lives. Tick tock on the clock another Glock takes a life.

I remember Nuclear Bomb and Fire Drills at school now kids got Gun Fire drills

Even though those things never happened much or at all we had drills. It’s sad now that kids have to learn what to do if a crazy with a gun comes to school and that’s been happening way to often. They say kids lives are harder now then before and it may be true. To many kids now days have to dodge bullets on a daily bases. A walk to school in some places has turned into going across a battle field. What does the NRA think should be done ?

Instead of doing the most reasonable thing and taking guns away from those who are using them to kill people they want to add more guns into the equation. Really more guns won’t that cause further gun violence. Even if it’s in the hands of a school guard it’s not going to stop some nut from attacking at a school 100% of the time . Most gun nuts are bent on committing suicide by cop and could care less if they get shot. If they shoot that guard it just adds another body to the death count. Taking the guns away won’t stop violence 100% of the time either but it does have better odds then bringing more guns into the problem. The NRA drags it heels saying a better gun registration won’t stop all gun violence but neither will any idea they’ve come up with do that. But right now the best idea is to limit guns from going to certain people we know are ticking time bombs ready to go off and shoot people.

You won’t hear Republican Candidates for Prez saying much about what happened in Oregon today.

They won’t be saying much about the 10 people shot down or the 7 laying injured in the hospital , victims of the latest nut with a gun. Imagine  Donald Trump with a piece of tape over his mouth placed their by the NRA. They may be one of the only groups able to place a gag on Trump. They put fear in to each Republicans heart . The gun nut is the largest  part of the Republican base they will never do anything to offend the NRA. One group can easily control a major political party that’s what’s wrong with the whole political system .

Trump says one thing does another ,he will appear on Fox News again

He said he wouldn’t appear on Fox news ,guess what, I guess he lied like most of the things he says ,his exaggerations make him look like PT Barnum on crack. He’s an old fashion medicine salesman bringing his sideshow across America selling his fake medicine. Nothing he says can be taken without a grain of salt. Everyone buys his garbage saying he talks the truth. He just tells the nuts what they want to hear and they buy it like it’s a message from god.

Trump panders with saying he’ll give tax cuts.

Remember where Bush’s tax cuts got us almost a trillion in national debt ,an almost depression , and an almost Wall Street Crash. We lost our triple A rating which we pay more for everyday. Lets do it again so we have to start bailing out Wall Street again.

What program will we need to cut to pay for this Trumps new Tax Cut ?

If he cut taxes whose going to pay for the other promises he’s making like building a wall between the United States and Mexico, Hiring more border guards ,and deporting millions of people.

More guns found in luggage at airports

This year is setting a new record for guns being found in luggage and being confiscated. The excuse I forgot that was in there is becoming a lame joke. I can’t believe all these people don’t know bringing a gun on board a plane in any way is illegal . Remember 911  because of that day you can’t even bring a razor or pocket knife on a plane. A gun is like the ultimate no way Jose thing to do.

Just what America doesn’t need a President whose a Right wing conservative religious fanatic

The Religious Right Wing Fanatic see Boehner’s leaving as a sign from god that a President whose a Right Wing Religious Fanatics time has come . The rest of us don’t see that or would ever let that happen . I don’t believe we need a president that’s so far that type of religious that it destroys the United States. I don’t believe in a vengeful god who goes around punishing people but one who gives us free will to make up our own minds. I believe in a god who want us to treat everyone with honor and respect. I believe in a god who doesn’t want us to go around making judgement on how other people should live.