It’s Not The Quantity Of Education That Makes The Difference But The Quality.

We can cram more school days into the calendar ,start kids going to school at a younger and younger age but , it’s not going to make your kids any smarter without quality teachers , quality education programs ,and a safe environment to learn in. This fad to send 4 years olds to school seems stupid to me when I see the results walking down the city streets. These kids look less able to deal with lives problems then we were at that age. Most seem burned out educational wise , sick of school . Is that a good way to stimulate young minds? If your hearts not in to learning your more likely to not learn very much. But what makes kids more likely to learn is a quality teacher that can make learning fun and can inspire a kid to want to learn. The GOP doesn’t get that , programs like no child left behind sounded great but without the support of the right teachers it was meaningless. Sadly the best teachers are the ones that get alienated by the system and leave the education system or lose faith and give in to the status quo.

How can we change that?

Well not be destroying the teachers union like they did in Wisconsin. Taking a teachers voice away and a way to bargain with the state weakens the education system. Not by stuffing classes with an overload of students so a teacher can’t give one on one education to the students that need it.

Rubio wants to get rid of education department.

As the United States get farther behind the rest of the world in education ,Rubio wants to nix the department of education which I think is about the stupidest idea yet from a Republican. There has to be some standards set by someone or some places less fortunate will get left farther and farther behind. You know what that means in the south ,poorer people and African Americans will be short changed again, Without federal over site all the gains like desegregation and better schooling for everyone could be lost.

Clinton emails witch hunt by the GOP has gone on long enough

We with brains know if Clinton wasn’t running for president this witch hunt would of been over a long time ago. It just like voter registration ,and the destroying of unions it is another tactic to steal the elections. First who decides what is classified in the first place and at the time the emails where send were they considered classified.

Plus now their putting stuff out that is nobodies business who cares if someone sent emails to Clinton saying Boehner is a drunk or looks like a drunk. I’ve posted that on my blog and tweeted that many times. It’s true he does look like he’s three sheets to wind when you look at him.

The more they try to hurt Clinton shows me one thing they really fear her.

I’m Native American so I think it’s cool giving mountain in Alaska it’s old Native American name back,

I live in Michigan in a city called Menominee . Both named by Native Americans, So no Big Deal that people in Alaska live with a mountain named after an Indian Name. Most people in Alaska call the mountain Denali. It’s strange that Republicans outside the state of Alaska should think that they have a say aren’t they the ones always going on about states right. GOP guess thinks they have nothing better to do ,why don’t they go create jobs or something

Cheney breaks out his cracked crystal ball and makes a prediction on Iran

Since he’s 0 out of 100 right on any of his prediction , I’m not rushing out to build a bomb shelter waiting for Iran to nuke my neighborhood. His latest vision Iran will be nuking someone soon. Is that like his prediction of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Find them invisible weapons anyone. So anyone who pays any attention to this clown should have his head examined.

Cheney it’s time to fade back into whatever place old out of touch politicians go to. Good Night Cheney time to turn the lights out.

What would a wall along the Canadian Border do?

I don’t think many Canadians want to escape the cruelty of Canada . But on the other side if the GOP gets control and started to get their way lot of Americans may want to go to Canada. They want to gut Social Security , have endless wars ,stop food stamps ,and reverse Obamacare. So I can see Senior Citizens going to Canada , people who are sick of having their children killed in stupid wars deciding Canada’s a better place to live. Starving sick poor people could just decide to go way up north to. So the border would be used not to keep Canadians out but keep Americans in.

You can’t bury your head in the sand like the GOP and hope Global Warming will just go away.

The idea of doing nothing even though there is more draughts, more hurricanes, more tornados ,and just more heat doesn’t seem like an answer to me. Not when doing nothing kills people , damages food crops ,and in the end will cost more and more. Do you really need all those gadgets that might make life just a little easier but when there created cause more pollution and global warming. It’s a live style choice behind the major causes of Global Warming. It’s the human race living beyond it’s means and not realizing the price they will eventually have to pay.

My Life as a responsible gun owner advocate.

I’ve been banned from Facebook and Twitter by having gun nuts make false reports. Thank to members of the The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence  for getting me back from the basement the NRA tried to bury me in. I’ve been writing my little stories for over 3 years ,posting on Twitter ,Facebook ,and on my blog Stop Gun Insanity. I recently started a group on MSNBC that can be found here. I’m also not a fan of the GOP and by fighting against their garbage I think it’s also a fight for Responsible Gun Ownership. You may notice I rarely if ever use the word Gun Control because I think that brings the images of a shadow government going into people homes and taking their guns. I’m not against hunters having guns to hunt or people using guns legally to protect themselves. I am against giving certain people having access to guns like people with mental health problems ,people who are members of terrorist groups either foreign or domestic, and people who in the past showed violent tendencies.

Lie machine Called Donald Trump shades of truth without substance.

Trump declares he goes to a church in Manhattan ,Church says he is not an active member

Trump says because he employs Latin Americans that they all love him ,that one is an obvious lie

Trump says he worth 10,000,000,000 Dollars people who do the math say its more like 2,000,000,000 Dollars