Till the wealthy realize this fact a strong middle class equals a strong economy we will always be in economic trouble #blackribbonamerica

Everyone has this false idea that the wealthy spend money.If they spent money like most of us think they wouldn’t be wealthy. In fact they get a lot of freebies from people trying to get their favor.We have to pay for our food ,travel ,or hotel rooms. They get them free as a perk.

The reason their rich is because they spend as least as possible not because they throw money around.It’s the middle class that spends way more money that drives the economy.That means if they where paid better the economy would be better.

Giving more money to the wealthy is just taking more money out of the economy so it sits there doing nothing,or ends up helping some foreign countries economy.

Boehner Where you living that the Middle Class isn’t your major priority #blackribbonamerica

He rips on Obama saying he’s got the wrong priorities caring about the middle class isn’t important. No coddling the rich and  ego driven should be his priority .Boehner just like you and the rest of your GOP brethren you’re getting it wrong again. The economy doesn’t grow by the riches input  but by the middle class spending.


So as Boehner leads us down the old beaten path or reganomics that never worked it’s time to blaze a new trail.

State of the Union lot Better than if a Republican was President #blackribbonamerica

If a Republican would of been President we would still be fighting in Iraq or would of started another war in either Iran or North Korea.

Social Security would of been gutted ,food stamps slashed ,no medical care for most of the middle class and poor. Gas prices still over 4 dollars.

Still losing jobs and the economy in the crapper.

How George Bush Created ISIS #blackribonamerica

If we had an intelligence agency that had any intelligence we would of known that a power vacuum created by the toppling of Saddam Husein wasn’t going to make America safer.He even though most of us hated him had his uses ,he kept the real wing nuts in check. Now without his influence the cockroaches are coming out of the woodwork all over the middle east.  We can all thank George Bush for that.

A smarter war would of been against Iran who actually sponsors terrorists world wide ,but no we had to attack someone who never had any ties to terrorists at all. For vague unreal reasons we attacked a country who did us no harm. WMD  what did that stand for again Was it Weapon of Mass Destruction couldn’t of been that  I know White house Mind Dump cause that’s where the president kept his brain.


Let the Phony Anti Racist Message of The GOP Begin as They Tear Down Everything Martin Luther King Stood For #blackribbonamerica


Sarah Palin saying something good about Obama it must be Martin Luther King Day.

Rand Paul’s out there taking nice about Black People must be Martin Luther King Day because just yesterday didn’t he call them welfare frauds.

It’s like all of a sudden the GOP got taken over by liberals but it only happens on one day of the year.

Gun Deaths Soon to Surpass Automobile Death Where’s Ralph Nader #blackribbonamerica

If you’ve been on this earth for awhile you should be able to remember Ralph Nader and his fight for better Automobile Safety, because of his fight seat belts and air bags are now standard in all cars.Most states require everyone to buckle up.

We need someone like him to fight for gun safety.Some who will logically and constantly fight for gun safety. It’s time to take out the rhetoric and the bullshit and get an honest study on gun violence and the way to prevent unnecessary gun deaths. Most independent study has been blocked by pro gun groups like the NRA which uses mostly GOP politicians to block federal funding for any such studies.  The NRA will parade out their own studies but most are phony  and not very trust worthy.

Like the Tobacco industry for to long did their own research .We know how false all that research was .The NRA should let others study gun violence to bring out the truth they’ve been fighting to hide.Will they ,no their wimps ,I mean look whose the head of the NRA. Really could he look less like a wuss .

Being wealthy doesn’t make your kids immune from diseases #blackribbonamerica

A lot of wealthy people are forgetting to have their kids get all their shots. I’m not sure if it’s because their bad parents ,or so arrogant that they think their kids won’t get things like the measles. What can happen is a baby whose still to young for the shots can get the measles from one of these rich kids and die.Is that fair ?

I say they be forced like the rest of us to get their shots. Poor kids must be completely immunized before entering public school. Private school should also require the same but sadly they don’t. I in all honesty could care less if some wealthy kids get sick or not but I hate them passing it on to babies who are to young to be immunized .

It should be handled by the department of health in each community to make sure that every child get immunized and if some don’t and a babies dies from contact with this kid who didn’t get their shots that kids parents can be charge with manslaughter of this baby.

The Land Reagan Built a Place of False Hope and Imaginary Dreams #blackribbonamerica

It’s been a long time since Ronald Reagan came up with idea called Trickle down economics.In all that time it never once worked as promised. In fact when George Bush tried it out the country as a whole almost went bankrupt and belly up.

It was a dream and a bet that the wealthy would reinvest in America instead of hoard the money they didn’t spend on taxes. But like Ebeneezer Scrooge they hid more money in their secret off shore bank  accounts and instead invested money in China and other countries places where they could use people like slaves.

So as the wealthy beat their chests and claim to be patriots remember who sold out the American Dream.

Obama turns to private sector to fund fixing of America crumbling infrastructure #blackribbonamerica

Since the GOP congress doesn’t think bridges falling down with people on those bridges is an important issue the president once again has to do a run around them. As the GOP tries to tear down every good thing done in the last 4 years out of spite ,they ignore immigration, infrastructure ,creating jobs ,and homeland security.

Obama takes his hat in his hand and goes to the private sector asking them to invest in the countries infrastructure.Sad when those we voted in can’t or won’t do their job. GOP stop acting like spoiled children get to work on what’s important to most Americans not just the wealthy ones ,who you have your hand in their wallets.

Latest Study Proves what we all know the Rich pay the least amount in taxes #blackribbonamerica


As they get the most benefits from the government and legal system they pay the least for those services.While the Middle Class gets less and less but pay more. How is that right?

Trickle down has been proven by time not to be true.Last time it almost brought this country into a total economics breakdown. Remember Bush’s lower taxes on the wealthy.Remember the total almost collapse of Wall Street.The bail out that came out of the pockets of Middle America not the wealthy. They gamble with their money, the middle class ends up saving their ass. But no wealthy man wants to help you if you lose your job. No health care for you ,No Food stamps . You have to live in the street well that’s to bad. I wish I could of said that when  they bailed out all those banks and rich men.

Let the GOP know you no longer believe in the myth of Trickle Down Economics. Email them,tweet them,snail mail them,facebook them ,call them, Do it any way you can ,not sure it will matter but it may make you feel better.