Today's Republicans Craziness
  • Obama Created ISIS NOT
  • Will or won't he debate
  • Trump falling further behind
  • Republican will vote Hillary
  • Trump Meltdown
  • AP-GfK Poll: Americans overwhelmingly view Trump negatively
  • Giuliani will vote for Trump in NY primary
  • Trump cancels California rally to focus on NY
  • Trump shrugs off loss during first post-Wisconsin appearance
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You can tell your Cable or other Television Provider you do not want your money supporting FOX News #FOXNEWS

August 15th, 2016

Every time you pay your cable bill , Direct Tv bill ,or other television provider bill a portion of that bill goes to Fox News and supports it. I’m not making this up your money is being used to support racism ,sexism ,and the destruction of unions. Your money is being used to hurt you . Your paying to keep people like Sean Hannity on the air. I don’t think I want to do that ,if you feel the same way let them know send an email ,call ,mail , or fill out the petition I’m creating. Saying you do not want your money supporting Fox News. go here to fill petition

With Trump the crème doesn’t rise to the top but the shit sure floats there

September 30th, 2016

Illegal deals with Cuba ,calling women fat,300+ law suits against him, Trump University scam, and him not wanting to release his taxes. All those things in themselves should lose him the Presidency and my guess is that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What other skeletons hide in this mans closet who thinks that morals and laws don’t apply to him?  In the end I hope people realize he’s just a bad  excuse for being a man.

Trump broke the Law by ignoring the embargo against Cuba

September 29th, 2016

So what is all this get tough on Cuba crap coming from Trump when he himself made illegal business deals with Cuba. It is what it is a cheap trick to get Cuban American votes in Florida. It just proves he will say anything to be President doesn’t matter if it’s true or not.

Fat Trump likes making fun of other fat people.

September 29th, 2016

Sound stupid right it’s like looking in a mirror and not see that you yourself is fat. Personally I’ve been fat at times ,and I’ve been skinny . That’s kind of most of us. I think making fun of some ones weight is being blind to who a person really is. A person isn’t defined by his or her waist size but by the person inside. Of course a person like Trump who goes through life judging a book by its cover would have a sick twisted way of judging people. It’s sad some poor deluded people want this clown to be President.

Clinton wins first debate

September 27th, 2016

Trump looks like a chump . Best zingers Clinton beats Trump at his own game, He tried but his zingers in most cases made no sense like most things he says make no sense. Poor Trump the chump couldn’t beat my old grandma in a debate. He’s way out of his league as a debater and as a president. Being president I hope is just not in his future ever . Maybe he could run for New York City dog catcher if this President thing doesn’t work out. He might be qualified for that well maybe.

Trump used money from Trump Foundation it pay off his own legal bills

September 20th, 2016

First is that even legal to take  money from a charity donated by other for your own purposes . Isn’t that called embezzlement or at least some kind of fraud. Can’t Trump be prosecuted for things he complain about Hillary doing which were lies that he in fact did himself. Couldn’t he be at least sued by people who donated money to the Trump Foundation  for not using it as implied. Another question were tax deductions on charity  applied to these donation so wouldn’t that also be tax fraud. If these allegations are true they should be further investigated

Business class has been exploiting the working class since the founding of the U.S.A,

September 19th, 2016

First they exploited the Black man and the Native American. The forced slaves to work their properties ans stoled Native American lands by giving them worthless trinkets for it. Anytime anything of value was found on Native American land it was taken sometimes by force .Those people who once had a good living were placed on scrub land called Reservations where they could barely feed themselves.

The civil war caused a change but in reality it was a very small one. The south created new ways to exploit the black men and the poor there. Thy created share cropping with was in fact indentured slavery . They created company towns with company stores where the only money excepted was company script. Workers had to buy from the very companies that employed them and in most cases were overcharged .

The only light that finally came along was the formations of unions by groups of workers banding together they had the power to change working conditions and demand better pay. That light in this day and age has dimmed greatly. The exploitation of the past which never really ended is on it’s way back.

It’s not like business isn’t exploiting 3rd world countries with substandard pay to people who will do anything to just get something. You think those workers in China get a decent wage or is most of the money going to their government. You think those workers in Mexico get a decent wage that lifts them out of poverty? Do any of the workers of those crooked business get a living wage?

Trump calls for more racial profiling after New York Bombing ,Why that might make us less safe?

September 19th, 2016

It would actually limit police to just focusing on those that fit one racial profile . But what if the next bomber happened to not look Arab? What if the police got so focused they missed other forms of terror. Timothy McFay was not Muslim. There are KKK ,Neo Nazi ,and other groups out there also just ready to commit acts of Terrorism.

If we start rounding up everyone who looks Muslim police forces are going to be quickly over loaded and other crooks will take advantage of that.  The human Coach Roaches will have a field day when the light no longer shines their way.

Trump just doesn’t get how limited the police forces in this country are ,what are we going to do institute martial law bring in the national guard if so then we become a police state and we can kiss our freedom goodbye and the Terrorists get what they want and win

Why the wealthy hate renewable energy ?

September 18th, 2016

It would give the middle class more freedom from their control. They can’t control the wind or the sun. They can control oil ,natural gas ,coal and nuclear energy. Once you buy a solar cell or a windmill they lose some of the control they have over your finances. Your heat is free, your  electricity is free, and by law the utility companies have to pay you for the extra energy you provide to the system. If you live in the country and also grow your own food you will have real freedom. The wealthy hate freedom because they need your work to make them money. The less of their money that you need the less influence they have on your life.

Why the 1% needs to realize some of us in the 99% don’t need them

September 18th, 2016

Yes there are some people that do just fine or could do just fine without the 1 % ask the Amish about the 1% and they wouldn’t even know what you were talking about. A lot of us that live in the country could easily survive without the 1 % if we had to. But a little fact the 1% would be nothing without the 99% . We of the 99% have given you your power ,we decided to be subservient to you. That could if you push us to far end very quickly. We could if we wish make every dollar you have be meaningless paper by just not excepting it has any value. We could go back to a system of barter that would make money useless. We have given them the chains that bind us ,we could decide to take them back

Of course the bombing in New York was terrorism the real question was it foreign or domestic

September 18th, 2016

The act in itself makes it terrorism, simple fact

The only questions that are important, Was it  foreign or domestic ? Was it a lone nut or small group ? Was it a big organization?

A little question I would like to ask was it in any way incited by Trumps hate speech.

Finally what can be done so it doesn’t happen again?

I’m hoping it’s taken seriously and not turned into something political.