Scott Walkers latest show of Ignorance Saying he’s doesn’t know if Obama’s a Christian

When are Republicans going to give up on the birthier crap and the making ignorant remarks about the President ?

If the President says he a Christian I believe him. I don’t think he’s lying. He acts more Christian then any Republican that’s out there. So Scott I don’t know if your not a racist or if your just plain stupid. You might be trying to win brownie points with the far right nut jobs but as their a shrinking group your losing them with the majority of Americans


Donald Trump just like every other rich traitor to the American People hires 1000’s of workers from overseas.

Can’t tell me Donald that you can’t hire American workers to work in your hotels. Over 1000 visa requested by Trump Companies to bring foreign worker here to work at his hotels. While Americans who would do the work  struggle to make a living  bringing in foreign workers should be illegal.

You need maids ,bellboys ,and other hotel workers why not hire ones born in America. It’s people like Trump who are traitors to the American People.

Next time you hear Donald Trump calling someone a name tell him to hold up a mirror he’s not without his warts either.

Trumps good at Name Calling but does he have good ideas to fix Washington.

I haven’t heard any new ideas from any of the GOP candidates that includes Donald their still pedaling Reaganomics ,old tired trickle down economics that Ronald Reagan himself abandoned during his second term as President.

Their stance on Iran Mirrors the stance they had on Iraq .Didn’t work there won’t work in Iran either so if a Republican become President look forward to another war for no really good reason sucking more money out of the economy and into the hands of the industrial war machines coffers.

If the Republicans get their way get ready to get screwed by the banks and wall street again. Get ready to go back to the days of one bad illness totally destroying a family financially.

MSNBC becoming a clone of FOX NEWS

It’s sad all the reason I watch MSNBC are fading and the reason I won’t be watching are growing. First  MSNBC let Sarah Palin bully them into firing Martin Basher . Now they are getting rid of some of their best shows   WHY ? because their pro liberal and pro democrat. Now there will be no counter to FOX News lie factory . That’s not cool.

There putting Chuck Todd on even more ,he’s one of the most boring News Casters I’ve ever seen. They think it will save them in the ratings which more likely is tanking because of firing people like Martin Basher. I see a major loss of even more viewers . We don’t need another CNN or FOX NEWS.  We needed a counter to those networks.

Donald think breast milk is disgusting

A woman working for Trump asked if she could take a break to pump her breast milk for her child.

Trumps answer  ” That’s disgusting”

Guess Trump has a problem with the natural way of child raising. Guess rich people hire other people to feed their children. Bet he never changed a diaper or bottle feed his children that was the job of some hired nanny.

Huckabee the Next GOP Presidential Hopeful Who goes off the Rail on the Crazy Train

Guess What Obama again being called Hitler like.

Whose doing it this time?

Mike Huckabee by again pulling a goofy theory out of his bag of trick ,Comparing the Iran Deal to Jews being sent to the gas chamber during world war 2. Can you see that , I don’t not even if I squint.

Guess Donald missed Manners class in his private school

I always thought they taught etiquette classes in those fancy private schools rich kids get sent to. Guess either Donald skipped those classes or just plain forgot common decency. Just want we need to run the country another loud mouth know it all, guess we didn’t get enough of that with Bush and Chenney. What next we going to have Rush Limbaugh as vice President ?

Seems America forgot Trumps stupid birther crap during the last election   or his important message right before asking Obama to turn over his college record,

What new publicity stunt can Trump come up with next?

Iowa really can’t be buying Trumps sideshow carny act can they.

Iowa really has gone down in common sense . Did they get cuts in education so much that they just got plain silly? Donald Trump that’s their choice what is that a type o ? They did choose Mitt so maybe it’s normal for them to poll stupid.

Has the Iowa as it related to voting become a dinosaur?

Are they making themselves an after thought?

I’m sure Donald Trump has skeletons in his closet most people would find criminal ,immoral ,or just plan sick.

When Donald goes around calling names in most cases it just like calling the kettle black. I’m sure on his climb to becoming a billionaire he stepped on a few people and it wasn’t pretty. So for him to be hurling names left and right is a joke.

Calling Hillary Clinton a Criminal .I’m sure he’s done a few things I and a few other Americans would consider criminal. His name calling just show what a small minded little man he really is. I’m a really looking forward to him becoming the GOP nomination for President because if that happens I expect a lot of skeletons to be coming from his dark scary closet.

His ego lets him think he can do anything without penalty ,I hope we can find out if that’s true