This video gives you an idea of where the country is going if the GOP gets its way

If You Vote In Michigan Vote No On Wolf Hunting

I’m not against hunting deer or other animals you can actually eat but no one eats wolves it would be like eating a dog.Wolf hunting is done because of childhood stories and ignorance making people think wolves are evil. Sorry to burst your stupid bubble wolves do a necessary job in nature in controlling deer populations by killing the old and weak and making deer populations as a whole healthier.

So vote no to any law that makes wolf hunting legal it’s better for nature.

Say Whatever You Want About Rush Limbaugh it won’t hurt his feelings or change his mind

You can’t do anything to change his mind it’s closed tighter than scrooges wallet.You can’t hurt a persons feelings if they don’t have any except when their fat stomach tells them their hungry.

Does he even have something called honor?

Does he care about anyone except himself?

The answer to both those questions is NOPE.

His only goal in life is to make money by saying shocking crap to stir people up. It doesn’t have to make sense or be true it, just needs shock value to bring in the people who love train wrecks and the denigration of other to make themselves seem be more important.Look at the people who buy Limbaugh pile of steaming crap and you’ll see rednecks with guns or loser who wear sheets of white and burn crosses.

Voting coming soon

It’s up to you again are you going to duck your responsibility again them complain the GOP is ruining the country. If you don’t vote it’s your fault that’s happening.At least if you vote you’re betting on America to do the right thing and send those GOP losers home. What do you got to lose by voting ,by not voting you got more of a chance to lose everything if you happen to get sick or lose your job the GOP’s not going to keep your family from starving now will they.

The NRA Crazies already got their political ads out there

If you notice it’s the Republican far out leading in pro violence pro gun ads.Do they really care about protecting the middle class by giving them guns or are they just being stooges for the NRA.I think it’s the money from the NRA in their pockets deciding it for them.It’s the money from people like the Koch Brothers pulling their strings.So if your smart you’ll trace the money trail when you look at the GOP and what they say they believe in.

Almost Election Time And The Lie Meter’s Already Way In The Red

If you vote based on TV Election Ads your brain must be ready to explode because it’s so filled with bullshit there’s no room for more.Truth isn’t something you’ll find in those 30 second message made to rot your brain.If a Candidate was held to the same standard of truth in advertising as anyone else selling something there wouldn’t be any airtime political ads on.

That is a sad true statement of how American Politics works the biggest liar, somehow always wins in an election.The one who can create the biggest pile of steaming bullshit will become your new State Senator or your States Governor.

You got to weed through the landmine of cow patties and find the small grains of truth, that can be a daunting task but if you tune out the TV ads and instead look at the records of those your voting for it can be done.

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