New way to contribute to the Black Ribbon America

Don’t know how long I will be  to pay the able  the cost of making this site stay online promoting a reasonable gun registration that includes every gun sold and that uses somekind of database to keep certain people from getting their hands on a gun. With web hosting of $200 a year promotion on […]

Living in An American War Zone

Some places in large cities are no mans lands where young guns, and old veterans of gangs terrorize every person that lives there.In a place where guns are easy to get on the street as candy in a candy store.Violence is a daily occurrence with gangs fighting other gangs with innocent bystanders getting caught in […]

Time to Disprove Another Myth White People Don’t Riot

I heard it, I thought about, now I’ll tell you why it a lie. White people do riot, and for a very stupid reasons a college football game. After winning a bowl game it has been reported that college students turned over cars ,started things on fire,and have broken windows with rocks,that sounds like a […]