This video gives you an idea of where the country is going if the GOP gets its way

GOP’s government by going extreme

No ones going to tell me that most GOP Nuts are not extremists ,They want to go to war at the drop of the hat before even thinking of any other way. They would rather throw the poor away instead of feeding them ,I guess treating people like animals is a good thing.They decide to stop the whole government before they would even really try to solve anything.

Some are willing to go to arms to fight for their crazy beliefs.
Most crazy Gun Nuts are Republicans gone rabid,

Listen to their mouth pieces on the radio talk totally nutzy crazy stuff.

It’s sad when reason gets throw away and the inmates run the asylum but that’s what happened in the House of Representative. The Tea Party, a organization of mentally ill peopl,e has taken over our government and has taken us hostage to the whims of people like the Koch Brothers.

Next time we vote we have a chance to break the chains

What’s it about people who crash and burn that we find so facinating

Honey Boo Boo , Duck Dynasty , Charley Sheen ,and others in the public eye acting like fools and living a train crash as they film it for TV.

Now Sarah Palin who doesn’t realize we aren’t laughing with her but yes we are laughing at her.The things she says are mostly inane and in the real world makes no sense.Lets impeach the president her latest stupid brain fart. If any of you think there’s a snowballs chance in hell of that happening you need help mental help.

Let’s not give her anymore attention it’s time for her to go back under the rock McCain found her under back to Alaska:” Go North Sarah Palin Go North”

Adding Referendum to state voting to give Senators and Congressmen Term Limits?

Being a Politician should never be a life time career.

They should have a limit for everyone who run otherwise you get Dinosaurs like McCain ,Strom Thurman ,or others who spend their whole life in Washington losing touch with the rest of America. After being in DC for 30 to 40 years can you relate to the people in your home state. I don’t think it’s possible.

I would like to know how to get a Referendum on the voting ballot it would be interesting to see how many Americans think there should be a limit to how long a Senator or Congressmen should be allowed to serve and in what states that referendum would pass.

Why a gun is not the best 24/7 defense of your home and property?

You do have to sleep,you do leave your home,at those times a gun is totally useless. Most smart criminals have been watching you learning your habits they know your bedtime they could easily slip in and before you fully awake take your gun away.They also will know when you go to work and the house is empty and come right in and take your stuff.
The best 24/7 defenses are a mean ass dog ,a good alarm system,and good locks that take awhile to break.

A barking dog has stopped more home break ins then any other thing in history.A noisy alarm going off will chase most crooks away. Locks that are deadbolts specially triple deadbolts with bolts at bottom ,middle and top can really mess up a burglars day.

Also think about security lighting that may make a crook think twice,most criminal rob the easiest targets they can find so use that to your advantage make your home a hard place to rob

Before you go out and get a gun think about how it’s not going to protect you or your stuff 24/7 if you want to really be secure in your home take the time to do it right

If the Founding Fathers were Conservative we would be now a part of England.

Conservatives would never of come up with the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution because they are afraid of new ideas or changes. Look how long they’ve clung to idea of trickle down economics which time and time again has been proven not to work. They still have this notion that a war will solve everything which in the case of Iraq only made us less safe.

Can you picture a conservative filling up his wagon to go out west into the unknown . I can’t see it not by the way they act now. I don’t see Conservatives as scientist or inventors to take us out of this countries infancy into a new world.We would still be riding horses and living on farms. This country would in all likely hood be still stuck in the past with no future.

It to me is funny how they all rally behind the Constitution that would never have been created if they had been in charge.It took bold forward thinking to create this country not old tired living in the past type thinking which is at the foundation of the GOP as it is now.

They deny global warming
They deny women the right to think for themselves.
They deny others the right to vote.
They deny so many things in science.

We would still live on a flat world ,where the earth is the center of the universe ,that would be in the dark ages if the GOP got it’s way.Don’t let them take away this countries future, don’t let them keep us locked up in the past.

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