Republican Voters will soon be stuck in the crack between to ass cheeks

One ass cheek named Donald Trump the other Ted Cruz with the Republican Party trying to decide which side to butt kiss. So who will get the Lip Gloss stain on their ass . Who Knows neither really deserves it. Plus in the end will it really matter their all clones of Ronald Reagan.

Is PETA and the Republican Party both living in an alternate universe

Both seem to ignore the basic facts

PETA thinks they’ll be saving life by everyone becoming vegetarians but will farmers still raise animals like cows ,chickens or pigs if they get no profits from them. Probably Not. Where will these cows go ? If everyone is a vegetarian won’t more land be taken up by vegetable farms which would then put a lot of wild animals out of a home. So say goodbye to farm animals along with those pesky deer ,rabbits, and other animals we would then be forced to compete with for our food.

So animals already being forced into smaller and smaller areas with even more land taken up by more farms world wide Animals that are now close to extinction will become extinct. It’s not people eating meat doing the most damage to animals it’s having less and less places to live in nature that will cause them to die.

Does it surprise you that Trump lost Iowa Vocal Minority loses again

It didn’t surprise me the ones with the loudest mouths rarely come through in the end. The rabid vocal minority that support Trump vanish when it’s time to put pencil to paper and vote. Same thing will happen in every other state. Talk is cheap and a dime a dozen when it comes to Trump Supporters. We are witnessing a correction and Trump is being erased from the national ballot one state at a time.

Trump spent close to $350,000 on red hats to give to supporter and each one if you look at the tag says made in China

He rags on China ,says more businesses should be in America .Then spends money buying hats from China. Really they can’t make baseball caps here in our own country. Trump is such a hypercritic fool. How much you spending on Campaign T-Shirts that are not made here. I’m sure there are companies that can make T-Shirt right here in the good old United States

Trump afraid of Fox News Meagan Kelly so he’s tucking his tail between his legs and hiding during the next debate.

I won’t go their again she might ask a real question and I won’t be able to answer it. A grown man hiding like an afraid little child isn’t my idea of what a president should be. Trump talks tough but when it’s time to act tough he turns into a chicken. Like most bullies he can’t back it up. It doesn’t surprise me . He’s been ducking real question so far through his bid for president that he’s starting to quack when he talks

If your petitioned out and have realized petitions don’t do a dam thing.

By now you realized that most petition don’t mean a thing to Republicans they could care less what a majority of the American people think. Their going to keep doing what they always been doing because they have the ability to block out all rational thought and just block out all facts. Global warming and science they can cover their ears and completely not hear it. Gun Violence something their totally blind to. Poor people they walk by without noticing that guy getting his latest meal out of that dumpster.

So if they can do that don’t you think they would notice any pesky petition. The days of talking sense is over when they have deaf ears. It’s time to cut the purse strings and take away their money ,hit them where it hurts their wallets. It’s time to spank them and send them to bed with out their suppers. If that fails they need to be fired.

Freedom of speech isn’t only for the people you agree with or for people who agree with you.

It supposed to be for everyone .that something that doesn’t happen at Donald Trump shindigs. As soon as you disagree and make statements to that effect Stooges who work for Trump kick your ass out. At least Hillary has more balls then Trump and will confront her critics. Trump is to thin skinned for that or knows in any kind of debate on his ideas he will lose.

His stuff just doesn’t add up or does it seem to make sense once you look at them under the light of day. At the time they may slide by but with further thought get exposed at just so much hot air.

It’s sad he won’t debate his ideas against non republicans who aren’t brownnosers so far he’s feeding his followers once he’s past that and has to sell his garbage to the rest of America he’ll be like my old granny used to say up shit creek without a paddle.

Why filling a stage with happy smiling kids does not support anti-abortion.

First by experience I’ve noticed children born to people who have been pressured to keep and raise their children if they never wanted to are more likely to abuse those same children. Unwanted children out of frustration become punching bags.

Second would those children be as happy in over crowded schools in over crowded communities that’s resources are over burdened. In must inner cities areas resources for education ,social programs ,and others things are almost at the breaking point, add unwanted children that would of been aborted guess what happens?

Those same anti-abortionist are the same people who want to cut services for the poor ,lets cut food stamps ,lets cut money to housing projects ,lets cut healthcare ,we want you not to get an abortion but once that kids is born your on your own. One thing I can’t understand is that their also against sex education and the use of contraceptives.

How do you decide which country is the best?

If you decide it on wealth or on how big a countries war machine is the United States might be considered the best.

But if you decide it on how well a majority of the people are treated I doubt we be even close to be considered being the best.

The 1% ruling over the 99% doesn’t make us a great country without the 99% being fairly represented it will never happen. As long as it take millions of dollars to run for political office no everyday American has a snow ball chance in hell of ever becoming one.